Need to Clear My Head

Well, my husband & I have been doing some budgeting & are trying to save up for a house & have done the math & are looking at a little over a year from now. But this is at practically breakneck pace & only if the market keeps doing what it's doing. So many things need to align & we've just created this insanely packed & strict schedule to get it all done & my head's spinning so I need to relax. Hence, the photos of relaxing rooms. :) (from Domino)

We just sold our townhome this summer & have moved with our toddler into my parents' house. It was a tough choice for us but one we felt we had to make. We love to relax at home, do projects, entertain, have houseguests, etc. & we've had to give a lot of that up.

My parents are great but it's still a tough situation. It's going better than I thought it would though, and in the past 4 months (we moved in July) I've gotten my interior design business to a point I thought I wouldn't reach for years. Career-wise it's been amazing for us. It's also a really humbling experience. In the design industry, at first I almost wanted to hide the fact that I live in my parents' basement because I'm definitely slightly embarrassed about it, but I've realized that we all have to get started somehow, so I'm out! :)

By nature, both my husband & I are doers. We make our decisions & then execute them right away. We purchased our townhome weeks before our wedding in 2005 & spent the week before our wedding moving. Our parents warned us that the market was too high but we didn't care. We had a plan that we could ride it for 5-7 years in that house.

Enter baby. Unexpected baby. Well, that really moved our timeline up a bit. We figured out that we wanted the house & the yard & all of that & that if we stayed in our townhome, we'd never save up for it quickly enough. My parents have a walkout basement with 2 bedrooms, a living room & an office... so, we sold our townhouse, taking a huge loss, a deep breath and moved in with my parents.

We're back on track & have our plan & it's just all sort of sinking in for me right now. What we need to do to get there- how we need to work our tails off yet somehow still have good qaulity time with eachother & not wish our time away because we can't ever get it back.

I'm in a good spot though, just a bit overwhelmed. We know what needs to be done & now we're just doing it. It's only going to make us stronger. (Haha, did I just give myself a pep-talk?!)

So, in the future, you can expect to see photos of my Christmas tree in the basement, our little basement house & you might hear me complaining about spider crickets in the Spring.



Pigtown*Design said...

Good for you!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Lauren we were meant to be friends! When I got married I got to come home from my Honeymoon to my parents basements! Yes we ended up living in my parents basement apartment for almost 2 years in order to save up money for a home. Last September we closed on our home and I couldn't be happy. Yes it can be quite annoying at times and it can be a bit embarassing to have married friends come over to your parents home, but with houses being so expensive and the economy being horrible people totally understand the need to move back in. My parents totally loved having us home and I ended up enjoying it as well. I was completely upset my first week in my new house to the point of tears with me missing my old home. So I have my fingers crossed for you. Good things will happen. You'll have that home in no time. I'm so happy to hear that your business is doing so well. Send some good business vibes my way. I'm actually heading out on lunch break to get some items to fill up a basket that is going to auctioned off at an event for my decorating service! Yay! Hopefully someone will bid me.

***You must put Grease 2 on your Netflix. There are just too many great songs on it!

shi(f)t said...

although i don't have a husband or a baby, i feel your pain...times are tough. i worked in marketing for about two years before my company went under..did i mention they went under two months after i received a raise and one month after i got a bigger place? now i'm living off savings and freelancing...not a part of the plan but with the job market, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. you've got a great attitude and it sounds like an amazingly supportive family. here's hoping 2009 is a great year for everyone<3

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging stories. I really appreciate you telling me them.

Camila- let me know how the auction goes!! Great idea.

Sarah- you too!!!


Anonymous said...

I feel you pain about looking for a house! but it is the best time to buy!
Eddie :)

Haven and Home said...

I know exactly how you feel. Don't worry I work from home now and I don't know how long it will take to get an office, times are tough! Great post though, it is nice to know we are not alone!

LindsB said...

First I love all those calming pictures. Second, I'm not married (yet) and dont have a baby, BUT if I could live in my parents house (or gulp his parents) I would in a second to save up enough money to buy a house. While the market is in favor of the buyer now, it is still close to impossible to save enough to make that big leap into being a homeowner while paying through the roof on rent. So I guess I'm saying that I am actually very jealous that you have a nice apartment at your parents that you can take full advantage of while you are saving for your own house! And when the time comes that you do have your own house again, I cant WAIT to see how you decorate it!

Unknown said...

lauren - how very awesome of you to share your story here. i (as you know, i think) recently loss my job and am only looking at the positives. i see you are doing the same thing too - tough as it is to move back in with the folks look at all the positives...your career has flourished in such a short period of time and you'll be able to save up and get the home of your dreams sooner than you think. i live at home too and have been wanting to move out of my moms house forever too, into a rental, and just haven't found the one. i've decided to cool it for a bit and just see what happens in the next 2 or 3 months - maybe i'll be in a situation where i can buy my first place (maybe not). but in the meantime i'm glad to see that you are doing your best to make your new home work for you! and i'm certain 09 will bring great things!

Lauren said...

Thanks Linds! :) I should definitely look at it that way!

Kay, Thanks for the message... Yeah, I know how you feel. You've got younger siblings at home that you love being around, right? (My little sister is 12) I guess we do have to look at it as a chance to catch our breath & do the things we can do now & appreciate our families.

Unknown said...

Lauren, it sounds like you guys are being really smart about the whole process. As someone who was a realtor up until earlier this week, I think you have a great plan. If you guys could save 20% for a down payment, that would be optimal. Interest rates are expected to plummet to 4.5% pretty soon, which is great for anyone looking to buy. Best of luck to you guys! The basement sounds pretty spacious. Remember, that it's only temporary.

Thank you for your encouraging words today. :)


cotedetexas said...

I think it is a fabulous idea - and so smart! You are still young enough to take advantage of generous parents. Go for it! You made such a smart and mature choice. It's not forever, and think of all the money you are saving - do they charge rent?

One day you will look back on these years as some of the happiest of your lives - enjoy!!!!

alice said...

Life is crazy, throws you unexpected twists... and what can you do but make the best of it, which you sure are doing an excellent job of! Thats wonderful about your design business and enjoy this time being close to your family :)