Blog Love: Thank you Blog Friends!

I wanted to thank Michele from "My Notting Hill" SO MUCH for doing a post on me. I'm super-flattered & really excited! :)

And ~No. 35 Style ~ also did a great post on adorable cottage lighting & put a link to my blog on there. She has some great ideas for ways to use it!!

Lindsay from LEB also set up a link to pure style home & wrote a fun post about moss and all the great ways to use it!!
Joni from the famous Cote de Texas wrote an amazing post on kitchens & included the kitchen from Beach Dwelling that I'd written about & a link back to pure style home. Thanks Joni!!

And I found myself on Room Lover which was pretty cool. I wrote a comment on there but I'm not sure if that's type of blog. But it's a very cool site she's set up. She does bios on a bunch of interior designers. It's a great reference.

And thank you to Camila from High-Heeled Foot in the Door, for a really sweet post she wrote about me. She was one of my first non-family member readers haha & has pretty much taught me how to blog. I remember emailing her after her first comments & asking her how to blog haha. And she told me! :) Thanks so much Camila!!

And how could I have forgotten, one of my FIRST EVER blog mentions (I went nutty when I got her email alerting me that she'd picked some of my posts for her favorite posts of 2008!) Things That Inspire!

And finally, Eddie Ross for his mention in his first flea market trip post. He & Jaithan carefully documented the whole trip & wrote about it on their blog, even putting a link to my website on it. Since then we've become friends & had the best time revisting them again at their (beautiful!!!) apartment in New York.

Ayway, thanks so much to all of you & I'm just having the best time getting into blogging & meeting so many new, sweet & extremely talented people. Everyone just includes everyone & it really has been a great experience. I was afraid to write comments when I first started because I thought no one wanted to hear "oh i love that!" but I realized how happy it makes me to get that from someone else & now I'm so much less self-conscious about leaving comments than I used to be. And I'm definitely looking forward to some type of blogger reunion one day!!! (Let's get thinking!! :)



ps- Off to Florida to visit family for the long weekend!!! wahooooo


Blueprint Bliss said...

I really enjoy your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts/ photos/ ideas with all of us!

annechovie said...

Congratulations on the mentions! I am headed over to Notting Hill now to read. Have a great trip this wknd!

Things That Inspire said...

I love the design blog world. I know that some deride them and say it is all 'so pretty, i love this, i love that', but there is so much bad news in the world, isn't it nice to have a little corner of the internet that focuses on the beautiful?

I enjoyed the post about you on My Notting Hill, and don't forget, I picked one of your posts as my best of 2008! I really enjoyed finding your blog last year, and could tell it was something special.

Suzanne said...

Hi! I found your blog though the Notting Hill blog -- I really love your style! I've read through all your posts now and I can't wait for more!

Lauren said...

Things Than Inspire- How could I have forgotten to mention it??!! (I just edited & now have you on there!) I can't tell you how much I freaked out (in a good way :)when I got your email about your favorite posts of 2008!! :) Thank you so much for your encouragement!!

My Notting Hill said...

I love it when nice things happen to nice people! Thanks for mentioning the post. You picked a great time to go to FL considering our current weather.

Sweet Nothings said...

I really want to be friends with Eddie!!!

Nudge him to do an LA flea market trip..i'd be there in a heartbeat!

MIMILEE said...

Wow! Congrats are in order.....but all this recognition is very deserving I am sure!! Glad I found your lovely blog....I will be back!!

Erin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on House of Turquoise! So glad you did, because I am really enjoying your blog. Congrats on all your well-deserved mentions! :)

No.35style said...

Oh you are so sweet! Thanks for mentioning me. I enjoy your blog and so glad we've met! I agree with Things That Inspire. Blogs are such a fun little treat for me. Enjoy your time in Florida!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh Lauren. Thanks for the sweet words. I'm glad that I found you! See I told you everyone would love you!!!!

We must plan a get together soon. Are you coming to NY in Feb? Say, yes please!

Ok I hope you have fun in Florida. I'm going to miss you. Hurry back. Totally jealous it's freezing in NY.

LindsB said...

Lauren, you are so sweet! You are very thoughtful with your comments and always post such awesome things- of course everyone loves you!!

And umm, hello Florida?!? I'm very jealous!! Its suppose to be around 0 degrees tomorrow, what lovely weather to walk around a windy city in...I'll be dreaming of being in Florida with you as I freeze my arse off :)

Enjoy your long weekend!!!

Catherine said...

Congratulations on your success Lauren - you deserve it, your blog is fantastic and you are so talented!
Catherine xx
ps have a great time in Florida!

Beautiful Living said...

Well deserved! LOVE your blog, and you have exquisite taste!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh..I love that!!


I just recently found you, and glad I did!! Enjoy Florida...although it is a tad cold here too! (40's)

Haven and Home said...

Congrats!!! Well deserved mentions! I definitely think we need to have a blogger reunion. Have fun in Florida, I am so jealous!!!!

Terri said...

Congrats Lauren - you deserve it. Beautiful and talented, you are - what a deadly combo!! Have fun in Florida and come back to keep inspiring us! You deserve all your success girl and I hope doors keep opening wide for you!! xo Terri

michelle said...

Thank you for visiting me at my blog, and leaving comments Lauren; I so appreciate it.

I love what you said about not wanting to leave comments at first...I felt the same...all these people are so talented and well read.


Colour Me Happy said...

You have a wonderful blog, I have just added it to my favourites, thanks for having mine on yours!

Cote de Texas said...

omg - I just saw this!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!! you are too sweet. I was just looking around your blog and saw this - no google alert, weird! sorry, I'm so late.


SarahGordonHome said...

Just wanted to stop by to say you have inspired me so much - both as a blogger, and as a designer. Thank you for sharing! SGHx