Seagrass is In!

Ok, so I know you've seen a million pictures of my bedroom before, but I'm finally feeling really good about it because we got our wall-to-wall seagrass installed this weekend, so be patient with me while I show you more pics! 

Here it is when we bought the house last year:


It has wall-to-wall cream carpeting and it did not fare well with our family & lifestyle.  So as you might remember from this post, we painted the paneling & added a chandelier and cheapie roman shades and curtains.  (Both of which I'd eventually like to upgrade...  But I also want to replace the back window with a set of steel french doors and a little balcony too so there's always something, right?)  Anyway, we found the antique brass headboard on the side of the road near our house and it's still to this day one of my best trash picks.  I used a lot of what I had to put together a white room that I could just "not think" in (ie completely relax).  Anyway, we're still mnissing a few things like a bedskirt and the perfect massive white hide rug but here's what it looks like now:

My $13 repainted Gustavian chair moves around the room:

And I think it looks best like this:

We are loving the seagrass!!!   We've had it in our basement family room/ office for over a year so we knew what we were getting into.  Typically, it would hurt my feet late at night & really in early in the morning.  BUT, now that it's been in the bedroom for a few days, I guess I've gotten used to it.  Seagrass is hard & rough but not scratchy.  (For more detailed info on seagrass & other natural rug materials & my thoughts on them , check out this post here.)  I plan on adding a soft white cow hide under the bed so when our feet first hit the floor it feels super-soft but I'm honestly surprised at how okay my feet are now.

Christian doesn't mind it either... 

I added thse old orange velvet striped pillows I made a bunch of years ago because I wanted to warm it up for Fall.  (Our dog uses them more than we do & her usual spot it curled up between them...  rough life.)

Here's a picture of what it was like before with the big body pillow & some other white bedding. 

(I switch it up all the time & am very weird about clean sheets/ bedding. We usually change our sheets at least twice/ week but I'm happiest changing them every other day, but too lazy to actually do it most of the time. I love the smell & feel of just-out-of the-wash-sheets and it's kind of one of those little free luxuries we can provide for ourselves... well, really me because I think dave could care less. (And, since our dog loves to sleep on the bed-- and in the bed when it's cold-- it's not unusual for met to come into the room to find paw prints on the bed. However, (and here's my little white bedding arguement/ rant: Some people say that white bedding isn't practical when you have dogs & kids & I couldn't disagree more. You see, I want to know when there's something dirty on my bed, not camoflauge it. I'm not saying that you have to have white bedding if you have dogs/ kids, only that if you do want it, it's great for germaphobes and people like me who don't mind washing the bedding frequently... But the white quilt and duvet only get washed every couple of weeks which is basically whenever the dog gets dirty paws on them.) Sorry for that! :)

And now onto the not-so-pretty (but oh-so-wonderful) dark secret of our bedroom.  WE HAVE A TV IN OUR BEDROOM.  (gasp!!)  I got it for Dave for his birthday this past May and since we don't have cable, it only works to watch movies from the dvd player or online.   We installed it behind the door when you first walk in.  Most people don't even notice it when they're getting a tour until we point it out, but when we close the door at night, it's prefect for watching movies in bed.  I know all about all of the "no TVs in the bedroom" rules and the supposed effects on people's love lives & all of that, but we love it.  I love snuggling up in bed and watching a good movie... especially when I'm sick. 

We rigged it so that the dvd player and laptop station are hidden in our closet which, as  you can see, runs right behind the TV. 

I'll show you more pics in here when I get some wallpaper and a chandelier up.  (hahaha which will be a good long while!)

Here's a quick pic of my jewely on the wall which is so insanely practical.  I'm thinking of adding more of this near the vanirty area in our bathroom because I really only wear the stuff that's out.  (Except all summer long I've been wearing my Kayce Hughes wooden beaded necklace and pretty much nothing else.  I'm going to do a post on it soon because it's one of the best pieces of jewelry I've ever owned and you probably need it ;)

And here's one last pic of my room as it looks about 1/3 of the time:

But, I'm working reeeeeally hard on making my bed every morning.  (Skillsets for 20-somethings- I should teach a class! ha)  I've done it every day since Thursday, which is when the new seagrass went it...  I find it's so much more satisfying to make your bed when you like your room.  Hope you enjoyed the tour and don't be surprised when I show you every angle & then some again when I finally find my hide ;) 
Have a beautiful day!!!

xoxo, Lauren

*Paint is FreshAire Choice's "Beach Pearl" (the no VOC brand @ Home Depot)
*Seagrass is available through Lauren Liess Interiors and was installed by the Tolvin Carpet Customizer (he's the best!!)
*Brass apothecary lamp- Robert Abbey
*Bedding-a mix of custom, Target & West Elm
*Nightstand dressers & Curtains- Ikea
*Roman Shades- Sears
*All else is vintage/ antique

If you want to know more about seagrass check out this post 
If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.


pve design said...

Oh, how pretty. I just love "happily ever afters!"
Your room looks dreamy and that sea grass too.

paula said...

looks beautiful Lauren! Love the seagrass. It's what I want to do in our master, but worry about our dog who seems to like to throw up in there. Gross I know.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Looks so beautiful!

Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

This looks so beautiful! I am LOVING the mismatched lamps and the chandelier is just to die for.... Also- one of my dogs does the same thing... she cuddles up in the middle of all of our pillows- haha, oh, to be a dog!

Melissa Marie Head said...

Love it! So serene and gorgeous. I am always curious how seagrass would feel on a daily basis.

Rebecca Gibbs said...

The seagrass looks great Lauren! I love it. My husband wants a TV in our room and I've been thinking about putting one in there but just for movies, no cable. Cause who doesn't love a good snuggle while watching a movie? : )

Pine Tree Home said...

I've been looking for a throw rug in jute or seagrass to go over our berber. I laughed at your making the bed routine. For 10 years I nearly never made our bed and then all of a sudden I got a kick to do it every morning. I love it. Keeping is clean and neat makes me love my room more.

Acquired Objects said...

You are not weird about how often you like changing your sheets, I do it twice a week but I thought that was normal. And I only have white bedding like you I like seeing if there's something on it. Your bedroom is really shaping up nicely and I like how inexpensively you're doing it. I can't wait to see it with your hide throw.

lisaroy said...

Your room looks so pretty and seagrass is my favourite! I'm all about white bedding and slipcovers - they always feel clean and fresh and I love that accessories can be switched up so easily when I want a colour change. We have a TV in our room too and I love to snuggle up to watch movies too. I've made my bed every morning since I was a child - I guess it was drilled into me. :)

A House and Home said...

Wow, I just did a post today on my bedroom inspirations and I am definitely going to have to add this one. I love it.

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

The seagrass looks great in your room. And, totally agree on the white bedding. I've got a 28 month old and an 11 year old beagle who loves the bed. I splurged on a white duvet from Bloomies and I love it. And, when it gets dirty it is nothing a little bleach cannot handle. Although, I did try to iron it last yeah...took over an hour and I vowed I am never doing that again! What we'll do when our houses are on the market!

kayce hughes said...

Your room looks great! We have scraps of seagrass on our bed room floor so that we can get the look while we wait for the funds. Thanks so much for the mention!

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

The seagrass feel is like being in those spa slippers..I think it is good for you though. I would love to see a lace bedskirt which would be a nice juxtaposition to the rough seagrass and complement that amazing free headboard. and I have always had a TV in the bedroom..and I have 3 kids so??????
Pretty room.

Chrissa said...

I looooove it Lauren!

I was actually excitedly waiting for this post because I really wanted to know about how seagrass would feel wall to wall like that.

PS-Do I spy a Jonathan Adler vase, or is it IKEA?

Gretchen O. said...

VERY nice! We just got seagrass in the family room and LOVE it! I have a white room now, that is totally not done yet, but you have inspired always! --Gretchen O.

shoppingaholic said...

Evevrything i perfect in this pot and of clourse your blog. who doesn't know!! But i eally really love the mirror.

I have started planning on how to get that look on my mirror.


shoppingaholic said...

Evevrything i perfect in this pot and of clourse your blog. who doesn't know!! But i eally really love the mirror.

I have started planning on how to get that look on my mirror.


debra @ 5th and state said...

you brilliant girl you! SCORE on the headboard....and the chair for $14.00..... doesn't that feel good?!
may i place an order?
the chair, and can you throw in the sweet little mr. christian :-)

Sandy said...

My mother grew up poor and all of my life she changed our sheets every day because she felt it was a luxury that was affordable. She also dried them outside on the clothes line so they always smelled wonderful. As soon as I had a home with a washer and dryer I started changing my sheets every day and would not think of quitting. It is just part of the morning routine that I get up when my husband does and we make the bed together with fresh sheets. Now that all of the kids are gone and I have more free time I may go back to hanging them out on the line to dry. :)

Ashley Stinson said...

Love it, Lauren. It looks so bright and clean... and stylish!

mica said...

Me encanta.Quedó hermoso y muy cómodo.

Lynett said...

Love the rug, love the room! Absolutely gorgeous!

Suzie said...

Love it love it love it!! Those velvet pillows are killing me...seriously. I adore them!

I try so hard to make my bed everyday too, but it doesn't always happen. :D

Unknown said...

White bedding is the best - you can blast any dirt with a superhot wash and some bleach!

autumn said...

i love the orange pillows,
and love that you have a tv in your bedroom. i don't care what people say-i love having a tv in my bedroom.
the seagrass looks so pretty! so much texture!

Laurie from Laurie Jones Home said...

It looks soooo great, I love how you change the pillows out according to the mood you are in! I love how you mention that there is always a project to do, I'm the same way and if I waited to post photos of afters I'd never be able to post a photo!! Your home is coming together so beautifully!! (I also joke if I won the lottery I'd want 2 things, someone to do my hair for me everyday have someone put clean sheets on my bed everyday!! A girl can dream right!!

Unknown said...

So cozy-cute!! I wonder too about the dog factor. Our being doggy nails. Would it run if caught? And P.S. We have a TV in the bedroom too and I LOVE IT- It's my haven away from football and political banter. Just me and my Bravo shows.

LindsB said...

It looks great!! Even better then I expected too! I love how the whole room is coming together to be your dream!

PS- I have the same curtains in my bedroom and I love them!

Mary said...

I never made my bed. Then I bought a duvet cover that I really, really, really loved and all of a sudden I am fanatical about making it every day. I even told my mom recently that I officially feel like a grown up now, ha! Your room looks lovely. I'm very jealous that your TV is able to be so conveniently located outside of the closet making the dvd player hidden!

Katie said...

Love the seagrass, I love the look of it, I just know my husband would never go for it. It is really into carpet and hardly ever even wants wood floor. I know it's a tragedy, but I am working on it!

designchic said...

I have to admit that I'm not sure which I'm loving more the seagrass or your little one - he's adorable!! I have seagrass in my bedroom too and just love it!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ok...I agree with you on SO much!! Thinking we are kindred spirits. NOTHING like the feel and smell of fresh clean sheets (I just DO NOT have the time to do it every other day, even). And I think waking to seagrass on your tootsies would be a foot massage! We have a faux seagrass in ours....and I'm bucking for the real thing. STAT.

I like the chair with that gorgeous little urchin in it best, too!

Jemsmom said...

I am debating on seagrass in our family room so this post was great for me. Clean sheets ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I love it-so pretty, thanks for sharing, the photos are incredible! <3

Velvet and Linen said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful Lauren.
We are two sea grass peas in a pod :)
Love the natural color. And the rough texture actually feels good to my feet!


MFAMB said...

contrary to popular belief...i LOVE wall to wall sea grass. in fact i prefer it to just the rug version.
i also share your OCD about changing the sheets frequently.
i like that you consider it a luxury, i consider it a curse. ;)
your room is lovely. said...

Hi Lauren, I just love the transformation. What a great look with the seagrass -- and a cowhide over it will be to die for. Your look is so inviting, so home, so gorgeous. Can't wait to see the end result, although I'd love to live in it as is. Oh, and nice to know a fellow struggle-to-make-the-bed girl! :)

Karen said...


I agree! White with dogs (especially those that sleep on the bed) is perfect. I have PB's white pick stitched quilt and I wash it weekly (more in the winter due to muddy paw prints) but it feels good knowing I can bleach it or do whatever it takes to get it clean! I love the bedroom and the seagrass is great.

Maria Killam said...

I so agree that when a space is decorated just as we like it, it's so much easier to keep it clean because we love to just look at it! The seagrass is fab, as is everything you do!

Brenna said...

LOVE the reality shot there at the end. ;) I agree with you though..making the bed just makes you like your room all the more. Great post!

Johanna said...

Love that pop of color with the pillows and the clever necklace hangers!

Unknown said...

wow, the bed is too cool, i really like the bedside tables cum chest of drawers, they would store a lot of stuff, really too good, i loved the idea


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katiedid said...

Sooooo pretty! LOVE your bed and chandelier, and of couse the seagrass. I am thinking that old antique brass is going to make it into a project of mine or in my own home very soon!

Thanks for the peek!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, it looks awesome.

I'm really eyeing that chair.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Looks great Lauren! Love the seagrass! xo

cotedetexas said...

nothing looks better than wall to wall seagrass. nothing.
this looks so great. you done good, girl.