Ina Garten's New House

I just had to share pictures of Ina Garten/ The Barefoot Contessa's new home from this month's issue of House Beautiful. It's a newly constructed barn. I'd happily raise my family in this barn! Her island is 16 feet long! (Ok, wiping down a 16' island doesn't sound fun to me, I'll be honest, but it would be a lot of fun to entertain with.)
This is the headboard I want now: Upholstered linen. (I'd do a slipcover though, so I could wash it & possibly switch it out seasonally... although this oatmeal color would look beautitul with any seasonal bedding.) It's so natural & simple. Love it. And I'm sure you've seen this slipper tub by Waterworks, but how perfect is it in this nook of windows? (As long as you have lots of land!)


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! you posted about barefoot contessa and didn't tell me? do you know that i am truly in love w/her? she is what i aspire to be in the cooking world...hahaha. i love her home too, ahhh- i guess she just has great taste all around :)

Lauren said...

haha- yes, she is a wonderful woman :)