Atlanta Bartlett: Starvecrow Cottage

Ok, so after this crazy roller coaster of a day (and posts- sorry!!) I just wanted to show you another great Atlanta Barlett location, Starvecrow Cottage (love that name!)

This one is a contemporary bungalow in East Sussex. Obviously a bit too minimalist for me personally, but I can still appreciate its beauty & its nature-focused spaces.

The living room, below: The hide rug & painting warm it up a bit but I'd still need some more.

The all-white bathroom. There is some strange GI-Joe/ action-figure/ cartoon stuff going on in this house: (?? don't get it.)

Below, the crazy kids' bedroom. Very space-age but could you imagine how cool it would be to stay there as a kid???!!

The master bedroom is below. See the army fatigues???!! Anyone get this?? (Because I totally don't)

Below is a scary wild pig. It adds some spunk to this place though.

I would love this only if I had a LOT of land:

Below, the vintage/ mid-century modern kitchen:

And, finally, I'm actually LOVING this shower:

Anyway, have a great weekend & thank you (SO MUCH)all again for your help & advice!!!


Cote de Texas said...

I'm wondering why your family is trying to talk you out of it? I jsut went and relooked at it and it looks nice enough to live in there as is - not sure what they object too.
I've been up against this all my life - the houses my parents said 'no' too - and I would listen to them and not my own husband! In truth- they WERE smarter!!! But your house looks nice - what is it they object to? jsut wondering - from someone who is probably older than your mom, fwiw.

DesignTies said...

I don't get the GI Joe stuff in this house either. And I agree with you -- it needs something more, it's a bit too sparse. The pics of the exterior are beautiful, though, especially the one with all the lights turned on.

Not crazy about the kitchen, and the wild pig head is kinda creepy!! The fireplace is nice -- hard to tell if it's a real functioning one, but it looks good!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love the shower!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you counter offered. I too am a dreamer and my Husband and I have always had fixer-uppers that (my) parents especially, have not approved of. We are on our second home and have renovated and are still working to make it our dream home. My parents reaction to all our reno's has been WOW UNBELIEVEABLE! I say always follow your HEART. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
Best, Loreli

alice said...

Even thought it's a very modern house, its still so cozy! I love the wood ceilings and the beams.. I think thats what makes the house!

Good luck with your counter offer... You have such wonderful ideas for the house. The Laundry Room is enormous, I love your inspiration picture for it! I hope your real estate adventure comes to a happy conclusion soon!

Anonymous said...

def. not my cup of tea, but that kitchen and all the windows are to die for!!! Love it.

Have no idea about the army stuff. The bathroom maybe kids toys for baths? I ma going with that.

Ummm...can we just say no to deer, wild boar, and any other head animals!!!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Hey Sweetie,
Well I'm so late in the game to respond, but I'm so happy that you counter-offered. I went to school with my mom on friday to help her with a reading project for ESL. I was prepping all Saturday and then went got up at 6:30am on friday( haven't had to do that in a long time) and taught with her. I was exhausted when I came home and hadn't turned on the computer since this morning.

Anyway I think it's good that you guys went with your gut. We had to go up as well in price. I was a little mad about having to do so, but in the end when it's added to your mortage going up 10,000 isn't really that much of a difference.

I still have my fingers crossed. I hope you hear back soon about the counter offer.



Meade Design Group said...

I really like the tile work in the last picture.

Anonymous said...

That shower is very ZEN! I love the tile, looks like a Japanese Wooden Bath. We are installing those ceramic tiles that look like wood in a kitchen. They are the best!

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

wish I had that hog in my animal post !!! ..... or maybe not.

Anonymous said...