AMAZING BED TIP - this will change your life!

Above is the Westin Heavenly Bed & for me it's been the model of a perfect bed since I first ran & jumped into one in a Westin hotel room. (It looks THAT inviting: All white, fluffy but tailored, tons of pillows, just barely pulled down so you want to get right in... You pretty much have to jump right into the bed when you walk in the room the first time.) All-white bedding has become almost a hotel staple, but let's remember who did it first.

an english caribbean bedroom with modern twist I did

Anyway, here's the REALLY AMAZING TIP I learned from some hotel (I can't remember which!)

When you're adding the top sheet (pretty side down) leave a little 3" fold down at the bottom where your toes are so that they don't get "trapped" down there by the sheets! Tuck in at the bottom & I don't do the sides because I kick them out anyway.

I hate it when my feet get trapped so this little fold has been my lifesaver! No more pointed toes in bed. FLEX AWAY! ;)


Anonymous said...

I just come across your site today and I just love it! I had to tell you how cool the 3" tip is. I can't believe I never thought of it my self, its so simple. Thanx, Sarsie

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

this is brilliant! my hubby hates the sheets tucked in at the bottom for this reason and always pulls them out. now we can both be happy!