My Favorites: Linen Florals & Toiles

I'm looking for the perfect fabric for a pair of chairs in my living room. I'm leaning towards a linen or linen-look fabric with a pattern. I want it to have a hint of old-fashioned in it... something that reminds me of my Grandma Maestranzi's antique flowery china. I plan to put it on clean-lined upholstered pieces for a fun mix of modern & vintage. I also might use one of these fabrics on the reverse since they're linen and can be just as beautiful when they're all muted & washed-looking...

***Unfortunately I haven't figured out MOST of the manufacturers for these fabrics but found most of them through Greenhouse Fabrics and P. Tree Textiles when I was browsing around for ideas. (SO if anyone knows any that I don't name, please let me know!! :) Most of these fabrics are fabrics I love but the ones with ***s above them are ones I'm considering.
The first batch of fabrics is green. Now, many of you know me by now... And you know how much i LOVE neutrals and being able to switch up my throw pillows & accessories. So the green sort of nixes that... BUT maybe when it became time for a change, I could slipcover the chairs and then have the option for green or neutral??? Anyway, since I was little, I always thought about that drapery fabric from the Sound of Music that Maria uses to make the kids' clothes out of. (below) I even found a dress in college (still have it, but preggers belly is keeping me out of it this year!! ha) that reminded me so much of it that I had to have it. I love that fabric. Remember it?? ps- green is my FAVORITE color ;)

Anyway, I'm not in the mood for a damask but some of these fabrics (below) remind me of it AND my Grandma's china.
This next one gets **** It's Braemore's "Chiara" in pistachio linen:

*** Definitely need to order a sample as this is the same fabric: ( i love both though)
Braemore also makes this cute cane fabric that I thought I'd share. I'm not into that much matching but it is really great:
***Another of my favorites, This one of by Richloom, "Confection" in umber, again linen:
*** oooohh love this one too!! Don't know the manufacturer (anyone please??!!) I actually love this in all it's colorways so I'll call it "PRETTY FERNY FABRIC" I found it at Greenhouse Fabrics and they call it '"moss"
Another Greenhouse fabric: i'm a paisley-lover too
Mirage in kiwi found at P. Tree Textiles:
Greenhouse floral:
"Jungle Vine" in green by Waverly:"Picture Perfect Petal" found at P.Tree Textiles:Black & white Greenhouse floral:
*** I have to say I really love this fabric in black too. Again, if anyone knows the name of it, please email me!!! :) ...
*** LOVE this... Although I have to say this isn't a flattering picture. ;) ;) But really, the repeat is huge in person and this was the fabric I love on the reverse too. It's Richloom's "Confection" in charcoal. Currently this is at the top or close to it. Would use it on the reverse for sure...
**** Another Greenhouse mystery. They call this one "spa" and it does actually have a very pale aqua background.... I'd rather it in more of a gray as it's showing up on my computer. SO mabe it comes in other colorways?? Does anyone know who makes this?? It's a linen..
Greenhouse, but I think the name might be "sunroom" because I found a yellow version from P. Tree Textiles:
Greenhouse: (love this one too-- anyone know the manufacturer??)
Oh Greenhouse again! Greenhouse: (shocker!)Here is Chiara by Braemore in robin's egg. Really pretty:Another pic:Another unnamed Greenhouse fabric:
*** love this one.. a Greenhouse mystery, sadly. They call it "porcelain"... anyone??
The pretty ferny fabric again:
*** Here's the yellow version of the one higher up. It's called "sunroom" in camel and I found it at P.Tree Textiles.. anyone know who makes it?
Ooooo a favorite of mine that I've used a time or 2... I found it at Greenhouse but it's by Richloom and it called "aviary" in surf. This fabric is STUNNING in person. Check out what I did with it here.
So pretty, and now we move into birds... I would love any of these for throw pillows if I did go neutral... (All found at P. Tree Textiles)

ok, so there's my list right now. I add to it all the time. If anyone knows any of these manufacturers, let me know!!! thank you soooo much!!!



ps- I also have to apologize because I am so insanely behind on emails. If anyone has sent me a question in a comment or email that I didn't answer, please send me an email with it again!! I'm really sorry about this!! thanks!!


Maria Killam said...

Well my giveaway is not nearly as popular as yours (maybe it's because I'm totally copying you :) most likely because a rug is way more fabulous than a dorky umbrella ;)

Anyways, I adore Toile and all the greens you've shown, I can't wait to see what you end up with!!

Windlost said...

Sorry, I am no help, but I love everything. I especially like the browns at the end. I am into brown right now. The brown and white with birds looks just like a fabric I saw on My Notting Hill's blog in a store called And Beige. I emailed them about the fabric but it was like $75/yard, so I passed. Maybe nice for pillows.

Good luck choosing. I get SO bogged down when I start looking at fabric outside of solids!!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Lauren! Wow so many amazing choices. I love all of them! Huge fan of green so I'll always vote for that.

In the non green family I'm in love with Porcelain and Sunroom yellow.

Some of these looks a bit familiar to me. I'm going to search a bit a see if I can figure out the manufacturers.

LindsB said...

Wow, lots of choices you have there! I think my favorites are the ones with green or black. I love the one with the black background, that might be my favorite.

I cant wait to see what you pick- you have so many projects coming up, your house is coming together so fast :)

Lauren said...

Love all..I'm a green fan (every room in my house has a shade of)! Oh...and I'm glad there's someone else out there who adores "The Sound of Music" and (your last post) WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE! Too cute! Great style, Lauren!

Eileen said...

I've always felt like you can't go wrong with any shade of green, the eye is so used to seeing it in many shades in nature, it's soothing. It's hard to tell on the computer but I think my most favorite would be the Richloom Confection in umber (but it looks like a soft almost sage green on my monitor).

All great choices though!

Sorry, I am of NO HELP in identifying any of them!

Cote de Texas said...

so many beautiful choices. good luck. why do you need to know where they are from?

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Too many choices! Can't help with mfrs but I'll tell you which one I'd choose: the Braemore Chiara in pistachio. Green and brown together are so great. The green is fresh but the brown keeps it grounded. The pattern is vintage but the colorway lends to contemporary accessorizing. Plus it's got that whole 'Von Trapp' vibe going for it and would make you really happy. There's my two cents!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Just found out that sunroom is P. Kaufmann

Jennifer said...

can't really help, but I love the fern-y one in every colorway!

Anonymous said...

do a dear a female dear! i love this fabric and i love the sounds of music and i love you! see you tomorrow

Jill said...

I love shopping for fabric at - their prices are great!

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Wow, you've been thorough! LOVE the "Chiara" in pistachio, absolutely fantastic! :)

Michelle said...

Linen printed or's just the best! There is a new THREADS line from Lee Jofa that is amazing!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

All so lovely! No clue from whence or where...

Kara said...

You are really branching out there, Lauren! The colors are beautiful. I love watching bloggers' styles develop and change over time. It's neat to witness, don't you think?
Super jealous you get to hang with E and J!!!!


I'm a fellow lover of green!!! My fave. And green is the best neutral out there. Yes, indeedy, it's deemed a neutral. I used a light sage linen slipcover over dining room chairs one time in a room filled with off white duck, cotton canvas -- and which also featured a white area rug. It wasn't an in-your-face green, by the way, so I think it worked. On my white chairs, I added a little pop of color with the use of patterned fabrics. I love the look of all-white rooms, but I personally like a little added texture and color interest, too. Have fun -- as I know you are. cheers.

Bed Linen said...

These are absolutely gorgeous.