"Spooky" evolution charts

I've been loving educational charts lately and have been running into a lot of German ones.  I thought this vintage evoluationary chart "Abstammungslehr II" was perfect for the season.  Christian calls skulls "spookies" and is pictured below eating his breakfast:

{I've collected more topiaries on the table this Fall...  Look how unsuspecting they are sitting there.. Waiting to slowly be killed...   Ok, I'm really going to try to keep them alive.  I tried out lemon cypress -which I've killed before- because I've heard they're not too difficult.}

This chart was definitely used in the classroom as you can see from the old red arrows the teacher must have drawn:

...And... look who's walking!!! 

Justin started a couple of weeks ago and is definitely not going back.  Time to finish babyproofing!!
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!

xoxo, Lauren

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Sami said...

Your boys are so sweet! I am digging the "spookies" chart too. Thank you for the constant inspiration. I wish I was as together as you are.

pve design said...

Wow that was fast, scary how fast they grow!
Enjoy your trick or treaters!

Anonymous said...

FUN! smiles...

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

No, your baby is not walking! Where has the time gone???

Happy Halloween! Posting my favorite spooky decor today.


michiganhome said...

Lauren, your lemon cypress looks lovely! I have two of these topiaries, one on either side of my kitchen sink, against the window. Not sure why you think you have a black thumb, but if it might be that the plants dry out, I thought I'd pass along this tip... I take their little plastic pots out of the decorative pots when I'm watering them and set them in deep saucers. When I water them, the water always runs out, but then an hour later, it has all been sucked back up. Then I put them back in their decorative pots. I could do the same thing by leaving them in there, if they actually touched the bottom, but the plastic pots hit the sides of the decorative pot; they don't sit all the way down on the bottom, so the water would just run out and they would never get enough. Hope it helps.

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

What a clever and unique halloween decor! I love it. As a teacher, I need to get one of these things in my house!!

alison giese Interiors said...

Love seeing your pint-sizers in action in your beautiful room!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

YIKES! is that a pen in his hand??

Unknown said...

Love your chart- vintage spooky is a very good combo. Also LOVING your wallpaper- looks amazing in your kitchen:)

Emily A. Clark said...

Can't believe that baby is already walking. That chart will be off the wall in no time! :)

Monica said...

Hello !!
Love your blog,it always makes me smile !!
Beautiful photos, beautiful words
Yor boys are wonderful...
Happy Halloween !!

Acquired Objects said...

You have the cutest boys Lauren, you go Justin! There will be no stopping him now Mom. Thank you for sharing....Happy Halloween!

Living It At Home said...

Guten tag! Love your German poster! My daughter is now taking German and I am actually learning too! Your kitchen nook looks ever so charming...as always! You have reminded me to go out and get a topiary. I will kill mine too but they are great while they last!

Happy Halloween~



nelya said...

He's walking?!? ALREADY! Crazy!

Love your spoooky chart. Happy Halloween!

MerciBlahBlah said...

YES! Just found your blog and am DYING over the educational charts. I was just on etsy the other day looking for some. Those are dope.


Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

That is an awesome chart...I need to find one like it! Good luck with the baby proofing...had a dream last night I had a little girl and I actually felt her in my arms...i think my cat was sleeping on top of me. At 14 pounds he feels like a baby!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Halloween...you've got the perfect front door for it!

Karen said...

I like the poster but I truly love your kitchen wallpaper...would you mind sharing the name of the pattern?

I also like the topiaries...good luck growing them.

Happy Halloween to you and your family.
Karen at Garden Home and Party

lisaroy said...

love the spookies too! and your kids are pretty darn adorable! :)

AnneHH said...

I noticed immediately that Justin was walking, even before you pointed it out!! How exciting! Congratulations.
Love your decorations for Halloween and Christian's word for the skulls. You need to write this stuff down--oh, you are (in the blog)........duh.....
Your topiaries are gorgeous. Will you reveal your source for them? Topiaries are my favorite accent for kitchens.
Happy Spooky Day!!!!!!

traci zeller designs said...

Toooo cute! Love the chart, especially at Halloween. If it makes you feel any better, I KILL every living thing ... plants, I mean, and fortunately NOT my children! :-)

PS - I had to laugh! Restoration Hardware's Baby & Child holiday catalog has a Sky King tricycle in it! H&C have not even noticed that one is missing!!!

Susan said...

I would love to hear where you get your topiaries. I have called around 1/2 the day today trying to find them and didn't find any. Lauren please help!!

Unknown said...

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