my dad's kitchen

Well, my dad's long-awaited kitchen is finally done! I'm so happy with the results & had to share.

We battled long & hard over the countertops & he won - we both wanted black, but I wanted a honed finish to go with the old cottage he lives in, whereas he wanted the polished because he thinks patina equals old & crappy. ah vell , it's still gorgeous :)

The beamed ceilings are inset with white beadboard & the cabinets are actually standard Home Depot cabinets with added custom detailing such as crown molding, beadboard and glass in the area over the built-in hutch (below) where I displayed all my grandma's old china. The chandelier is from Currey & Company & we're puting another one over the island.

The carpernters are amazing & made this awesome arched nook for the oven & hood that mimics the archways throughout the kitchen & rest of the house. I hung some of my go-to botanical prints (these are of Queen Anne's Lace & Thistle, which grow wild in the field accross from the house & remind me of summers there) above for a make-shift backsplash. (My dad rarely cooks.) The adorable vintage blue rose linen towl is from Volo, where we LOVE to go antiquing.

Since the curtains & shades aren't in yet, I hung fresh garlands up. It smells like Christmas in there!

I found this huge antique rustic bowl in Volo & it's one of my favorite purchases ever. Everything looks good in it! (We had family over the night before & served french bread in it & I joked that we couldn't eat until we got a picture!-- But we're Italian, so obviously with our appetites that didn't happen.)

And here's my first attempt at a "real" flower arrangement. (With the green spongey-thing inside) I found everything at the grocery store & it's filled with freesia, chrysanthemums, carnations, lilies and gerber daisies. (I wanted it white & fresh) I think my Grandmother will be proud & I know Eddie Ross's blog definitely inspired me to try for more with flower arranging. I put them in this really pretty aluminum bowl I found at Volo (shocker!) with a chrysanthemum carved on the inside.

Some of the plates are my Grandma Maestranzi's and I found the sparkly glass tumblers & center plates at volo. The mercury candleholders are from Target. The apothacary jars (below) are from Target & are a $35 substitute for the $350 white Fire King set of cannisters I found at Volo. Now I think I'm happier with these!

The island is huge & so much fun to sit at. We need to get a few more stools though because there was stool-stealing going on.

Still on my TO DO LIST: window treatments, dining room rug, dining chairs (we're going with wing chairs on the end) and some more artwork/ wall arranging. But for now, I'm happy with where the kitchen's at (which is a good thing, because I think my dad's DONE.)

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
ps- pair of candlesticks = $5 at Volo-- that place is awesome!


Alissa said...

wow it looks amazing!!! can i live there?

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

It's Beautiful Lauren. Great job. I love all it. What an amazing kitchen. Plus it's really funny that your dad rarely cooks.

Where is this Volo store? I want to go!!!

Lauren said...

Thanks! Volo is this awesome antique emporium/ flea market with hundreds of dealers. It's in Volo, IL & is so cheap!!!

Unknown said...

What a heaven on earth! It is beautiful and absolutely fantastic!! Mrs. Liess, you truly are the great interior designer and artist!!

shi(f)t said...

i love that kitchen! I sent a link to my mom who is building a house in charleston...she loved it too!

No.35style said...

Great kitchen!

Pigtown*Design said...

Looks like a kitchen that I'd like to use!

Unknown said...

what a FANTASTIC space! So simple and bright! I love the dining table and chairs. Thanks for stopping by The Chair! I hope to see you back again soon!

LindsB said...

WOw, that place looks amazing!! I love everything about it- great job!!

Unknown said...

LOVE this. totally gorgeous. you did a really great job.