The Perfect Houseguest

Hello Everyone,

It's Camila from High-Heeled Foot in the Door since Lauren is a very busy lady this week fixing up her lovely Treehouse and without internet access til Mid-May I thought it would fun to come on over and entertain you all!

While it may seem that me and Lauren are a bit opposite in our design styles we are really quite similar. We both love clean lines, the mixing of old and new and having a room reflex your true style. I just like to throw a little okay maybe a lot more color into the mix.

So while the cat's away the mice will play! Let me know what you would like to see more of here. I'm going to channel my inner Lauren and try to find you all some wonderful eye candy that would make Lauren proud.

Now off to the first matter at hand.

Since I currently have Lauren working away on her guest room. (Purely for selfish reasons, because I want to visit her as soon as possible!) Due to this I have been on the hunt for the perfect housewarming gift.

My current front-runner is this:


The book is a dinner game of sorts. During Proust's time he came up with two questionnaires that were meant to allow the reader to discover his/hers fears, fantasies, favorite poets, writers, embarrassing moments, etc. The books features answers from a number of celebrities along with having blank questionnaires that your guests can fill out.

I'm not totally sold on this idea, but I like it so it's on my list, but the search continues.

What are your go-to gifts for a new home owner?


Sweet Nothings said...

ohhh, i love the idea of that book for a gift!!

Sweet Nothings said...

ohhh, i love the idea of that book for a gift!!

Blueprint Bliss said...

Camila- how fun to find you here!!

The Southern Lady said...

That sounds like tons of fun!

I once gave our new neighbors a bowl filled with ingredients to make muffins and coffee their first morning in their new home. I figured they would have most everything in boxes and it would be a nice way for them to break in the house.

This said, the book saound fantastic.

Emily said...

I get nice address labels printed up with the owner's new address. I figure everyone needs address labels at some point.

Chris said...

I think the book is a fantastic idea. We just had new neighbors move in, and I brought over a basket of bread for them. I also used a cute piece of scrapbook paper and typed up all the local phone numbers they might need. Pizza, movie rental places, neighbors in our cul de sac, etc. I laminated it, and they hung it inside one of their cabinets by the phone. They LOVED it! That might be nice!

Lauren Jade said...

I love books...especially pink ones!!

alice said...

What a fun idea Camila!

I hope Lauren's making lots of progress on her house right now!

jdm said...

When we get new neighbors, I make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, wrap them up all pretty and include a gift certificate to Lowe's with a welcome card. We figure they will probably need to paint at least one room in their new house.

DesignTies said...

Camila - it's fantastic that you're here to keep Lauren's blog active and her readers happy, happy, happy. We were missing Lauren and now we happily have you! Haha!! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of Camila/Lauren inspired posts you'll publish!! :-)
Victoria @ DesignTies

LindsB said...

Hmm, thats a hard one. Since I have never owned a new house I cant tell you what my favorite housewarming present was. But, I can say that presents you would never buy yourself are always nice to recieve. Maybe an expensive candle, a little dish for next to her bed or by the door for keys, a monogrammed door mat would be a cute one.

PS- what did you get your sister and sister-in-law for their birthdays, I dont remember seeing it?

Love Where You Live said...

You did well, miss guest blogger!

Maria Killam said...

I was in another bloggers home who had a book that she would give her guests that asked all kinds of cool questions, favourite movies, food, best feature, etc. I loved it! Such a great way to get to know your house guests!

Linn said...

I read somewhere once that a housewarming gift "should" be for the house. So the book sounds like a great idea because I could see it brought out at a dinner party and making a happy memory with friends talking and laughing.

I like to give people who have everything a Sage plant. It's an old wife's tale that a sage plant in the backyard, planted by the person giving the plant, brings good luck to those who live there.