German Favorite Antiques

This weekend I headed to one of my absolute favorite antique stores- German Favorite Antiques in Leesburg, VA-  with my best friends from college visiting, to pick up some items formy room in the DC Design House.

{Gorgeous wooden angel...  not in the DC Design House room }

They have the most interesting things- many of them found in Germany & sent over by the container.  I picked up an incredible antique drop-leaf table with the most beautiful patina to sit in the showhouse room along with some paintings, etchings and books.

{There're always interesting collections of every day objects a German Favorite Antiques.}

Most items in the entire DC Design House will be for sale with a percentage of the proceeds going to Children's Hospital.  All of the items from German Favorite Antiques in my room will be for sale.

I found the cuckoo clock for my baby Justin's nursery @ German Favorite Antiques:

And his old mushroom chart:

..And honestly waaaay too many things for me to recount.  I love this place.
Evelyn is always in to help you pick out that perfect something:

...And if you're in Leesburg shopping (which is such a fun day in this nice weather!) check out the restaurants!  I always forget the name of this one but it's one of our favorites.  It's something like Old Leesburg Inn or Pub or something like that. (If anyone leaves it in the comments I'll be sure to update :) 

{me & my "cheeses" as we refer to one another because we love each other as much- no definitely more- than cheese: muenster, chedda (me), feta and prov}

I'm not sure it gets better than best friends, shopping (without paying... the items are on loan) and eating.  (Our husbands & my kiddos were with us too...  and all were very patient.)  I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time and I'm still laughing thinking about its ridiculousness.

xoxo, Lauren

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Anonymous said...

The wooden angel is amazing! What a fun place to roam around in over the weekend.

Kathysue said...

One of the best things about being a girl is having wonderful girlfriends, Nothing like a day with kindred spirits, Kathysue

Sarah said...

Well, according to the sign above your heads, the restaurants in historic Leesburg are The Green Tree Restaurant, Leesburg Colonial Inn, Georgetown Cafe, Kings Court Tavern, and Balls Bluff Tavern.

I never have much luck with the antiques shops around here, but I'm sure I could spend more than I care to admit at German Favorite
Antiques - beautiful stuff!

Lauren said...

Haha not sure which it is!!

Oonafey said...

I love the cuckoo clock - I've been looking for one similar. Wish I lived near there.

You ladies are all too cute! I love your boots!

Forever Lovely said...

What a fun weekend! That antique store looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

-Forever Lovely

pretty pink tulips said...

Love meeting your cheeses and seeing your great finds. That cuckoo clock is the cutest I've ever seen!

So happy you had such a memorable weekend!!
xo elizabeth

First House on the Right said...

So happy for your nice weekend and I LOVE your new cuckoo clock! Nicolex

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

What a fun place! It looks like you were able to find lots of goodies for the house. Totally trying to plan a trip and go see it in person!

Going to HighPoint in April so hopefully I can swing another trip to see your room and you!


Beth said...

Hi Lauren! We just moved to Leesburg (from Germany - oddly enough), and we're loving exploring the area. I seem to think you have a design store/studio in town? Or maybe you were just thinking about opening one? Or maybe I'm just nuts. :) Anyway, thanks for the local antique shop tips. Can't wait for some nice spring shopping weather. Have a great day!

Fiona said...

You and your "cheeses" are way too cute. I love the nicknames. Looks like fun!

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Lauren- What a great store! Those bowling pins and antique buggy are so cool!

Nothing better than a weekend with good friends!


kayce hughes said...

Sounds so fun!

Rick said...

girlfriends just make life complete, dont they?

Rick said...

the "Rick" above is actually diane at onlinefabricstore. Forgot to sign out of his account. btw...he better not have any girlfriends!! said...

I'd LOVE that shop. Your mushroom print -- okay, I covet that! I'm looking forward to how you use your finds in the showhouse. And, really, who wouldn't want to be another slice of cheese with you all? What a fun shot of you and your friends!

lisa said...

I just found your blog and LOVE it. I live in Ashburn and hope one day to be able to use your services. Your trip to Leesburg looks like it was fun....I'm dying to go shopping now.


Seagrass Interiors said...

What a dangerous store! I'm not sure my lack of self-control could be trusted in there!

Vintage Home said...

Wow great store!

Carolyn said...

What a lovely wooden angel! Great find!
Homeowner Insurance

Nicole said...

I have actually been in there one time, but it was before I was reading your blog. I'll have to go back soon, now maybe with a little more of an informed aesthetic. So, thanks for the inspiration! And best of luck to you as you do your installation today!

VictoriaArt said...

Missed that post! And I am German, so I appreciate this one! I will have to make a pilgrimage one day.... :)
Lovely pieces!