Go Team Ghana!

"GO TEAM GHANA!" is a group of "designers, dreamers, moon watchers, doers and vagabonds."  They're former designers from ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", who are "taking our (their) skills and passion for designing with a purpose and spreading it like wild flower over seas. This time all the way to Ghana, West Africa."
Their goal is to build  the "Connor's Creative Art Center" in Ghana, West Africa. Here's a bit I've taken from the website to explain what "Go Team Ghana" is all about & how we can help"
"THE BAD NEWS: Modern day slavery exists.Nearly 7,000 children are being trafficked in the fishing industry of Lake Volta, Ghana. They are sold for the equivalent of $20.
THE GOOD NEWS: People care.
A Touch of LIfe (one of the organizations they're working with) has rescued nearly 100 of the 7,000 children. They have outgrown their facilities, and are building bigger, in order to help more kids.

Connor’s Song, inspired by the creativity and imagination of Connor Deal who passed at the age of 12, is working to bring healing to hurting children. The “Connor’s Creative Art Center” will be built in honor of Connor, and will help restore these children through art therapy and creative healing.

Why ART? Why for these kids?
Glad you asked.

These children are being empowered through the freedom of expression. They are learning, some for the first time, how to be kids and dream big. At one point in their lives, they were sold for the amount we pay for a few cups of coffee.

Please help us show these kids they are worth it!

All funds raised will go towards the following:
1) Fill a shipping container with furniture + supplies for the Art Center
2) Ship the 40' container with the supplies overseas to Ghana
3) Send the Design Team back to Ghana to help bring the Art Center to life

Thank you a million times over for showing your support.
We believe good design can change the world. "

I feel the same way about design & art being able to change the world.  Good "Design" is often thought of as a luxury or something "extra" that some people have...  But I believe it has the power to make people happy & to change their lives.  Our environments affect us in so many ways- they change our moods, our ideas of self-worth, they can encourage or discourage creativity, they can make us feel good or bad.  Giving these kids a place to go that gets them excited about creating things & dreaming is really special & affects them in so many more ways than just encouraging the arts.  I think it's a really special cause & if you have any time and/or want to help, go here:

They are at a little over $13,000 now and need $35,000.  Today's the last day if you have a moment.

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.


Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...

Amazing! Love that you shared this, thank you!! Am off to check it out. :-)

Vero said...

I agree with the importance of Design and Art. It's good to know what is happening in other parts of the world

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Lauren - What a beautiful project. Thank you for sharing.


Stella said...

Thanks so much for posting this Lauren!
The Go Team Ghana crew are a wonderful bunch who really live for design and give their all to projects. My friends Tony and Stevie will also be going to Ghana now, Tony was the Art Dept Coordinator at EM:HE and he will be building all kinds of great things for the project. Stevie, his fiancee, is a fantastic photographer and will be documenting the process for us all to share in vicariously!
They are up to just over $15,000 now :) Please note readers, the deadline has not expired - you can still donate!

Vero said...

Hi Lauren,
I thought I posted a comment before but I guess did not do it right. I just wanted to say that I agree with your comment about the importance of Art and Beutiful Design. The space where we live and work can make a big difference in the way we feel

Vero said...

Oops sorry about my English I meant to say beautiful

Lumen Drops said...
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Lumen Drops said...

Lauren, so many typos, decided to delete earlier post; just wanted to thank you for using your blog to spread the message of the need to help these children; i'm sending a donation now. I admire how you can take a break from the material to focus on the stark contrast of the reality of others.