15 June 2012

Simple Pleasure Friday: Fresh Sugarsnap Peas

One of my favorite things to do (and don't do often enough) is to peruse our local farmer's market with my boys, tasting and buying fresh food.

Last week we bought some sugarsnap peas and as soon as I tasted them, memories rushed back to me.   I haven't had fresh sugarsnap peas since I was a kid. 

{Porcelain Farmer's Market container from my best friend, Frammy.  By Anthropologie}

What struck me about the sugarsnap peas was not how good they were (I like them but can only eat a few at a time... it's not "love") but how they brought me back to summers...  The flavor made me think of my Grandma Maestranzi's summer cottage vegetable garden and also of my Aunt Janet's garden in Rhode Island.  It also reminded me of snapping green beans for my Grandmother.  It's amazing how taste & smell bring on the memories. 

Had any good simple farmer's market pleasures lately?

xoxo, Lauren

Enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. Nice memories... My sister and I used to shell peas from my grandparent's garden out on their back porch. My grandmother would cook them only until they were still a little firm, and sometimes she made peas and dumplings, a German recipe with spaetzle-like dumplings. When you have a vegetable garden you end up eating lots of whatever is ready to be picked, but nothing is better!

  2. Good morning Lauren,

    I am not a fan of sugar snap peas but I do love summer's bounty! Fresh strawberries, sweet corn, and the first peaches of the season oh I love them all.

    Thank you for bringing up some beautiful memories!


  3. I love that container from Anthropologie. Your post encouraged me to check out my local farmer's market tomorrow!

  4. Going to farmers market is such a great experience. Any decorating plans for fathers day weekend? Keep us posted!

  5. I love the Farmer's market here in Manassas on Thurs. and Sat. and all the fresh flowers, baked goods, etc.! Hope your boys are all doing well. Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to hubby.

  6. One of my favorite vegetables! So versatile, in Summer or Winter I can find a place for them on my plate! My kids loved them raw. G. X

  7. Yayy i just bought a huge bag at the farmers market myself this afternoon! I can actually eat bags of these at one sitting. I love teaching my daughter that some things can just be picked and eaten.

  8. Yes indeed! I love going to our farmer's market and have posted on it recently. I find colorful, fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers to be my favorite subjects to photograph. Recently I bought some beets, which I didn't like until a couple of years ago when I had them roasted. However, I had never bought them fresh and roasted them at home until this year. What a pleasure! I photographed the beets with some sugar snap peas and black raspberries. They made a beautiful still life!
    My Little Bungalow

  9. One of my favourite veggies ..... and their shells make excellent Pinnochio noses. :)


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