11 June 2012

Our new Patio: Little Liess's Bar & Grill

We spend so much of our time outside & love having familly meals & parties out there so this year we decided to do a little work on our patio. Here is is "before" (I can't believe I'm showing you this pic!!)....  I think this is from two years ago or maybe three??  (is it sad that the years are starting to blend together??) with the AC unit, some messy gravel& the sawhorse table my husband made (which I loved but just didn't work out because it was so heavy!!! and the wood started rotting eventually..  great for a summer though)  I guess it was a couple of years back because it was before we painted the back of our house & shed.   Anyway, here it was "before"--

{We got the patio set at Lucketts for a steal but it came with ill-fitting cushions...  I immediately replaced them with NEW slightly-less-ill-fitting cushions that will hold us over for a couple of years until we feel like springing for new custom ones.)

We planned to continue the concrete all the way along the back of the house & resurface the old concrete to match the new.  I sketched out these plans of the back bar area with slate counters for the contractor:

Our grill isn't built-in...  It's just the same old grill that we made a custom opening for:

And here it is now:

We loooooove being out here now that it's completed & entertaining is so simple. 

Here's a pic of the non-custom cushions I found online that drive me CRAZY because in order to fit them I had to turn them sideways showing the seems, but that I am totally good with making do with for now because they are such an improvement to the original cushions...

The table is from West Elm & I can't say enough good things about it... (It's pretty, hoses off nicely, is super-strudy and holds up to the birds!!  --- if you know what I mean ;) ;) ..see spot in very front of table..  (I clearly didn't do any cleaning up for these pics- woops!)

The stools & chairs are from Pottery Barn & I'm really happy with them too.  The silver chairs are ooold.  We made a little cubbie for our firewood on the right which I love because it just adds a little interest & warmth..

I can't wait to have some mojitoes with my girls out here:

Eventually we'll paint the bar the same color as the house but for now, while we try to have a chill summer, it's staying as-is.  We also plan on continuing our dwarf holly bushes around this area of the patio too so it looks like it's always been here.

One last before:

And one last after:

We love eating at "Little Liess's Bar & Grill" as the boys have dubbed it!!! ;) ;)  Thanks for checking it out!!

And one pic of the littlest Liess, 3 week old Luke:

{Like me & the rest of my children, red-eye remover was required.}

xoxo, Lauren

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  1. Those are AMAZING before and after pics. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new improved patio how fun

  2. It looks awesome! Gives me hope for our back patio which needs some serious help...

  3. Lauren,

    How are you and the baby? I hope that you are nesting and bonding and enjoying your new beautiful patio! It looks fabulous!

    Love it all. Have a great day!


  4. wonderful transformation! Looks so nice out there :)

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  6. it looks great! did you have the air conditioner unit moved? or is it hidden behind the bar area? i'm asking because i'd like to do something similar (my ac unit is smack dab in the middle of our patio!) but haven't been able to figure out if it is completely unrealistic (budget-wise) to have it done! Thanks!

  7. fantastic patio! I love the table and chairs, too. It looks so inviting. Love your little guy, too. Hope all is well with you and the family!

  8. That looks amazing! Love the look of the farm table with the industrial chairs. Great job!

  9. Geez Lauren, you can even decorate beautifully when exhausted. I can't seem to make my house look this good!!! Baby Luke is gorgeous. He looks like you! Have a happy summer and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space. I am living that WE table. :)

    xo Terri

  10. What a little cutie!

    And your back yard patio looks great! What a wonderful solution to incorporate your existing grill into the new counter/bar area.

  11. I realize you are probably overwhelmed and won't answer these questions, but I'm obsessed with your grill idea, and your patio looks right in keeping with the rest of your house now! My question - Is your grill propane? and if so, do you slide it out to turn the gas on each time you use it, since there is now no front access? thanks!

  12. Hey Jenny and Wendy!

    The grIll is propane and the back panel is removable with screws so we don't have to remove the grill to switch the tanks, just the back.

    Also, we had our ac unit moved... A bit pricey but with it.


  13. Luke is a doll! So happy for you and Dave!

  14. love it!! congrats on your new little one!

  15. hi lauren

    the landscape designer in me says a huge BRAVO (take a bow) what a stunning transformation.

    brilliant idea to house the grill. kudos!
    big hugs

  16. This patio/bar area looks amazing! I especially love the table and chair combo.
    Congrats on your new addition to the family!

  17. Beautiful outdoor space! I love the chairs from PB and the new table! Your little sweet one is too CUTE!!

  18. Gawjus! What a fabulously efficient space now! Have a wonderful summer using it...Coconut and mango mojito, anyone? And watching your newest little bean sprout!

  19. love the outcome, especially that table!

  20. fabulous changes to the patio! And Luke is so precious, what a sweet little face! xo

  21. He is so adorable!!!!!
    And I love what you have done with the outside. I especially love the logs stacked up.

  22. Lauren You have made a really inviting spot to entertain! Love the way you incorporated the grill. Little Luke is so beautiful. Enjoy your three sons and welcome to the Mom of 3 son's club. Mine are all grown now and beautiful men that I am very proud to call my son's. You are right time does fly by quickly, "Enjoy the Process!", xo Kathysue

  23. What a difference a little built-in grill makes, I LOVE it!! Such a perfect place for your larger family now :)

  24. Very inviting space with your clever counter.

  25. It looks so inviting! I adore those Pottery Barn tub chairs. Little Luke is such a doll : )

  26. Lauren this is fab, im so lost at what to do with my patio. You've given me inspiration.

    Beth xx

  27. Lauren, your patio refresh is spot on. It looks so fun to be out there. Wondering if the table is weather-proof. Rain and such won't bother it? Also, had an idea for your pillows. You could cover all three with a large piece of fabric, sheet, or tablecloth. Just tuck it in all around. Goodbye, zippers! Baby Luke is soooooo sweet. Enjoy your summer! Liz

  28. Oh, he is precious. And what a pretty transformation. I am sure you will be out there all of the time. Such a welcoming space.

  29. It looks great!! You are such an inspiration!

  30. Lauren! This is a beautiful transformation - it's the exact outdoor space everybody longs for! Perfect for backyard BBQs! Luke is gorgeous. I know you are enjoying every second with your new love.

  31. Love the before and after photos and wow what a big change! It looks really awesome though. Where did you purchase the brown communal table? I really like it!

  32. gorgeous space! Love it! great job! oh, and Luke looks pretty super cute too! :-)

  33. LOVE your modern - and DOable - patio remodel. Great inspiration! Also, great tip to "build in" a free standing grill.


  34. WOW!!! What a great space! You are so talented and creative! One question, what paint color did you use on your house?


  35. Oh my gosh :Lauren, he is sooo beautiful! He looks just like you.

    And your sweet bar and grill, wow! We have been stumped when it comes to creating our outdoor eating area. I love yours! The counters are so money

  36. You did a great job on your outdoor area! I must say it has come a long way!

    Also, congratulations on the new addition! Luke is adorable.

  37. So simple and the concrete is super cost effective. Looks like a million bucks!!

  38. Great pictures! You did a great job on the remodel. I especially love the look of the custom bars.


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