Pure Style: Dressing Room

A dressing room: one of the ultimate luxuries. A client of mine came to me with the idea to change a spare room of hers into her very own dressing room and that's what we did.

She loves to shop & attends all kinds of parties & galas and has the most beautiful collection of ball gowns & cocktail dresses!!! Her shoe collection is amazing. The problem was she has nowhere to store her ever-growing collection of clothing. She used to keep her things in the guest bedroom (the guest bedroom I just recently showed pictures of), but that closet wan't big enough & we demo'd it for the bathroom renovation. So, the spare bedroom was the perfect solution.

Here is the room before: an office/ workout room/ catch-all. With her crazy-busy schedule, she was unable to get a handle on the room.

Here is her mother's adorable vintage tufted chair in need of some TLC:

My client requested an organized space that felt traditional & luxurious with some earthy elements. Nothing too feminine, but a space with just a touch of with subtle glamour. And, finally (below) here are some shots of the finished room:

(The colors are a little off in the pics- sorry!) I had the chair reupholstered in a green nubby fabric very similar to the original pink fabric but with a little metallic sheen. We did that walls in a faux-linen finish with a subtle gold sheen again emphasizing that natural-glam feeling. The custom cabinetry houses dresses & hanging items in the cabinets above & shoes in the drawers below.
And, below, you can see again that combination of natural & elegant in the juxtaposition of the natural shades with the silk Greek Key draperies:
And against the rough wooden mirror too:
Below, a celabratory glass of wine for the completion of the project!! (I thought it looked too perfect on the stool with her tiger striped heels!)
A here's a pic of a great little exposed shelf in the corner of the room for purses:
We went with oil rubbed bronze fixtures & hardware & the shots of black really added some needed contrast to the calm tone-on-tone space.

My client found all these great prints on Ebay (below) & Iwe had them framed in a series of gold frames. (I was so proud of the hanging job: we did it as a team & the laser-level is key!!!) The glass bubble lamp from Currey & Co is topped with a linen shade & sits on a cool transitional pedestal table.

Below is a picture of my awesome & very happy client. She's worked so hard for & waited a long time for this dressing room & she totally deserves it!!!

One last picture: (I'm definitely a little envious of how organized & functional the space is!! my closet is jam-packed! ;)
Soon-to-come will be finished pictures of her guest bath, master bed & bath & living room. (Our original project definitely grew!! :)


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...


Completely envious of the client. That is a fab room to get ready in for events. Love it. Plus it's not too girly, which I'm sure makes her husband happy.

Envious of you too for having such a great client that added on so many new projects that's amazing! I bow down to your awesomeness (is that even a word?)

Can't wait to see her other finished rooms!!!

Beautiful Living said...

Lauren, it looks beautiful! Very elegant. That chair looks SO much better after you had it reupholstered. And the art - all I can say is WOW.

Am really looking forward to seeing the other rooms :)

LindsB said...

Wow, that place is STUNNING, I am 100% jealous! The closets look amazing, I love the color of the wood, the tufted chair is so great, and I love that it was her mothers! I would never leave that place I would just sit there and look at all the pretty storage and the rest of the beautiful room!

Awesome job again Lauren! I cant wait to see more.

Patricia Gray said...

What a beautiful and functional room. Does she still exercise in here? Good job!

Haven and Home said...

I am speechless. Where to start? You did an AMAZING job, it looks perfect.

Why can't I have a dressing room (or even fabulous clothes to put in it)? I am truly jealous of your client.

The colors are so soothing and the frames are so cool!!!

Congrats on such an amazing room!!!!

Devon said...

What a fantastic job! Wow. I couldn't even imagine the AFTER pictures when seeing the BEFORE pictures. I really liked the warm colors. It feels like a very relaxed room. Gorgeous.

Colour Me Happy said...

It's the perfect dressing room now! Beautiful job you did, I look forward to seeing the rest of the house!

thestamfordwife said...

What a pretty room (without being too frou frou)! Those prints are to-die-for - love 'em. Great work!! I also love the strie walls.

pve design said...

Oh what a fun spot to get dressed up to go out....
I would love a room like that!

Velvet and Linen said...

Congratulations, Lauren on a job beautifully done.
The walls look great and the draperies are simple but elegant (just the way I like them).
Your client looks thrilled, as she should be!


Sweet Nothings said...

i am loving those curtains! omg, I think I need them!!!

No.35style said...

How fun for her to get to dress up in ball gowns and have such a fabulous space to do it in!! I have thought of turning my guest room (which never gets used much) into a dressing room. BUT I am holding out for it to be a nursery soon!

Blueprint Bliss said...

It's beautiful!!! A dressing room.... I am daydreaming now!

The Steel Magnolia House said...

No kidding, Lauren. That space is awesome. What a slam dunk for any woman!! Love it!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Wowza~ LOVE that space. elegant understated...and oh so tidy. Just luscious!!

Anonymous said...

OMG you have the best taste!!!! Miss you Honey!!!
love to family!!!

Red River Interiors: said...

just discovered your blog from the Washington post blog watch...love the redo of the dressing room...Congrats! on your being mentioned...I'll stop by often...Fay

chinbutt said...

in writing about yourself you said "clear out the unnessaries." what is an "unnessaries?"

Lauren said...

Haha yeah, I meant "unnecessaries." (I sometimes make up a word when there isn't one I can think of that says what I mean perfectly.)

"Unnecessaries" are the things you don't need in your home or life... like knick knacks that don't hold sentimental value or extra clothes you never wear that keep a dresser drawer too stuffed or even extra stresses you don't need in your life like having your kids play 5 sports a season...

:) hope this makes sense!!

MikeL59 said...

I am the brother of the client, and I can testify as to how nice the dressing room looks. The guest
bedroom looks great also!

BethanyEyre said...

This room is so lovely! Who did the custom cabinetry? Do you have any recommendations on how to add closets to rooms (like many in the DC area) that are tiny or do not have closets?

Dianne Grover said...

This is simply beautiful. The transformation is definitely awesome. I really envy people with dressing rooms because I for one am having trouble with organizing my clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. This really inspires me. We have a spare room currently used as a work room and I am thinking we transform it into a dressing room. This will surely inspire closets Bergen lovers out there. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post.