Add age with ceilings

Panelled ceilings make a room feel as if it's been there for years. It's a beautiful way to add character and a sense of timelessness to a new home.

In the cooler months, beams on the ceiling helps make rooms feel warmer & cozier.

Even when painted white, beadboard ceilings add texture & warmth to a room. I love the aged, driftwood feel of this ceiling:

It's the look I'm going for in a bedroom at my dad's house. I'll post pictures assoon as I get some at Thanksgiving.

So, if you're considering adding woodwork to your home, look past your walls & consider your ceilings.

images from housebeautiful.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love that top image from House Beautiful. I ripped it out of my magazine as soon as it arrived. I loved everything about. It inspired all the colors that went into my living room.

Lauren said...

Oohhh.... those are my favorite colors in my house too!

shi(f)t said...

i am lusting after those ceilings...gorgeous!

Kathleen said...

This post gave me a really good idea for the tray ceiling in our master bedroom. Thanks.