Summer Food

I love eating.  It's definitely one of my top three favorite things to do.  I try as much as I can not to gorge, but it's just so much fun.  In the summer, I'm more in the mood for lighter/ fresh foods.  I had to take a picture of the fruit platter my husband put together the other day:

We've been really into kiwi lately.  A friend mentioned how much he liked kiwi a few weeks back and it was almost like our forgotten fruit and we remembered how good it was so we've been eating it like crazy.  And I love summer cherries!!  We found one smeared all over one of our white chairs the other day-  awesome.  Not sure who did it or how he/ she got away from the kitchen with it, but it actually did come out. 

Could it have been this sweet little girl?:

{I just snapped this pic- what a rough life!}

Or this masked man??:

...Or this toddler in a ridiculous onesy?:

...I'm betting on the toddler. 

So another easy summer meal we made recently was this grilled steak with a cilantro puree.  (pic below) I made the puree out of onions, garlic, line juice and cilantro & salt and I'm IN LOVE.  I'd had a Cuban steak at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Cactus Cantina and copied it.  It was so easy & seriously good.   Dave did the lime shrimp on grill and I made fresh guacamole and lime rice:

(I'm not going to mention the fish because it wasn't that great.  Very 'meh' without much flavor.)

Anyway, I would eat this for breakfast if I could.  I love a fresh summer meal.  I think I need it again tonight.  mmmm mmmm mmm!

Ok, I'm off for the day!!

But on a really random note- Can I tell you that the funniest spam comments I get on this blog is an ad saying to "Boycott American Women" and marry a bride from overseas???  hahaha 

I love that whoever is putting it on there thinks that young single men are reading my blog.  

xoxo, Lauren

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Michele said...

You had me at the cherries! This Idaho girl is now living in a NC world but can't go the summer without a bowl of cherries on the table. Enjoyed your photos ~ such a precious family! xoxo michele

Smitten Design said...

I've been making that cilantro paste as well. I put it on salads, eggs, steak, chicken- everything. I add jalapenos to mine.

Wives said...

Ohhh - does the cilantro puree taste like a chimichurri sauce? sounds similar. love!

GRuss said...

Lauren, this post reminded me that I've been wanting to comment for a long time about your chickpea salad recipe. I made it and you are right, it is so so so good. We've been eating it nonstop this summer with the yummy cherry tomatoes from the farmer's market. Thanks so much for sharing!

SisterBatik said...

I'm hungry now lol

pve design said...

If I did not study Art & Design at University, I would have chosen Nutrition, nourishment is key and so related to living artfully. I love adding a little fruit to a green salad to give a bit of sweetness. Good that you and your husband are educating your children by eating healthy.

The enchanted home said...

Your kids are too precious..both sooo adorable! So important to take full advantage of natures harvest during the summer especially when there is such abundance of so much in the way of fruits and vegetables. Every night I make a huge fruit platter which always gets eaten up, its been something I have done since my kids were tiny babies.......they grew up loving fruit (wish I could say the same about veges..however)

helen tilston said...

I froze when I saw the picture of your dog. Looks just like our Spice Girl, with the same tummy Ha Ha
Ours might have nicked the steak, not the fruit. The dinner looks delicious and you have given me an idea for supper
My best
Helen xx

Debby said...

Such cute suspects.

Mary said...

I've seen the "Boycott American Women" in the comments I've read from other blogs also. Somebody's been busy spreading his opinions. I guess he's been burned! HA!!

under spanish moss said...

Thanks for the giggle on boycott american women…You may have some single men reading. Who knows????
Renee and Angela

Amyshka said...

uhoh, this just made me so hungry! A big juicy steak looks amazing. mmm good job. And funny about the ads hehe

diane said...

Any guy brave enough to wear a onesie (and he does it so well) is probably brave enough to swipe a cherry or two! Hope the stain came out

Sarah said...

Boy that kiwi does look yummy.

Love the random note. While in Ukraine a few years ago, someone handed my husband a flyer advertising Available Ukrainian Brides. I was standing right next to my husband at the time too. The man giving my husband the flyer even commented that he could find my husband a better one that "that one" as he gestured to me. Too funny.

Shelly said...

That meal looks delicious Lauren! BTW, I'm sort of giggling at all the comments mentioning "cilantro paste". I guess I forget how much Latin culture I'm exposed to living in So. Cali. That sauce is a chimichurri with more of a cilantro base than the usual parsley. Just wanted to share that. Now can I have a piece of steak please?

Leigh said...

Our recent summer favorite is Heidi Swanson's Spring Panzanella over at 101 Cookbooks. Garlicky croutons, peas, asparagus and wilted greens - even my kids like it! And it's ready in about 20 minutes.