My 5 Addictions

Sarah from the honest, insightful & witty blog, Shift just tagged me with the Fabulous Blog Tag: (Thanks so much Sarah!!)

[When you're tagged you're supposed to list 5 of your addictions & then pass on the Fabulous Blog Award to 5 other bloggers with links to their blogs. (It's great for finding new blogs!) Then they list their 5 addictions & link it back to you. ]

So here are my 5 Addictions.. hmmm.. (in no particular order because seeing what #5 is, that would be really terrible!! hahaha)

1) Interior Design & all things house/ home... enough said.

(photo of my dad's kitchen, a project I've almost completed)

2)Entertaining: I love having friends over & getting the food/ drinks out & the table/ buffet set up... putting on the music while we wait for everyone to show... eating and/or hanging out hopefully followed by dancing to cheesy music (yeah, I know that's not your normal dinner party thing but I really do love an "impromptu" dance party ;) ... And I really love having parties... especially Halloween (below is a picture of a ridiculous pirate party) and here are some pictures from a party at my old townhouse:

Ok.. and here's a pirate party we had in college that I must include because it was one of the best! (Check out the walls & ceilings- black trashbags- & doors! --- it still makes me proud- ha!.. that's one of my bestfriends, Erin, on the right)

3)Another one has definitely starting to become blogging (I've started logging on at random times to see if anyone commented!!! or It's time to do something around the house (like make dinner!) & I'm reading voraciously ;) oops!

4) My business- I'm thinking about my clients' projects constantly

5) My husband & toddler. I don't want to get too gooey here, but they're everything to me:

Okay! So, here are my 5 fabulous blogs (there are so many more but I could only choose 5!) (again, in no particular order) ... and guys, PLEASE don't feel you have to pass this on if you've got too much going on!

You're It!



High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I loved all of your pictures. I love the place setting you did outside. Beautiful!

Love the trash bag walls. Way to think outside the box. You totally need to add event styling to your website. I'm going to be offering both event styling and interior decorating. I think they go perfectly well together.

Love the picture of your two lovely men. So cute.

I must think of some things and post later on tonight. Thanks for thinking of me!

Oh love the two fabric pics you sent me. I need to run by there on the way home.

I got the most amazing ginger jar from a thrift store last night. It had the same shade of green and a pop of purple. I'm really liking the combo. Maybe I should find a combo fabric with more than one color. Hmm...decisions...

Lauren said...

Ooohh they have some amazing purples that I'm in LOVE with at Calico Corners right now!! good luck!!

pve design said...

Five Fabulous blogs indeed and yours is fab too!
Wishing you a fabulous year ahead with all your hopes and dreams come true.

Porchlight Interiors said...

I share in many of your addictions especially continually thinking about what to do in clients homes - fun! Thanks for stopping by our blog so we could find yours - its fabulous! Tracey x

No.35style said...

Aww, your little one is so cute! You DO have a fabulous blog!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much everyone!!!

LindsB said...

Oh, you are so sweet!! I have had the busiest day ever at work, and I HATE it when I have little time for blogging during the day. Well, I had to come on tonight and get my fix and seeing this post totally made my day!!

I love all your favorite things, they are all great. Your dads kitchen is so fab, I cant wait to see the completed project.

Ok, now I have to come up with some ideas for my fav things too- dont hate me if it takes a few days to get it together, I want to think of fun things.

Thank you so much again, I'm honored to be in a list with other fabulous bloggers!

Jennifer said...

thanks, Lauren! I think our lists will be quite similar!