Haskell Harris

Ok, so I know I said I was taking a break from blogging this week, but I opened up Southern Living Magazine (very weird that it arrived at my house today since I don't subscribe to it, but I'm not complaining!! :) and saw Haskell Harrris' house featured & was so excited that I had to post!!

Haskell Harris was Special Projects Editor and Assistant Homes Editor at Cottage Living Magazine, which I think is probably my favorite magazine. (The more I go through old issues for inspiration on this new house, the more I miss it!!!) She painted the outside of the cottage herself & I'm loving the stripes on the porch floor. (below) Also, I covet that porch swing & the clematis growing up the posts.

The living room is definitely a "Cottage Living" room with its natural woven shades, comfortable yet pretty furnishings, and the perfect mix of old & new. (The black & white bird fabric on the wingchairs also happens to be a fabric I'm having made into a banquette for a client so I was happy to see it looking so good!! :) How cool is the reclaimed shelf hanging over the sofa with all of the photos?

Below is the kitchen, where she was able to get the gray cabinets for a steal. I wish there were more photos of the kitchen because I spy the tiniest bit of the hexagonal tile floors that I love so much and would love to check out the rest of it!!

*** Thanks so a very sweet reader, Wendi, I now have a photo of the tiles(below)!!!! She was able to find the kitchen & sent me a pic of it!! :)***

Haskell used more of the same subway tiles in the bathroom & it keeps the house feeling cohesive. I'm liking the area to the right where the cabinet doors were removed and she put baskets on the shelves. (We have a funny area like this in our new house & it reminds me of a changing station!!) I also love the open shelving above the toilet.

Below is the collection of mirrors she put together in her bedroom. She found some of the frames at flea markets & had glass cut to fit. The pale pink color she chose on the walls (along with all of the paint colors in the home) was inspired by a bag of gourmet marshmallows she saw.

I'm normall not a big pink person but I think it's just so pretty & airy in this room. She was able to use some of her family's antiques in the house while still maintaining a fresh feeling. The lanai quilt below looks a lot like some of the Pottery Barn quilts from last year. And how funny is it that even her fan looks good?!! I love how simple & functional her bedroom is. It's got such a "no more, no less" perfection to me.

Brooke from Blueprint Bliss has an awesome post on this house, so check it out here!! (haha I am slow!) Also, Haskell has a blog & you can check it out here!!!



Michelle said...

Great home Lauren...thanks for taking time from your blog break to show it to us. The wing chairs in a print are so nice.


Natalie Meester said...

Wow..I LOVE the book rack. It's huge! Even though it's huge, it wouldn't hold a third of my books:)

Kitchen looks tiny but so quaint.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

So pretty. I must get a subscription of Southern Living. I have a huge list of new magazines that I need to subscribe to. The least is getting long!!! Love this home. Love, love the stripes on the porch. I so wish we had one in our home! Maybe a project for next year. Now get back to your vaca!

alice said...

Love the house, and especially the bathroom. So much style in one little space!
Great post!

Velvet and Linen said...

I love how fresh her pink room looks.
Such a pretty home. I can see why it made you feel like you had to share it with us.
Thank you!


My Galveston Cottage said...

I enjoy your posts! And I love the "art gallery" piece in her LR. I have Southern Living around here; I'll hafta go look. Like you, I wasn't a subscriber . . . but since its sister, Cottage Living, folded, the publisher began sending me/us this magazine. -susan

Haven and Home said...

Love this article and house. She is great.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Love her house. I have a photo of the space outside of her bathroom on a post I did. It's great... she used Cavallini wrapping paper for the walls.


Hill Country House Girl said...

What a great cottage. I agree with you about the pink - very light and airy and it shows off the mirror collection. Great post - thanks!

Bethany Christensen said...

I didn't get Southern Living as a substitute- dang. I love the bookshelf too! That is a great home. I love the little mirror in the bathroom.

Unknown said...

i can see why you were so excited to post this - it's beautiful!

Unknown said...

i can see why you were so excited to post this - it's beautiful!

DesignTies said...

I love the living room. The fabrics and colours are so soft and pretty. And that wood shelf is just fantastic.

The rest of the house isn't bad either :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful and so fresh! Thank You:)

Noelle said...

I really like the shelves above the toilet in the bathroom. I would never have thought that I'd like that, but it works and solves storage issues for a small bathroom.

LindsB said...

I LOVE that kitchen, the sink and the tiles...everything is beautiful. I'm in love!!

paperjunk-lc said...

I think SL is starting to change a little which I'm glad to see. I really liked this home and the name Haskell Harris counldn't be any cooler! I wish they has more detailed pictures. Does Haskell have a blog?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ooooh. Lovely. All of it!
Have a wonderful Easter Lauren!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
Southern Living is your replacement magazine for Cottage Living- now that it's gone! I think a lot of the writers went to Southern Living, so stay tuned for a very cottagy slant! :) Ash

nelya said...

I came across this article just this weekend and was smitten with this house as well. I especially love the front porch, so many great details!

You have a lovely blog, glad I followed the link from Sarah's Fab Day.

Kiki said...
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janet said...

congrats on your new home Lauren, and after seeing your inspiration pictures i surely look forward to sharing your afters with us. All the best and happy decorating.

Anonymous said...


Catherine Peart said...

That is so lovely. I love the stripey porch and the living room looks so cosy.