Inexpensive Nature Prints

Botanical prints can be expensive. A great way to have them (or any beautiful artwork for that matter) without paying a fortune for them is to find books with prints in them & tear out or photocopy the pictures & frame them.

I was lucky enough to find a beautiful book of botanical prints at a yardsale & have used lots of the prints in my home. I also scour second-hand stores for unique frames-usually with pictures I don't care for in them that I remove. I purchased all of the frames pictured (above &below) for $1.50- $3.00 each.

Here are some coral & lobster prints I used for a bathroom-in-progress in my dad's lake house:

I do mostly long-distance decorating since it's in Antioch, Illinois, but when I visit, I try to accessorize as quickly as I can on a serious budget. The prints are a great way to accessorize a lake house since they're so fitting and I only had to make 1 purchase so my dad doesn't gripe about me spending too much on decorating every time I come!

Here's a close-up of a fully opened page. You can see the fold in the center, but I think it sort of adds to the charm. Eventually I plan on matting all of the prints, but that's another project on another trip!

Happy hunting!


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I'm big on this idea as well. Art work can be expensive and instead of going out and getting a standard piece of artwork ( I use the word art loosly) at BBB. You can invest some money is a book of prints and go crazy at Kinko's photocoping. I always find frames at garage sales or use a coupon and go to Michaels.

Lauren said...

Love garage sales-- and those Michael's coupons are great too!

Natalie said...

I love the paint colors; what are they?

Lauren said...

natalie- the paneling from the fern pic is Benjamin Moore's "dove white" and the pale green is Behr's "mountain haize" - one of my favorites!