'Tis the season for magnolias and I'm loving it. 

{Every once in a while my husband surprises me with one}

There's something about magnolia trees that is just completely Southern & romantic.  They transport you somewhere wlse.   (Unless that is, if you're already at a gorgeous Southern antebellum estate.}

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According to wikipedia and the University of Florida's website, Magnolia trees are one of the most ancient trees we have today, with fossils dating back to 36-58 million years ago.  They were originally native to the Asias & the Americas (particularly the East Coast) and Europe, but the Ice Age destroyed the ancient European forests.  The American Southern Magnolia was  reintroduced in Europe in 1731 when it was discovered.  They became extremely popular and are now the most commonly planted shrub/ tree around the world.  
I wish I had a magnolia tree.  One day. 

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{Steel Magnolias: Shelby "got" magnolias...  she planned to float them in her pool at her "blush and bashful" themed wedding, although I don't quite remember ever seeing the pool at the wedding in the movie.}

When I have my hands on a magnolia bloom, I'm weird with it.  I literally just put my face in it & breathe it in.  For a long time.  It's "Heaven" as my 3 (almost 4!) year-old says because he's heard me say it so much. 

{I even have my husband take pictures of me holding them}

 I sleep with it mext to my bed and I can smell it all night long when I'm drifting in & out of sleep. 

They make me so happy and their smell just sort of makes stress melt away.  This past week was INSANITY.  Work has been really busy for both me & my husband, and we had to take Justin (our 18-month old) to the ER because his fever got so high & he was having mini seizures & vomitting.  (I didn't know that's what was going on, I thought he was having odd twitches as he was trying to sleep in my arms, and although that was scary, I'm so glad I didn't know they were seizures at the time.)  His fever has been up & down all weekend and my parents watched our 3 year-old for us.  During one of the down points Saturday evening when Justin was aleep & we thought he was all better, my husband surprised me with a magnolia bloom.  It hung out with us pretty much all night.  I literally fell asleep smelling it, and I woke up to a completely brown & crunched magnolia underneath of me in bed.   ah vell!  You only get them for a little while.

It was for all of these reasons that I wanted to create a magnolia - patterned textile.  The vibe of magnolias is such a free, casual & relaxed elegance and I wanted to make a fabric with that feeling.  It really fits with the setting around here.  (Virginia & DC are filled with magnolia trees.)  I worked with my super-talented my friend,  Kat Wright, who painted this beautiful painting in oil from my very junky sketches:

{Isn't she amazing!!?)}

It then became this on linen:

I played with the colors and created 4 other colorways, including china blue:   

I'm working out the final kinks in pricing, fabrics, etc. and am hoping to have the fabrics available to sell in my online store July 15th.  Like I've mentioned before, creating high-quality textiles on linen in small runs is much more expensive than I'd originally guessed it would be.  Prices will be around $90- $115/ yard for linen and I'm looking into cotton options. 

Here's a peek at the banner for the new online store:

I hope you had a great weekend & if you have a chance, find a magnolia:

My husband's taking Justin to the doctor today so fingers crossed for my little Tootaline.

Also, my friend Jill Sorensen of Marmalade Interiors and creator of Live Like You is offering Pure Style Home Readers 10% off of her newest design personality, Earthy Modern:

Enter discount code: EARTHY10 for 10% off until June 20th!

 Jill has launched an online store where she has created room designs for different personalities & styles.  You can view the designs for free and purchase everything in the plans right at Live Like You.   Congratulations to Jill & her new venture & thanks so much for the discount!!

xoxo, Lauren

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.


rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

I love a good magnolia tree! That fabric is gorgeous! I love the green and yellow color scheme. I'm so sorry to hear that about your little one. I hope he's doing much better now.

Happy Monday!

rachel hood said...

Magnolia's are some of my favorites too. They are an amazing testimony of our creator and God. Actually they are exactly as old as every other plant (God made plants on the third day of creation about 6 thousand years ago).

You are such a talented designer and I love your new fabrics. i really enjoy reading your blog.

pve design said...

I am going to paint a magnolia as I love them too.
My Aunt Mary had one and she would always complain about the mess they leave....the blossoms are worth all the mess! Love your post and all who surround you.
Hope yout little one is feeling better.

Barbara Pilcher said...

The only flower I love the fragrance of more than magnolia is gardenia. Mine are blooming now, and they are absolutely transporting!

Thanks for the post and all the lovely photos.

Lovin That! said...

I have a magnolia tree and love it too! So beautiful - so is the fabric!! Hope your son is feeling better...

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hope your little one is feeling better.

I love the fabric as well as the painting!

Miss B.e.e. said...

Magnolias are my favorite! I've taken tons of photos of them on my blog as well.

If you ever get a minute or need a post idea, can you do one on getting into or the process of textile design?

Karen said...

I love magnolias and they line the entry to our tract of homes. Your fabric depiction is spot on. The blue and white is gorgeous too!
Karen at Garden, Home and Party

kayce hughes said...

So sorry to hear about your little guy.
I love the smell of magnolias. We have one and I was just thinking I want to design a candle with that smell. I feel like it doesn't get the credit it deserves. Not that I don't like gardenias and lavender but I never hear anyone else extolling the smell of the magnolia.

Ann said...

As a Yankee living in the South magnolias are one of my favorite plants that are "new" to me. Along with Confederate Jasmine; nothing smells more "Southern" now. The only beef I have with my magnolia tree is that the darn blooms don't last more than a day! It is like a big holiday when you see a bloom ready to pop and then before you know it the ephemeral thing is done!

Ann said...

Oh PVE, they do leave quite a mess! But the garden guys seem to mulch their mess right back into the lawn. I've never really noticed what they did with them, we've got several here. I'll have to watch next time!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this today! I have been reading for quite a while, but I am not usually a "commenter". We are lucky enough to have several magnolias in our yard, and I just so happened to cut one of the lovely flowers on Saturday to bring inside. Luckily, it has lasted three days! I just love the fragrance of them. I hope your son is feeling better soon!

Sarah Cruze Designs said...

Love this post, Lauren! "Steel Magnolias" is an all time fave of mine... In the movie, they show the pool (with a few magnolias placed floating on top) when Drum and Weezer get into a fight about who's magnolia tree it is...Growing up in Louisiana, we had huge magnolia trees in our backyard and played for hours up in those trees... LOVE them! Hope your little man feels better soon!

mrsben said...

I do hope your little guy is doing better now.
Actually I never realized that a Magnolia blossom could be so large. Thank you so much for enlightening me. :) -Brenda-

Kelly said...

Hi Lauren, I've been a follower for a while now and I don't usually comment but today I just had to because I am a huge magnolia lover too! I am actually in the process of collecting sketches, photographs, etc. to make a framed wall collage because I agree there is just something about magnolia blossoms that make a person smile:)

LiveLikeYou said...

Hi Lauren thank you so much for mentioning this!!!! I used to live under two big magnolia trees and they are painfully beautiful. I can't wait to see your online store!! The look of the title alone has me excited...

Brian and Staci said...

Will be saying extra prayers for your little guy! Keep us posted ;) and keep smellin' those magnolias!!!

Designs by M said...

Hi there! I live in Sydney and am a bit obsessed by magnolia's too. We've got them planted all along our property line and hopefully soon (maybe a few years away as they are such slow growers) the branches will be touching to create a gorgeous magnolia screen, also got a mature one planted last year in our pool area as a feature tree. Just gorgeous! Love love love your blog! Hope your little one is feeling better, take care,
Marita x

Marianne said...

Magnolia trees are one of my favorites! I love how you've translated it to one of your new fabrics. Just gorgeous!

Marcela Munoz said...

love magnolias too !
I hope your son is doing better - next time you should try worm pads- not cold ones specially in his private areas - or a bath

William Arthur Blog Team said...

The beauty of a magnolia blossom is just sublime. Congrats on your new textiles!

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Lauren- Hope your little guy is all better, that sounds so scary!


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Lauren- Hope your little guy is all better, that sounds so scary!