The Search for Home: Rejected

Well, got a phone call from my realtor today and they didn't take our counter-offer. And guess what else? Now they're not even willing to go as low as they said they would before.


I promise I'll put up a real post up soon.


LindsB said...

ewww, they totally suck! Its like why even put the house on the market if you dont even want to sell it. I have a feeling bigger and better things will come your way, meaning a house that you love even more. Sorry for the bad news hun, but it will turn into good news soon! xoxox

Kelly said...

Some people are just plain greedy.

Don't worry about it, you'll find an even better house :-) We lost what I thought was my dream house when somebody put in an offer while we were out of town for the weekend. I was devastated. But then we found the house we're living in now, and I'm SO happy we lost that house, because this one is WAY better!!!!

It's not easy, but just take your time and be patient. You'll get the house that's right for you :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

long on style said... right...I feel awful for you. I wonder if they can't afford to go any lower really, you know people did go crazy with the HELOC,refis and all and are upside down. But darn if they own it outright that is a shame then, I mean come on, its been on the market for two years! Have you tried getting them to pay closing cost,or anything else that would compromise. The agents have got to get this thing done! Sometimes if its a matter of a few thousand, I have seen agents lower their split to get it done. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hmmm. Bummer. What gives??

Hang in there. Great things are around the corner. SURE of it!

Jenny said...

I know it's not fun to hear, but things happen for a reason. My husband and I were in the exact position as you guys when we were on the housing market a few years ago. I fell in love with a house that seemed absolutely perfect, came so close to closing on it and then the owners backed out. I was crushed. Girls like us put our hearts and souls into our homes. It hurts bad when things don't work out the way you've pictured and imagined.
Anyway, trust in God and fate and the right house will come!
Sending thoughts and hugs your way...
little green notebook

Haven and Home said...

I know just how you feel. That happened to us. My Mom always reminded me when we were house hunting that you will find one (or more) that you will be IN LOVE with, it will be perfect for you and then you won't get it and you will be convinced there will never be another, but don't worry, there will be and it will be even better.

I know you are going to find just the right home. :)

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Sorry for the disappointment! Real estate is a tough game. Try not to get too attached. Your perfect home is still out there! Good luck!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Don't fret things have a way of working themselves out. Today you may be driving down the street and see the perfect home.

They may just be stuck with their home on the market for another couple of years...who knows.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh this stinks. It's just the game of real estate I guess. We had the same thing happen to use with a home we wanted. The couple in the house weren't itching to get out so they wanted to wait it out and see if they could get more $. Well it a drove it the other day and a year and half later it's still for sale!

Don't worry. Things like this happen, but I'm certain that the perfect house is out there for you. Just try remembering that you hated the ugly outside of the house. It's their loss!

Things That Inspire said...

I don't know how I missed the last post on the house, because I have been following your story closely as we are also looking for a new home.

I found a house last year that I loved - it was way overpriced (priced at double what they paid for it in 2001 - and they only put in new countertops in the kitchen) - I was decorating the rooms in my mind, hiring an architect to do renovation plans. It was way, way overpriced. We did not put in an official offer, but our realtor told the other realtor that we would seriously consider putting in an offer for a certain percentage less than list. She said no thanks. The house stayed on the market all year, with one price reduction (it was still too high).

The pulled the house from the market, and I have heard it is being relisted soon. In the meantime, I have seen other houses that are just as great, and I realize that there is a virtually unlimited number of houses out there that will be listed in the near future.

Keep us posted! I can feel how bummed you are through the pages of the blog...but remember, part of the fun is the search!

(On another note, I am the queen of a mortgage calculation to see how much a higher price would change your monthly payment - sometimes it is shocking at how little the mortgage payment increases by paying a bit more for the house, based on the fact that it is spread out over 30 years).

Bethany said...

Hi Lauren- I just found your blog! I Love it. Hang in there with the house. We went though so many homes before we found the one we live in now. I got my heart set on several of them and completely redid them in my mind before we even placed an offer. The truth is - you are so creative that you can make anything awesome. It takes a while to find just the right thing - for me the numbers have to work just right and it is worth it to hang in there until they do.

pve design said...

Take it as a sign that there is something better waiting to find you!

Ali said...

It really hurts! We just lost my dream home. Sellers were asking way too much. I tried to justify it, but the comps just didn't support their arbitrary number. Had it all planned in my mind. I became and am still way too emotionally attached. I'm devastated and heartbroken, but I'm trying to stay positive that this happened for the right reason. Our houses are out there. Stay positive!!

Romana said...

Well, I think they just don't want to sell! 2 yrs on the market and they are still playing hard-ball??? the right home will turn up soon - just hang in there :)

DesignTies said...

I can't help but think that - with your vision - you'll find a house that's pefect for you and your family, and that you'll make it a wonderful home!
The very best wishes,
Victoria @ DesignTies

3 Peanuts said...

I am so so so sorry. We lost a house in a bidding war a few months ago and I was HEARTBROKEN. Everyone said there was a better one out there and I scoffed. But in reality this house IS a better ft for us and my kids LOVE the school they are in because of it. i am sure there is a reason .


Velvet and Linen said...

Welcome to the house hunting roller coaster!
It's an emotional ride.
I'm so sorry you are going through this, but I promise you will find the perfect home, and all of this will fade away. I have done it four times, and that is what happened each time.
Of course, this insight doesn't help much when you are living it!


Cote de Texas said...

it wasn't meant to be. one day you will look back and say - boy - good thing THAT deal went bad!
I promise you!!!!!

Jane said...

I am in probably one of the worst real estate markets, So California. I've looked at hundreds of houses since 2005 foreclosures, short sales, auctions, you name it I've seen it. The one thing that kept me sane was not getting emotionally tied to a house. You have to disconnect from it or people will really manipulate you into spending more than you want. Hang in there, you'll find another one.