#3 I'm Shopping for... A Range Hood

We're presenting a design to our clients for a kitchen redo in a couple of weeks & I'm really excited about it.  This kitchen needs to work with the other spaces we've already designed in the home so it will be sort of a relaxed natural-feeling space with a little graphic edge   It will have lots of textural elements that you just want to touch and a big mix of materials & finishes for a casual practical & warm vibe. I'm now getting down into the details of the kitchen design and an important one that truly affects the mood of the whole kitchen is the range hood. 

{Kitchen by Darryl Carter = looooove!}

When perusing through images of kitchens whose range hoods appeal to me, I noticed that many of them had range hoods that stood alone vs. ones that were flanked on both sides by cabinetry, which is what we'll need for the kitchen we're redesigning.  While I think stand alone range hoods are A-mazing (on my personal wishlist one day) they don't always fit into existing kitchens because of space & storage needs, so I've been on the hunt for a pretty yet practical solution for our range hood that will need to be flanked by cabinetry.

One of the things seen a lot in "real life" kitchens is the microwave with exahust fan below it over the range:

{image source here}

While this is completely functional & works for a lot of people (I've had it myself in the past & I think almost everyone in my family has it too) it doesn't create that gorgeous focal point we need for the kitchen & the vibe is totally different.  It doesn't have as much of that "working kitchen" feeling we're after. (And the small cabinet above the range hood isn't really adding a ton of storage space.)

Another thing seen a lot in typical kitchens is the mini vent hood above the range topped with small upper cabinets:

{image via pinterest}

Again, I think it's really functional, (and looks great here in the adorable kitchen above) but it still doesn't have the same impact as a full fange hood.

...Although I have to say that in the high-ceilinged kitchen below with the larger cabinets above the hood, it's making a pretty big statement but I think it's more due to the massive wall of cabinets & the impact they're making.

{image via houzz/ pinterest...  couldn't find original source}

...But anyway, in the kitchen we're working on, I'm really looking to do a full hood that will be flanked by upper cabinets.  I've been collecting inspiration images & thought I'd share.  The first group up is of angled metal hoods.   For this kitchen, because we want to mix a variety of finishes, I like the idea of doing a metal hood.

Below is a picture of a shorter hood mounted up at the ceiling.  This kitchen actually looks like it might be shorter than 8 feet to me...

{Image from bhg.com}

Here's a photo of a hood mounted at the ceiling again, but this one is longer.  I think for our clients' kitchen that the longer look will work better as I want the hood to make more of a statement.


 This curved copper hood flanked by glass cabinets is gorgeous: 

{Southern Living}

I also really love the curved sides of this hood (below) but our clients' kitchen isn't quite big enough to handle this:

{image via pinterest}

The next group of metal hoods swoop down in an arc & I think would work beautifully even in smaller kitchens.  Here's another copper one:

{From segretofinishes.com}

I love the look of this kitchen.  The hood is perfection to me.
{sooooo gorgeous by Jim Howard featured in House Beautiful}

Here's a shorter version...  SO beautiful, but again, I think we need a bit more length in ours:

{image via decorpad.com}

This hood (below) has a little stainless stell shelf below it which is so pretty, especially with the lights on:

{image via alifesdesign.blogspot.com}

This hood blends right in with the wall & I think it could work for a seamless look between cabinets:

{redonline.co.uk }

This angled wooden hood is really interesting:


 Again, I love these massive  hoods (below).  They look particularly good when inset into the wall like this.  I love how they carried the hood over the countertops too instead of just the range.  Interesting trick to get some drama without the height.

{Hosue Beautiful}

Here's another inset beauty, except this time in wood:

{Better Homes & Gardens}

 The next few hoods are painted wood to match the surround cabinetry.  It's a classic look:

{image via houzz.com}

Looooove this curve:

{Kitchen by James Michael Howard}

...And don't pot fillers just make a kitchen look so perfectly practical?  "I want that!"

{image via decorpad.com}

I love all of these wooden hoods, but like I mentioned, for our clients' kitchen, I think we need a separate material for the hood.

{image via justinetaylor.tumblr.com}

The standard chimney hoods would work perfectly.  I think they look amazing between cabinets: 

{image via The Decorista}

This one (below) is narrow and I love how this style calls attention to the tile backsplash:

{Better Homes & Gardens}

Here's another one and I think they work beautifully for smaller kitchens:

{House and Home....  mm mm mm!}

..And one last one in black, which would work perfectly for us.

{Elle Decor...  We are including very similar wood tones in our clients' design & I looooove this!!}

Anyway, I think adding the right hood can really make a kitchen and take it to the next level so I want to be sure to get just the right one.  What do you think?  What's style of hood would you pick for your dream kitchen? 
xoxo, Lauren

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

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pve design said...

In my new kitchen, I went with a sleek Italian Bertazoni Hood and love it. My old kitchen had a terrible wall fan that really did not do a proper job at all. Love your collection of inspiration from your "hood!"
I could not resist that.

anna said...

We have an old home with the original 1930s subway tile throughout the kitchen. Our range hood is completely tiled with the same original tile and it defines the kitchen. Even though many of the tiles are now crazed I think its imperfections add to the beauty of it.

Btw...I'm a fellow jmu alum and absolutely love your work and style!

luanne said...

Love the chimney hoods combined with tile backsplash to the ceiling. That would be my choice; some of the bigger hood structures just seem to loom too heavily over the cooking area. Also I like the modern vibe of the chimney models in an otherwise cottagey or traditional space. Nice collection of examples!

Wendy said...

I LOVE the look of the big stainless hoods. Actually, we've hired a company to redesign our kitchen (they are starting on Monday!) And I ended up not going with the stainless hood style that I love ~ basically because I don't like the chimney ones, and the large ones I adore were just too big for my kitchen. So we decided to do a built in hood that will match our new cabinets. The company we are working with made a good safety point about the microwaves being over the stove. Their point being it's not safe to have kids (and we have 3) reaching up and over the stove ~ bad habit for them to get into in case it is ever on and they put their hands on it. Besides ~ I think it looks nicer to not have it above the stove :) The kitchen you're designing sounds lovely! Hope to see the finished project :)

Designology Interiors said...

I love all of those kitchens. I've been thinking about a reclaimed wood style hood for my house so I bookmarked that image.

Designology Interiors said...

I love all of those kitchens. I've been thinking about a reclaimed wood style hood for my house so I bookmarked that image.

JennyCB said...

<3 this one:

(& <3 your blog!)

Nancy said...

I have the microwave over the range, and it is so "builders grade" looking. I love the sleek stainless hoods from IKEA, have you checked those out? or a stainless and glass hood..
I think one has to really be careful not to look so humongous and blocky, you know?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ha! I have a range hood that is a work in progress...as we speak! I wonder what you would suggest for it. Over an island in the middle of the room. It is originally made of aluminum...But was painted fire engine red. and now is primed waiting for wood overlay. Waiting is the operative word. sigh.

toocolorcrazy said...

here is the link to one I did for a friend and it was wood that we painted and glazed...I tied the paint colors into the existing backsplash and counters sine the cabinets had so much red in them.



Id love to hear your thoughts

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Love love love the metal hood with rivets! It's such an amazing added luxury in a kitchen.

Kathysue said...

Lauren these are all really great examples and you really made me think of which style I like! Isn't it interesting when you look for a particular element in a room, you realize all the nuances that appeal to you or not. I just did a post on Speed dating a room. I feel as if I just speed dated stove hoods!! Kathysue

Pat said...

I raised the original wood cabinet and insalled a new fan unit. Painted all the cabinets gray, hung a tray on the fan covering ( which I can change out at will). http://pats-addition.blogspot.com/2012/01/kitchen-cabinets.html

Brooke said...

These are all so beautiful!! I've always had the boring microwave/vent combo and I'm dying to have a beautiful range hood all on it's own. Even the standard chimney stack ones are so gorgeous and make such a statement.


LoVe all these kitchens ! Thanks for the inspiration :) xg

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I filed away several pictures to look back on later.. beautiful collection of spaces! THANK YOU!


Jessica Jentzsch said...

Lauren, have you considered buying an insert and having the hood fabricated by a metal guy? I'm a project manager for a residential contractor in Park City, and we do this all the time. You'll get exactly what you're looking for and the price may be comparable to purchasing directly from ventahood. Good luck!

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Custom Range Hoods said...

Hello Lauren - a very nice collection of kitchens and designer range hoods - we design and fabricate range hoods to virtually any size, design or finish you could imagine and regularly ship across the USA.


Anonymous said...

I have a great looking woodhood in my primary residence. At the beach I have a stainless steel hood. I hope your client has a housekeeper, because the stainless steel is almost impossible to keep looking clean. It's always greasy, dusty, or streaky. Something to think about.

home before dark said...

Loved the beauty parade. I'm in the middle of kitchen redo and ventilation gave me fits. I am using induction which does not need the heavy CFMs gas does. While you focus on style, also think function. There is this Goldilocks place where you have enough CFMs to move the air and not too much to suck all of the conditioned air out of your house! Or even worse: create a backdraft fire ball. (My neighbor is a fireman. The stories he tells!)

tricia @ mash-up chic said...

You've seen the range hood the kiddoes at Young House Love built, right? Custom and pretty inexpensive - it's great.

Nobodyt said...

so modern dining room,Your inspiration room for your new place is one of my favourites, too. abercrombie also love the mix of materials and styles.

Anonymous said...

There is even the pullout spray type that’s more like a replacement of the spray wand. A bar sink tap are usually nice improvement for the looks of the sink section if you wish to accomplish a “bar look” for your kitchen.

Lisa said...

FYI, the one with the stainless shelf & lights? (Source: alifesdesign.blogspot.com) I think they are warming lights. We had that in our Seattle kitchen - Viking range, stainless hood (flanked by windows) with warming lights & shelf. Handy especially when entertaining.

crispinfayol said...

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Janna McCalley said...

So many options! I wanted a hood that went to the ceiling like your thinking of using, but because it had to vent to the outside on a different wall, it wouldn't work. So we're installing a commercial style hood with cabinets above it. Our kitchen is small, so we couldn't do anything too big and crazy. Much better then a microwave, I think. We built that into our cabinetry so it's at counter height and I love it!

Timmi said...

Your blog is beautiful. Love that you turned your home into something awesome! We are about the start the house hunt and many of the homes around here need major redos, so going into the process with some idea that ugly can be turn into awe.

Kare said...

They're all pretty gorgeous but I'm a big fan of the chimney hoods. I hope to include one in our upcoming kitchen reno. Surely whatever you decide will look fabulous!!