13 June 2012

Client Family Room Sneakity Peek & a message from the past

I'm not back to work yet and am still on a "maternity leave" of some sorts, but I have gotten a few things accomplished.  I wanted to share a little sneakity peek of a client's family room:

Our client  found the old cabin blueprints above the sofa at a thrift store years ago and we loved them too so we had them framed.  The blue bowl on the coffee table is one I found a while back and its design is made out of safety pin idents into the clay that were then outlined in gold.  Right now it's a corral for the remote controls, but when entertaining it can be emptied and filled with something pretty like flowers or napkins or something seasonal.

Their new linen sofa by Lee Industries is so comfortable and I wish I'd fixed the back cushions for this pic after I put the throw blanket on but I didn't notice that until later. Oh well.  I love its lines and it's such a comfy "vegging" sofa.

The faded oushak rug has hits of blue in it, so for a bolster pillow, we used my "Pierced Porcelain" linen in a custom blue and we had the pillow edged in the Greek key trim.   

 I added a few interesting accessories to make the room feel like home (my client is very trusting and really lets me have fun & get creative with the accessorizing, which I love.  It's all a total surprise to her when she comes home-) and one of them was an antique children's book full of stories.  Glancing through the book I found this inscription:

{Hard to read but it says, "If my name you need to see, Look on page 103"

Of course I had to know the name, so I turned to page 103:

{If my name you still would find, Look on page marked 59"}

....Well, you can't stop there (at this point I'm thinking, "Ok kid, when is this going to end???") so I kept turning:

"Susan Cornelia Jones"
"If on that name you chance to look, Think of me and close this book."

...And that made me smile, because as I slowly closed the book, I did think of Susan Cornelia Jones.

...There was no way not to.  Reading her note gave us just the tiniest little insight into this girl...  she was fun & creative and patient... and more than that, she wanted to be thought of one day, to be remembered. 

I looked her up and found a couple of different Susan Cornelia Jones's  (I mean come on, I'm searching for a "Jones!!") but I did find a Susan Cornelia Jones who lived in Washington, DC in a Georgetown townhouse as a girl and then moved to Virginia with her husband and two children.  I found the book around here so just maybe.  And I found another from Long Island who died at the age of 24.  And then another from Texas... 

I'm not sure if any of these are her or not, but either way, I hope she's looking down today & knows we found her message.

xoxo, Lauren

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  1. awww....this is why i like old books with inscriptions on it...it's just a sense of history, a sense of something real that i can touch and feel that has been from another person from yesteryears.

    that regardless of how long we are on this earth, something remains

  2. How lovely - we love items with a history, and that book is just gorgeous. As is the bolster! SGHx

  3. That is so sweet; kinda gives me chills! How awesome! What a fun and unexpected treasure for your client- that book will be a conversation piece. The room looks beautiful- can't wait to see the whole thing!

  4. A beautiful room and a beautiful story. You have such a big heart dear Lauren. :) xo T.

  5. What a sweet post
    and a real vintage treasure too

  6. The room is beautiful and the book is truly a treasure! How fun to find such fascinating note. I always wonder about the previous owners when I buy books at thrift stores...especially when there is an inscription inside.

  7. Ugh, this post made me get all misty-eyed! I love this!

  8. would love to have those blueprints in my home! i've been searching all over for something similar...one day i'll find them!

  9. I am adoring this family room! It is very similar to the one I'm designing for myself! :)


  10. Very fun! I would likely bet that when she wrote that....she did not expect 10's of thousands of people to read it!

    Great FR...Love that couch!

  11. That book inscription is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  12. LOVE!

    CHEVRON GIVE AWAY: http://west26bliss.blogspot.com/2012/06/chevron-pillow-give-away.html

  13. What a great story and another reason to peruse tag sales for old books! Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  14. LOVE THAT! And exactly why we should always write inside books that we give. Just opened James and The Giant Peach and there was a lovely note to my brother Jimmy from our Angel Mother. It does make us smile! And maybe someday she'll find you or is reading right now.

    Happy maternity leave!!! It goes by fast.


  15. i used to do that to books hoping something like this would happen one day :)

  16. How sweet. Love the pillow fabric, esp. with the coral in the throw and rug.

  17. I love your before and after rooms and this one is exceptional!

    The sofa and the cabin blueprints I am in love!!!

    The old books are beautiful and the inscription is so sweet.

    Take care Lauren, Elizabeth

  18. The room and the story made me smile!!! So cozy and sweet!!


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