Update on the little guy & FOOOOOOOOD

I wanted to thank everyone so much from the bottom of my heart for all the kind comments, well-wishes & encouraging stories. Christian is doing really well & really doesn't even seem to mind his "big owie nose." He still seems to love dogs and has seen a few since the accident and he smiles & waves, so I guess he's not scarred emotionally, haha. (I think he'd have to get unscarred pretty quickly once we got home anyway... we have a dog, Ashby. He seems to miss her and has asked about "Happy" (how he says 'ashby") the "nice doggy." hahaha)

We takes walks by the lake everyday and he wears this adorable visor to shield his nose from the sun. (As soon as I can fix my computer I'll upload some pics) He hasn't gone in any water yet but is having fun playing in the sand.

Things are better between my dad & Dave... It's been rough for everyone but I'm hoping it's settling down... So, anyway, I wanted to tell you about one of my FAVORITE restaurants ever because we're going soon!!! It's Port Edward Restuarant in Algonquin, IL.

It's super-themey and even has a boat and a pond inside & I absolutely love it. It was opened in 1952. They have an amazing wine lounge and I can't even begin to talk about how awesome the food is. There are cool little secret rooms & lofts & as a kid I used to love walking around with my stepbrother & stepsister exploring. Christian is going to love it!!

Anyway, they have the best Sunday champagne brunch and every year we come we take the boat out in the morning and take the 3 hour boat ride to Port Edward and FEAST!!! You have to stay for hours and just take your time... So yummy!!! I love it because the long boatride in the morning feels like such an adventure... and I love the ANTICIPATION of all the great food!!! When we finally get there we're so hungry and it just hits the spot perfectly.
We're headed there soon & as soon as I can upload pics I'll show you what we've been up to.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Glad to hear your sweet boy is doing well..

Eileen said...

So glad things seem better all around! And so glad your little one is healing and doesn't seem emotional scarred, that's wonderful news!
Your plans sound great! Enjoy them! And enjoy your family!
I think it's wonderful that you didn't let this come between you all.

nkp said...

I'm thrilled to hear he is doing well. Have a wonderful time feasting!

Katie said...

How crazy, I drive by Port Edward EVERY DAY on my way to work, and never in our five years of living here have we eaten there. Now I must go and take my son (20 months), because it sounds like he'd love it as well!

Enjoy the rest of your trip (and so glad that Christian is doing well!) : )

LindsB said...

I'm so happy to hear a great update from you! I felt so badly for you and your little guy when you posted the other day.

I'm jealous of your boat ride AND that you get to eat that that amazing restaurant- looks like a blast! xoxo

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

So glad that your baby boy is doing well. I have been thinking of y'all since your post yesterday. Enjoy your vacay, Lauren!

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

How great to hear that Christian is doing well! I'm in the middle of a framing dilemma (very time consuming, lol)
The restaurant looks fab, hope you guys enjoy it! Indie would have been head over heels!


Owie nose and Happy? He's so adorable! And he seems like such a good natured little guy taking all this in stride. I'm so glad he's doing well - thanks for keeping us posted. Enjoy your feast!

Windlost said...

Glad Christian is doing well and seems to bear no emotional wounds. Lots of encouragement from Mom is helping, no doubt. You are such a good Mum!

What a little dear. I thought of him when I woke up this morning and wondered how he is doing. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

xo Terri

alice said...

What good news that he's doing well and things are smoothing out- I hope you're all able to enjoy your time vacationing together and this sounds like a delicious adventure!

DesignTies said...

Great to hear that Christian is doing well :-) And that he doesn't seem to be afraid of dogs.

Your boat ride/restaurant meal sounds like the perfect way to spend a day :-) Enjoy!!


Annie Pazoo said...

Lauren- glad your sweet pea is doing better! Actually, glad that all your guys are doing better.
From the age of 10 on, my family lived in Cary, right next door to Algonquin. I think the restaurant there went by a different name when I was very young, but by the time I was in high school and college, the Port Edward was the special place to go, like graduation dinner, and for dinner when college boyfriends came to visit. Hope you have a terrific time there and I can't wait to hear what it's like now.

Yansy said...

I'm so glad to hear your little one is doing well. I just found your blog and I love it. I wanted to invite you to participate in my giveaway. It started yesterday and it will go on until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

Maria Killam said...

So nice to hear he is doing better. I feel like you are such a good friend (this is way better than following celebrities :) already from following your amazing blog, and we want the little angels nose to be okay!

J.Covington*Design said...

Glad all is well.
Oh that restaurant is such a teaser - I'm starving!

The Little Big House said...

I meant to write earlier - but I have been thinking of you and your family often and I am just so glad to hear that you are all doing better - and that your adorable son is feeling better. I truly enjoy your style and your blog and was so saddened to read about the accident. ps- that restaurant look sooo delicious!