Florida Flea Market

This antique Chinese console at the 2007 San Francisco showhouse was dressed up by Suzanne Tucker of Tucker & Marks. If you'll remember, it's from that same "Neautrals" issue of House Beautiful that we all loved so much. Of course this vignette totally jumped out at me because I loved all the white, the mix of the rough antique Chinese altar table & the refined brass dolphin hurricanes, the cement spheres (we know how much I love to decorate with balls), the greenery, the modern element of the charcoal print and finally the adorable white frog planters.
The frogs really made this table for me. They add that little quirky element I love. Anyway, since I saw this image I never really got them out of my head & look what I found this weekend at a flea market in Florida!!!!:

There was only one & he was $4 and the first purchase of the day! Below, I cleaned him up & thought he would make a great little addition to the kitchen to put herb cuttings from the garden in. He could just stay under the sink & come out for fresh herbs.

I also found some other copycat items at this crazy Swap Shop Flea Market in Fort Lauderdale, which is huge:

The furnishings & home accessories seemed to be few & far between to me but I still had some luck. Check out all the goodies:
Do you remember the lion print from Lucketts? (Below):
Well look what I found for $2.50!!
And check out this beautiful drop-leaf table! If had been near home, this baby would be mine!
Below, I found this crazy vintage chandelier for only $8!!
I didn't really have a place for it so I gave it to my cousin & suggested she put it over her bed. She has promised to send me after pictures so I'll post them when I get them :)
And I had to have this great little chrome stool for $8. I sent it home with my dad (who had his SUV) to Illinois to go in our lake house, I think in my bedroom there :) I'll be reupholstering it & will post 'afters' on the whole room when I've finished it. (almost!!!) I think it would be a great with a tray on it for drinks, books, or at the foot of the bed for luggage &/or a pretty throw.
I thought this china was really beautiful. I didn't ask for the price & I totally forgot who makes it (sorry Eddie! :) but isn't it just really special? (haha it's hard to keep coming up with adjectives for pretty & beautiful when you're blogging!! ;) The blue was so gorgeous though.
And finally at the end we got our coconuts!! (Christian, of course, was fast asleep under his blanket in the stroller- Momma trained him well!- so he's not in the picture ;) My husband, Dave, loves these & drank 2 himself.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

First off I'm so happy that you are back!!! So yay to that. I missed you!!!

2nd I loved all of your finds and I'm insanly jealous that I didn't find any great treats myself this weekend when I went to the antiques gargage.

3rd love all of the finds especially that chandlier. I can't wait to see what you cousin does with it. I love the stool as well. Can't wait to see your father's lake house finished up. hint hint..would love to see it in person :)

4th Eddie is doing another flea market tour at the end of FEB. Please come to NY and we can go together and leave the husbands off at a bar!

5th. Your hubby looks adorable. I love that Jersey Boy shirt!!!!

Ok enough for now. I missed you! Now help me pick out a logo/business card.

LindsB said...

Yeah, you are home!! So glad you had a wonderful trip! It looks like you got lots of great things, and had fun shopping at the flea market. I love that little stool you got, and I hope the steel wool works for you, one suggestion- if it is in a place that has alot of humidity I would do a clear spray over it once you steel wool it because the rust can come back again really fast.

I love that frog too, so so cute!!

Romana said...

love the frog! and can I please have that stool???!! lol Very nice, I lookforward to seeing your pics :)

kay* said...

oooh i LOVE that frog! LOVE.

such great finds...as soon as the weather is nice here (meaning the snow isn't up to my knees!) i'll have to start hitting the flea markets again....or maybe now is the best time since others may be at home hiding from the cold?!

Colour Me Happy said...

What a great post! I love your little before and after frog, how great is that. It certainly looked like an Eddie Ross day, wish we had flea markets like that where I live.

The Steel Magnolia House said...

Well missy...looks like you were in my neck of the woods. I'm in Palm Beach county. I love that stool you found - that is going to look amazing reupholstered! Love your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and the sweet comments Lauren!!

Beautiful Living said...

Lauren, I have to say that I've missed you! :D Looks like you've had a great time at the flea market and you found some great items! The frog is just so cute! And the chandelier is fantastic! The stool too! You know, I just love everything! How old is your son? My daughter is 10 months on Sunday. :) Thank you for the comment, I thought it was about time I got a profile picture!

Velvet and Linen said...

I love flea markets!
You never know what you will find.
It looks like you really scored!
Thank you for taking us along.


michelle said...

How fun! And in the nice weather too! Double the pleasure!


Haven and Home said...

Welcome back Lauren! Your trip looks like it was great. LOVE the frog and I loved the lion in the original post, so happy you found another. I wish I had been there. Great finds!

annechovie said...

Good for you - what buys! You and your husband are a beautiful couple.

shi(f)t said...

how cute are you two! what a great market...i cant wait for summer for mine to re-open!

sandra/tx said...

What a fun day at the flea market. You found some great deals. It'll be fun to see how your cousin uses that chandelier.

Amber said...

What great finds! The lion painting looks so similar--what a steal!

Lauren said...

Thanks guys!! I'll keep bugging my cousin for after pics!!

No.35style said...

What a fun trip. I love flea markets. You need to come to Texas and go to Round Top! That frog is darling!

Anonymous said...

Nice coconuts!!!! LOL!! you two are so cute!!! What a great flea market!

Anonymous said...