DC Design- Lots going on!

This past week our good friends Brooke & Steve Giannetti of Velvet & Linen were in town visiting with two of their kids, Nick & Leila.  Thursday night, Dave & I went to an insanely perfect cocktail party in their honor thrown by Loi Thai and Tom Troeschel, owners of Tone on Tone, a beautiful antiques store in Bethesda.  Like usual, I forgot to take very many pictures (I'm usually having too much fun, let's be honest) but to say Loi & Tom's place was amazing is a serious understatement.  I have NEVER been somewhere like this house.  It completely transports you to another place.  You don't feel like you're in Kansas DC anymore.  Because I forgot to take photos, I've taken most images of these from Joni of Cote de Texas's blogpost of almost 2 years ago when the house was just newly renovated, so there have been a lot of changes since then.  The walk up to the front of the house is incredible.  Boxwoods and trees now surround the front lawn which is empty in this photo:

{The limestone pavers on the front porch are so beautiful...  I felt like we were walking around on Mt.Olympus here...  The doors were flung open and a Spring breeze flowed into the house.}

  The entire home feels completely open to the outdoors & to me, there's nothing better than that.

{looooove the skylights in this house!!!}

Almost everything is done in shades of white & neutrals (hence the name "tone on tone") and the floors are even bleached wood:

You feel like you're floating around the house...

There were small green accents throughout the home and I fell in love with these cheeky industrial green pendants in the kitchen:

I enjoyed the far right barstool as well...  With less than a month to go 'till baby comes, I REALLY loved the food & had a great little spot to indulge!!!  mm mmm mmm!

The kitchen & attached family room is where Loi & Tom do most of the "living" and it's a bit less formal than the rest of the home.  They have topiaries & ferns all over the house (which are my FAVORITE things to accessorize with & that I unfortunately can't keep alive) and they're so beautiful:

{This console bisects the kitchen/ family room so the TV is opposite the kitchen.  There's the most beautiful skylight above the topiaries.}

The pair of maiden hair fern may have been my favorite accessory in the entire home.  Here's one of them on a pedestal flanking the fireplace:

..But of course my favorite part of the night was seeing so many great friends & people all in 1 place.  The DC Design Community is full of amazing people & personalities and there's never enough time to see all the people, so it was so nice to get to see so many sweet faces at once. 

{Brooke, Leila, me and Leah Moss of Moss Eclectic}

 I'm so glad Brooke & Steve came to DC.  They were signing copies of their book, Patina Style, which if you haven't read yet, needs to happen.  It's full of beautiful photos & such practical hands-on information.

{Image from  Patina Style   }

We were able to steal them away from their busy schedule Friday for a trip to the Air & Space Museum (boys-only...  Leila & Brooke & I hung at home) and for hanging out & pizza & cupcakes.  (mm-mm-mm!!)  Of course I didn't take photos, but if I had, you would have seen me lying on the couch and Brooke lying on a chair having a "sympathy pregnancy" for me.  :)  Sometimes it's nice to just veg out. 

I'm off for the day but thank you so much to Loi & Tom for such a beautiful night!!  Here they are in their (perfect) living room towards the end of the party:

{They are so sweet & hospitable and I'm pretty much in awe over their house...  I'm one of those annoying people who ends up leaving a party last or almost last (I somehow don't notice when people are saying goodbye) so thanks for putting up with me Loi & Tom!!}

And, speaking of great DC people, the DC Design House just opened this weekend & it's looking beautiful!!  My good friend John Matthew Moore sent me  this photo of the gorgeous foyer he just completed:

{Yay Matthew!!!!   photo by Angie Seckinger}

For information on visiting the DC Design House, visit the website here: Dcdesignhouse.com

My room from last year's DC Design House is actually in this month's issue of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine too so if you see it on newsstands, check it out.  (As soon as I get images, I'll be sure to post!! :)

Also, for more images & information on Tom & Loi's home, be sure to check out Joni's post:  Cote de Texas Ton-on-Tone post 

I just realized Loi has a blog, Tone on Tone, and you can view it here.  The most recent post is about keeping his topiaries alive!! :)

xoxo, Lauren

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Judith said...

I like this tooooo!

Katie said...

Ah, I'm so disappointed... in DC today and have some time to kill, but the Design House isn't open. Such is my luck. lol. Maybe I can talk the hubs into staying long enough tomorrow to go over there. hmmm... probably won't hold my breath on that one. :)

Tawna said...

What a fun event, and such beautiful interiors!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

Such a beautiful home! I love the tone on tone feel, it is so sophisticated.



Unknown said...

Oh I would have died! Ive been viewing Loi's blog and he is so sweet with his commenting, Im quickly becoming a huge fan! Ive got to get to his store! Thanks for showing us pictures of his home, and impeccable taste..
You barely look pregnant in that photo, you darling thing.
Have a great week.

BaileyWife said...

Ahh..the Tone on Tone house tour would've been amazing, but I also would have loved to be the "fourth girl" just hanging with you and Brooke (2 of my FAVORITE designers). Dreamy.....:)


What a gorgeous home they have here! Im in love with the hints of green too! So chic and sophisticated!


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


Sounds like the perfect night, good friends, good food and beautiful surroundings.

What a gorgeous house! I love it!

Brooke is one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever "met" ( not in person) through blogging. I admire her greatly and think that their works is fabulous.

Thanks for sharing your fabulous night out.

Take care of yourself,

Woodside Park said...

Lauren! I am SO thrilled to have finally met you!! I have admired, for so long, you, Brooke, Steve, and so many of the other guests. It was insane having so many talented people together.

I, too, did not take photos....much regret and disappointment. Busy having too much fun. Tom and I are so appreciative that you and Dave attended.

Thank you kindly for this wonderful post! I'd love to stop by after the baby is born to check out your fabric lines. Cheers, Loi

Woodside Park said...

And, last but not least, congrats on yet another feature in Better Homes!! :-) Loi

Kathysue said...

It is always so much fun to meet people that you admire and respect. What a lovely home! Kathysue

DecRenew Interiors said...

Lucky you to have been with such great people. Fun to visualize you and Brooke hanging in your living room chatting. I'm sure that was great fun. Two very gifted, talented people enjoying each others company is a good thing!


Barbara Jordan Dettweiler said...

That house is amazing and I love how you enjoy your food so much. :) Thanks for the tour!

Windlost said...

lauren, that looks like one party i would have hidden in the trunk of your car to attend. loi is very sweet - since he started blogging i have visited his blog and he has been kind enough to answer questions for me - he is very generous. i would love to meet them some day. you look wonderful - i am glad you were able to visit with brooke and loi and their spouses. what a group of awesome people. brooke is so lovely - a great generous spirit, like you. i once read a quote that i try to live by. it says "be generous - there is enough for everyone". i think all of you live by this code. :)

xo terri

Ann said...

That's great! I love Loi's handiwork!

arrielle_p said...

I can't imagine a cozier place! So warm and inviting. Your house is beautiful!

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Lindsay said...

Gorgeous. I would LOVE a floor like theirs.

Jg Ar said...

Chic and fabulous house! So homey and fresh! Thanks for posting!

Velvet and Linen said...

What fun!
I loved getting to spend not just one but two nights with you!
Loi and Tom are amazing, generous spirits... and their house! Gorgeous!!! I didn't want to leave. The party was supposed to end at 8, but we didn't leave until several hours later... the sign of an excellent party.
Congratulations on the fantastic article in BH&G. It was so special to read it while sitting on your couch, during my sympathy pregnancy moment with you.
Can't wait to meet the new little Leiss. Christian and Justin are going to make great big bros. Although you might want to hide the nerf shooters for a few months LOL.


cotedetexas said...

I wish i was there with you. Loi is the sweetest and probably one of the most beautiful man alive! yes Loi- you are!!!!!


Steph said...

Awesome and inspiring spaces! I bought the BHG magazine awhile back and saw that beautiful wing back chair with dual sided upholstery and I immediately remembered that was "Lauren Leiss'" design. I remembered your posts about that gorgeous room and it was fun to read about it again! How fun to be featured in such a big name magazine! I am always inspired by your eye for design and the details.

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Lauren- Have my latest BH&G and your room looks wonderful! Congrats!


LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hi Lauren, I just came over from Velvet & Linen! I love Brooke's blog and it's so nice to find another one! I've only 'met' Loi recently but I adore his work and Loi himself is such a talented and kind man. Thank you for sharing - what looks like - an amazing evening with amazing people!