Outdoor Living Ideas to be Stolen

Last night I got this email from one of my best friends... "Can you please blog about back yard summer d├ęcor so that I can steal your ideas as I am helping a friend re-decorate this Sunday. Help!"

Hahaha at least she's honest!!! (And she knows I'd love an assignment like this!!) So, here are some ideas I have & things I love for backyard summer fun & entertaining that hopefully Alissa will like & can get quickly. (I have no idea what type of space her friend has but I can only assume since she's friends with a friend of mine that the budget will be tight & that we'll need to get creative!! ;) The picture above is from Cottage Living and is a look I absolutely love. Easy, carefree, white and casual classic. It's my inspiration for what's ahead...
Here's a quick checklist for Alissa for an instant pretty outdoor space:
-Lanterns/ lighting

I think it's really important for outdoor dining spaces in particular to feel a bit enclosed or delineated in some way. (like in the country living pic below) This can be easily done by a surrounding a patio or table with flowers, bushes, a pergola, an awning, outdoor curtains, etc. But something to make the area feel special, private & pretty. So, I think they should hit up the distressed plants section of Lowe's and get to it!!

I'm not sure if her friend is looking more for eating or relaxing areas, so we'll give her both. She may already have furniture but that's okay... let's have fun with this ;) I'm going to use this picnic table from http://doitbest.com/ It's only $135 and can easily be painted white or any other color. (Painted tables seem to cost more!! arg) You can find them at garage sales too this time of year... They remind me of summertime when I was little...I really think she should go with a couple of adirondack chairs. I love these white adirondack chairs for only $85 from lovemypatio.com

I do think it's important to go with wood adirondack chairs instead of the plastic ones if you can afford it because you can tell it's plastic from a mile away. (BUT I totally understand waiting for upgrades if you want the look for now for less!! Believe me, I'm SO there right now!!) And check out these painted wooden ones here in white for a steal at only $60!!!! We got ours at Kohl's when they were having a big sale for $65 each and I can't say enough how much I enjoy sitting in them.

Then I'd add a white market umbrella (see Maria from Colour Me Happy's post for details on color choices!!!) because I think they're classic and simple. (And honestly, doesn't it look perfect in our cottage living inspiration picture above??)
I'm kind of obsessing about fans right now. They keep the bugs away and I love the look too!! (Anything to bring more inside stuff outdoors!!) How great is this $80 fan from Home Depot?!!:

Ok, now onto the pretty things!!! (Which is probably what my friend's looking for :) She'll probably want a rug. I LOVE this herringbone natural-looking one from Restoration hardware. (They range from $79 and up depending upon the size)

And I'm kind of going nutty over these pillows from Restoration hardware which are only $21!!!! (--They come in so many pretty colors and they're having a huge sale on outdoor stuff right now.) I've had my Restoration hardware outdoor pillows for a few years & they've held up so well, so this is a really good buy. (Home depot also has some cute ones right now but they're actually more expensive)

Ok, and I don't know if she like to lay out in the sun (i know it's so bad for you!!) but I used to when I didn't have a child (now that sounds like a joke or a dream!!!) so maybe she'd love these gorgeous RH towels as much as I do: (Again RH towels are THE BEST!!!!- barely any fading and they're so thick!) Now I think my excuse to get these might be because we have a kiddie pool! ;) ;)

I love lanterns outside. They're so pretty- night or day- and they really up the look. All of Pottery Barn's are gorgeous but also try Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, walmart & other cheaper places.
When you're having guests or just want the space pretty for you & your family, add a flower arrangement or 2. (Even greenery works when you don't have flowers as in Eddie Ross's fern arrangements below.-- I LOVE THESE!!)

If you'll be doing lots of outdoor entertaining, there is so much adorable melamine outdoor dishware & drinkware. Target always has cute stuff:

And finally, here's a quick something I do every summer. I put all of my condiments & some paper napkins in a basket in the fridge so we can grab them quickly for eating outside. Then you can put in other things you need like silverware and flowers. It's one of those things you can do that just makes life easier. (By the way if you're looking for a good bbq sauce, try Sweet Baby Ray's- It's THE best!!)

Anyway, I hope this helped a bit!!!I'm SO excited for summer & can't wait to find my rug & lanterns!!! (Don't worry, of course I'll post pics!! haha)




Eileen said...

Great ideas! 'Love them all!
Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

Thanks Eileen!!

Yet said...

what a great post! You really are good at this: Mission: Impossible= success!!

Lauren said...

Hi Lauren! :)
I hooked onto your blog thru another and just love, love your style! You've inspired me to get some white servingware for the tops of my kitchen cabinets! I look forward to your new posts! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Jennifer said...

all cute ideas! I've got outdoor spaces on my mind today, probably because I'm wishing our backyard would magically whip itself into shape and say, grow some grass? or build itself a little deck/patio? or transplant the pretty hydrangeas to a place where I can see and enjoy them?? wouldn't that be nice?!

LindsB said...

Oh, that bucket idea is great- what a fast easy way to get ready AND clean up for a BBQ- I'm forwarding this to my mom to use :)

Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Things That Inspire said...

This post is very timely for me...I had my deck redone in the spring (since the cost of wood has come down so much over the past year), and threw out all of the old chairs that I used in my screened in part of the deck. I love the rug from Restoration Hardware - exactly what I have been looking for!

Alissa said...

HAHA! You are the best friend ever! I love all of these ideas, and so does my friend Ashley. I will before and after pics for you.

Jessica - {LivingBetterTogether} said...

Love your blog! Such great ideas.. Oh and you're so right.. Sweet Baby Rays is the BEST! :)

Maria Killam said...

Thanks for the mention sweet Lauren! You're the best! Love this post, I didn't know Restoration Hardware had such reasonably priced outdoor rugs (I need one desperately) and I'm decorating my table tomorrow with ferns (I have gorgeous fresh ones everywhere in my garden right now, love that idea!)
Thanks again for the great post!

Outdoor Living furniture said...

Nice post but I would like to make one suggestion for accessories. A few stepping / paving stones for the grassy areas are inexpensive and VERY convenient after a good rain shower. Plus they do add a nice detailed touch.


Sherri said...

You've been tagged on my blog so please stop by when time allows.Thanks!

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I just found your gorgeous blog and so pleased i did!! I have added you to my favourites and will be back often. Have a lovely week. KEllie

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Great information and beautiful pictures! Love your idea of the condiments in a bucket and Sweet Baby Rays ROCKS MY WORLD! : )


Peanut Petunia said...

Such wonderful ideas! :) I love reading your blog!!! :)

mariapetrucci84 said...

I love your garden and espacially your outdoor rugs. I've just bought a similar one from Ballard Designs and it looks great.