Hi!  Just wanted to send out a quick post to those who've asked about specific sources used in our house..

(Our entryway...  photo by helen Norman}

The Da Vinci book I used for the framed sketches in our entryway is Leonardo's Notebooks and the frames are from and were a little over $20 each for custom sizing.  I think I used the "antique gold" metal frames.  The orange door is painted with Behr's Maple Leaf. 

Have a  great Saturday & thank you to those who responded to my post on plagiarism... I was able to contact the owner of the site with the contact info you provided & they took it down immediately.  {For those who didn't see it, a blog had taken my blog posts & posted them as their own under the name "stylishliving"...  I called & they removed it.}  If you write a blog, try googling it and seeing what comes up in case someone has done this to you too.

And finally, I was surprised (kind of happily!) at the number of you who responded that you have similar children-dog-morning-issues.  Nice to know I'm in good company.  :)

xoxo, Lauren

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Kathysue said...

Hi Lauren, so glad they took it down. Here are a couple of sites that might help in the future. A friend sent them to me. I saw that she had a copywright on her blog so I told her what had happened to you and she sent these to me.

Sandy said...

Just got my Better homes and garden and flipped through it and thought that was your entry way(and home) featured in the magazine?

Jacqueline Rosadiuk said...

Hi Lauren,

I really enjoy your charming blog. Stunned that this happened to you. How in the world did you find out?? Did someone or something alert you?

Wow, takes some big noogies to do that. So glad they took it down.

I am dying to know how that conversation went though. Please share if you can. I feel like the phone rang and I missed an important (and best) part of the story!!!! Were they defensive? Apologetic? Nervous? Aggressive? Did they try to explain or rationalize it?

I think knowing this would also be helpful to know how to deal with it if it happens to someone else. As a fairly new blogger I am scared of this too.

Thanks for making it known to us Lauren and keep up your lovely, lovely work.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I am glad you got the problem straightened out.
There is a blogger who posts what I post a few days later. I can tell you what she will post next week if she can find it on the internet. I even coded my scans, haha. Would be nice if they mentioned my blog name like most do. It takes a long time to scan. I use other's photos at time but credit them. I don't get it.
Have a great weekend.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Wow! The internet is just full of predators. It's hard to believe that someone would do that. I also couldn't believe that my domain name expired without my knowledge a few weeks ago and was put up for auction and I had to pay an exorbitant price to get it back. I'm learning that this happens pretty often. They are out there just watching the expiration dates of high traffic blogs. You may want to check on the status of yours. Mona said...

I finally got my issue of BH&G and I enjoyed every bit of the article on you and your family. Success comes to those who work hard and at the same time are effortlessly generous -- this post is yet another example. Does that sound too gushy from a stranger? I just believe in saying it like it is, and am moved to do so about your talent etc! :)

Unknown said...

@Teresa at Splendid Sass: Depending on the age of your plagarist, I am sad it's happening, but frankly not surprised. When you can re-tweet something with the press of a button and the twittersphere responds in admiration, it makes copying pretty easy, and kind of normal. Weird how the internet is the only place that when you copy the exact words of someone else without giving credit, you become a hero.

Chic Coles said...

What a stunning entry way. Will be on the look out for BG and your lovely home. Why can't people just be nice.

robinchristen said...


Loved the photos of your home in BHG, especially the entryway. Would you mind sharing what size frames you used for the artwork?


debra @ 5th and state said...

hi luv!

just took some time and said to myself "i really miss lauren" and devoured many posts in one sitting.

you continue to be generous with information

inspire endlessly

bring us along with your darling family. OMG, the boys are growing sooo fast!

all while humoring us. vent away lauren, we are your fans! and, there is a comfort factor knowing i am not the only one plate spinning like mad but then i wonder "how does she stay current with blogging?!" and dealing with plagiarism? you are amazing!

big hugs to all

All That Jazz said...

I just discovered your blog last week through Melaine's blog, My Sweet Savannah, and then I saw you in BH&G today~ how exciting! You are a doll and your house is an amazing home, you have such a true decorators eye!!! I hope you had a happy weekend!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I've always loved your orange door! Glad you got the plagarism issue dealt with.

Mage said...

Its really frustrating to know how these pictures are stolen and published without any regards for owner's notice. I've recently read an article from a cook magazine only to find out that a certain page article of it was copied from a blog of someone. And hows that feel, if I was the blogger and being said that it was not bad to copy from the internet cause its a free resource anyway? That would make me a berserk man.

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Bryant Park Designs said...

Your entryway is stunning! Love the uniformity of the frames. Was there a method in how you hung them?

Great work, congrats!
Deb Living Livelier

Unknown said...

that door - the color - the texture - the vibe - INSANE! .. i have a few colors i got mixed for testing my color - i was going for yellow - but i got some yellow/orange mixes too ..

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Can't believe about that other horrible!

Jenny Castle Design said...

Thanks for sharing the sources - I LOVE the frames you had custom made and LOVE that they are affordable!

Unknown said...

Lauren, this is all so pretty and funny and good! Got the magazine just an hour ago at the new Walmart around the corner and can't wait to have a lovely moment with a cup of tea later. Kids need to be in bed first.... or at least upstairs.... before this is dinner... ah, can't wait!

You must have been so excited about this great chance.
Love your place, well done!

Take care, gotta run!
Happy Thanksgiving, lovey!

xx Victoria

Nancy Elizabeth Carey said...

I saw your feature in BH yesterday!! It was wonderful! Congrats!! What an acomplishment! Props to you!
xoxo's Nancy

Catherine said...

Congratulations on BHG spread! Can you tell me where you found your door knocker - or where I can find something similar? Thanks!

jglitter said...

I am currently renovating my home and have a small mud area at the side door. Your bench is the perfect size - where is it from? Or did you make it? Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. Sorry about the plagarist - people are so creepy!

Lauren said...

bench is ikea!

Beth Jacquin said...

i LOVE your entry way and the resource of americanframe. com is something i'll be checking out immediately. also love your seagrass! thanks for sharing and congratulations on your spot in BHG.

Liz Thompson said...

Just got my bhg and LOVED your article! Your house looks fabulous, as always! I was like "look, it's Lauren!". Almost forgot that I don't actually know you personally;)

Kel said...

Wow--Love your home in BHG. I've been waiting to see it and when it arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I ripped into it and there you were. What a beautiful home and a sweet family. Keep the great stuff coming. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog to see what Pure Style really is all about.