In the Garden...

This weekend, we spent most of our time outside. We got a lot further along on the fence we're doing around the property and we also made some garden beds!

We went to Lowe's and the prices were AMAZING!!! You have to go if you have one near you because you can go CRAZY in the "Distressed Plants" section. All distressed plants are 75% off and there are so many that just need a little TLC! (I got TONS of zinnias for 87 cents each!!) (image below) from here

I was also able to get some hydrangea bushes for only $6!!! I went through the "healthy section of plants" and found sad-looking plants & was able to talk to the manager and get them for 75% off too! (The hydrangeas I found literally were just wilted and needed some water and they perked up within a couple of hours of watering them at home.) image below from here

We got the Nikko Blue Hydrangeas but they're pink right now so (me being lazy) I'll be waiting to see if my soil is acidic enough to turn them blue eventually. (If not, I'll have to add some, but I'm actually loving the pink right now because they work beautifully with all the zinnias!) image from here

Our yard & garden is super-rough right now but my next goal is getting some creeping groundcover around some stepping stones like in the Country Living pic below: (This website specializes in groundcovers you can walk on: )

We have woods at the back of our property & how amazing would a pathway like this be?!!! (Should be no big thing after that fence, right? ;) ;) ok so this would really be years away from happening...

And next we're planting a veggie garden!! Our sweet friends Amy & Greg have TONS of tomatoes, squash and other veggies for us that they grew from seed. I am SO excited as I am a tomato FREAK and can eat them every day. I also picked up a bunch of herbs and lined our patio with them for easy grabbing for cooking.

yum yum!!! love those maters!!! haha

I've also really been on a pepper kick lately:

Well, I'll post pictures when the plants mature a bit & it's something pretty to look at!! So, what's going on in your garden or window sill for this summer?
ps- It's June!!! Come on summer!!!!


Velvet and Linen said...

Love what you are doing with your garden, Lauren.
I dream of having a home with some woods behind it.
My hydrangeas are close to blooming. I feel like an impatient mommy to be.
Can't wait to see your garden pix too!


Eileen said...

Your blog is really very nice.
How sweet that your TLC revived all those plants! Just beautiful!
Enjoy your garden and post the progress, I'd love to see more!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow so cool. I had no idea that Lowes had a distressed plant section. I am all over that. We worked on putting in a patio this weekend. It's just a temporary fix for this year. Next year we want to put in a deck, but we needed a place to put our outdoor table and chairs( that we found on garbage day on the curb so FREE!) We got the stones for the patio at Jon's grandma's house so they were FREE as well! I totally need to step it up with the gardening though. I have some hydrangeas and peonies that have yet to bloom and we had some veggies going, but I have a pup that thinks he is a gardener as well and is always digging up the plants!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh yes...I am such a believer in orphan plants (that and sharing with friends) Have a gazillion myself. We are coming into our HOT season...but have lemons and papya now, also bananas and coffee, baby pineapple and mulberry. No avocado. No lime :{. We had a crop of tomatoes...but they are done for now.

Sounds like your garden will be growing beautifully mid summer!!

Jennifer said...

definitely going to check out the distressed plant section -- thanks for the tip!

mmm tomatoes. they're getting good even in the grocery store now, and i celebrated this weekend by eating three BLTs (two in one sitting!).

lindsey said...

Lauren i love it all
i cant wait to come have a fresh salad with you, Dav, and CP

Blueprint Bliss said...

Can't wait to see your work!

simply seleta said...

Oh wow, Lauren. When can I come take your master gardening lessons??? This is pure inspiration.


DesignTies said...

Great plans, Lauren! We're working on our front yard this summer and I'm seriously considering a hydrangia at the foot of the property. Lovely! While we're doing most of the work ourselves, I'm bringing in a Landscape Designer to consult with me about what plants to use where... 'cause I'm a plant dummy!
Victoria @ DesignTies

alice said...

You moved in at just the perfect time!
I bet your hydrangeas will look beautiful pink or blue!

nkp said...

Well aren't you a busy bee! Hydrangeas are in my top favorites of flowers, I love any and all varieties. We have a few mophead bushes and a lace cap with lovely varigated leaves. I love your idea for a path with ground cover...magical.

LindsB said...

What an amazing deal you got, that is so great!!!

I wish I had room for a garden, but nope apartment living does not allow for that. I did have some potted herbs in the windows, well that is till I killed them- oops!

I cant wait to see pictures of all your flowers in full bloom.

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

beautiful posting.

Haven and Home said...

Oh I know you are going to have the best garden!

Michelle said...

So pretty...such a joy to spend time in spaces like that.

I have been hanging outside for a few weeks now, as we are in the middle of a heat spell. I bought a white sail from ikea that gives nice shade to my favorite area.

Can't wait to see some pics of your garden!
Where do you get the time?

Anonymous said...

Love these pics. You have totally inspired me to go to Lowe's and see what I can find! My neighbors will thank you :)

Oliveaux said...

Loved seeing what you are doing in your garden. I am currently doing some landscaping and cannot wait for my retaining wall and paving to be finished so I can get into the fun and beautiful part - planting and watching it grow! I am also going to add some hydrangeas to my garden. Ax