Honning & Flora

Check out this amazing place, Honning & Flora, in Denmark. I was on the Laurel Hedge & I saw her favorite sunroom (above) & followed the link to the Honning & Flora site. Now I don't speak Danish so I'm not exactly sure what type of store it is, but I think it's a home shop & maybe a garden center too? (Haha I might so be barking up the wrong tree! If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know!) The room (above) is one version of Heaven for me. From all the white to the chandelier to the linen roman shades, to the sink-in comfort of the furnishings... a perfect "base" room!

Queen Anne's lace may be my all-time favorite flower (followed closely by hydrangea & peonies- look below!) What a pretty summer arrangement!!!

Look how beautiful their display is... I love how they're selling beauty products out of a medicine cabinet!
I'd love a powder room sink like this one (below). It would be so simple to make out of thrift-store finds. (The pot of roses on the left side of the sink is gorgeous although I'd probably kill them... roses are tough for me!) Check out the hanging wire basket on the right- what a great idea!

These cute little blue cannisters (below) just made me think of how easy it would be to paint thrift shop cannisters. I had such a tough time finding cannisters I loved (and the white Fireking ones I did find were out of my price range!) but painting some old uglies would definitely do the trick!

Pretty shot (below) of crystals & a lovely little portrait... The basket reminds me of the fact that I was going to ditch all my plastic laundry baskets & switch to pretty ones so my room looks better with the pile of clean laundry in it is waiting to be put away.. (ha! I know myself well enough to know that that's one habit I'll have a tough time breaking!)

How bright & pretty is this room?!! Ah I love it! All the natural elements... the linen, the rough baskets... The aged finishes... The chairs that look like mine (hee hee)... The walls are also a really beautiful beigey-white that sets off all the white furniture.

A little cauldron of horns : (I love quirky)
GREAT chandelier... It's so out of place which I think it makes the room.

I also have a thing for hutches & this one doesn't disappoint:

Just so pretty (below) and vintage-looking. I'd love it if all my beauty products were in bottles like these:

The street (sign) below reminds me of a client's home I was just in who had a few in her kitchen & they were just such a fun element. I usually don't think to do stuff like this but it's great.

Garden cloches are so pretty to me. They showcase perfectly whatever is inside of them & if they're empty (like below) you appreciate the elegant form of the glass. I don't have any & have been looking for a couple of years. (I want a steal & I haven't found one yet! :)

Below, the beautiful chandelier again (looking even better in daylight!) The juxtaposition of the chandelier against all of the rustic elements is amazing.

And, finally one last picture. The little tree adds just the right touch of green & is a sculptural silhouette that looks beautiful in these spare elegant interiors. And the pale gray walls- wish I knew that color! I love all the rough wood & white painted pieces... And the white throw on the chair is a must. (I add throws everywhere because I always like to cuddle up)

And the best part is I emailed my friend who lives in Denmark & he says he lives right near this place!!!! We've been meaning to visit him for a while now, so when we go (probably still another year or so off) I know where my first stop will be!!!


Blueprint Bliss said...

I came across a site- www.jamaligarden.com- and they have an assortment of things (some great- some not so great). I did a post on some items last night- and they have some glass cloches. They are nothing special...but cheap!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much- they are so cheap & I'm loving everything on that site!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh Lauren. I love this post! I actually saw it last night a little after midnight when I was done posting, but I was beyond tired and couldn't think.

Peonies are one of my all-time favorite flowers as well. I really wanted some on my wedding, but of course they were not in season so I did a bunch of hydrangas instead. Another favorite of mine!

Beautiful store. I would love to go there one day.

So cool that you have a friend that lives there. My cousin actually lived their for a couple of years, but moved before I had a chance to visit.

Lauren said...

Camila- I wanted them too but they were out of season for me too! (Did hydrangeas & gardenias-- I also wanted magniolias but couldn't do them either- I am a flower freak haha)

Beautiful Living said...

Being Norwegian I can translate whatever you want on that page! :) You were right on the spot when you guessed what kind of store it is! This kind of design / decor is HUGE in Scandinavia, it's literally everywhere. The way this store is styled is just amazing though. Thank you for posting! And I totally agree on the wallpapered cabinets, they look fantastic! Would love to see what your cabinets end up looking like! :)

Colour Me Happy said...

I feel like I've just walked through that shop the images were so wonderful. By the way I would say that colour is Benjamin Moore's cc-90 Natural Linen. I spec it a lot and it's just a wonderful neutral that doesn't fight with anything but is so much warmer than just plain white!

Lauren said...

Beautiful Living- I do LOVE Scandinavian Design & of course your blog & all the beautiful rooms on it! I'll definitely take pics of the file cabinets when I'm finished- can't wait!!

Oh thank you Colour Me Happy!!! (I CANNOT WAIT TO USE IT!!!)

Patricia Gray said...

I love Danish design. It is always so white and pure and fresh!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

So clean and fresh and white! Gorgeous!!

Hey enjoy your time in Florida...bring yourself home some sand and sea!!

Beautiful Living said...

Yay! I'm really looking forward to seeing how it looks, would love to do the same myself, but my DIY list is getting insanely long... :)

J.Covington*Design said...

Great post - I'm enjoying the clean and relaxing feel of the Danish house. Love those old brass sticks on the white consul and the statue in mirror in that first picture!

The Steel Magnolia House said...

Love the Scandanavian design! The guest room turned out so cozy...it translates very well! Awesome job!

LindsB said...

Oh my gosh, that place is amazing. I love all the white and the nautral elements to each room. Everything in there looks just like you!

I love the curtains in the last picture, they look like burlap. They add such pretty texture to an already georg. room.

OMG! Blueprint Bliss- YOU READ MY MIND. I was going to email Lauren about that site, I found it when I was looking for some moss balls- they have great things! too funny!

Velvet and Linen said...

Looks like a beautiful site.
I do love an all white room with little touches of color.
You're right, that chandelier is incredible.


annechovie said...

Wow, what a light, sunny and beautiful place! Thanks so much for your comment and I hope you will visit often.

No.35style said...

You lucky thing getting to go to that store. I love that powder room sink and the little tree.

Anonymous said...


Rikke said...

Hey this is Rikke from Honning og flora we hope you will visit us soon, we will put on a cup of coffee. Thanks for all the nice words. I have a blogg to.
Se you soon....