Flea Market Finds from Trip with Eddie Ross

As promised, here are the items I found at the Flea Market trip with Eddie Ross. Check out this amazing metal side table, how much fun is it?!!

I love this gorgeous piece of vintage coral. The dealers at the booth (a couple) said they've had it in their house for 30 years. I couldn't thank them enough, especially with a price tag of only $25!
And here are the adorable fish! I'm not quite sure what they are: drawer pulls or maybe even shelf brackets. Soon-to-be bath towel hooks:

And, of course a piece of wood. ha! no, but seriously, I saw it & grabbed it so fast because I love how raw & aged it is. Eddie had the great idea of using it as a cheese platter and you know how much I LOVE CHEESE!!! I think it'll sit in my big hutch until feeding time ;)

And, my GINGER JAR LAMP! I've been looking for this lamp for 4 years. (Wow, has it been that many years I've been out of college?) My grandmother has had them forever at her house which is why I wanted one so badly. They remind me of her & the house I grew up in & of course, they're beautiful. My grandmother spied one at the thrift store one day, but by the time we went back to get it, someone else had nabbed it! They're very hard to come by. This was was a steal at $20!!!!! (You can see I'm holding it like a friend in this picture Jaithan took at the flea market- ha)

Here's a really simple ribbed wedgewood bowl. (I was seriously impressed when Eddie recognized it as Wedgewood from far away without turning it over.) ($5!!)

And, you know how I feel about inexpensive nature prints! I chose 4 bird prints (birds seem to be everywhere nowadays, don't they? Don't worry Grandmother, I know you've been doing them for years!) and was able to put two of them in gorgeous linen & gold vintage frames Dave & I had found for $15 on our anniversary trip to Easton, Maryland.

We weren't big fans of the Fashion Ladies who came in the frames (But they're very old & I saved them just in case!) so I cut the frame open & took out the original prints.

And look how pretty they are! The fit's not perfect but for $25 I'm happy for now.

And, you know how I rearrange all the time, but here they are in my big hutch. (The bowl on the left is the Wedgewood one looking adorable with a pitcher from Target!)

And on the other side of the hutch: (Paired with a sundial, a twig ball & an old jug of my grandparents')
I'll send after-pictures of some of the items later! hope you enjoyed!


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love everything you got. My favorites are the table and the lamp. I'm searching for lamps like that for my bedroom re-do. I also saw amazing white base lamps with a corkboard shade at serena and lily that I've been drooling over, but at over 300 a pop I just can't do it.

Lauren said...

Camila- I had never heard of Serena & Lily & I just check it out- What a great store. And ps- I am in love with your dream lamps. Such an elegant modern mix of classic-natural. I know- $349 is scary though :(

Unknown said...

so lucky you got to hang out with eddie ross! if i was in nyc i would have been there - great finds!

LindsB said...

I am SO jealous of your trip with Eddie!! Looks like you got some amazing finds- I love everything you picked up, and I cant believe that lamp!! My Grandmother had those in her house for years, when she passed away they got nabbed by someone else in the family and I was so bummed...I've been looking for them for years as well.

Unknown said...

Great finds! I'm so jealous that you got to meet Eddie. I love him! I love the brackets and lamps you chose.

Lauren said...

Thanks guys!! He really is just so down-to-earth & great. He's also offering more tours so see if you can sign up!!