Client's Den Before & After Sneakity Peek

It has been absolute MAYHEM over here lately.  I guess it's kind of good mayhem because were getting lots done on our house, Christian is graduating from kindergarten and work has been great, but I'm definitely feeling a little crazed.

{The good kind of mayhem}

One of my favorite parts of all of the mayhem though- besides my boys-  is always project installations!!  Installations really bring on the pressure... Ours aren't typically as crazy as the ones on TV with the family driving home for the big reveal as the last accessory gets placed, but they can come close to that.  It's the day where so many little details need to fall into place so that your plans can be fully realized.  I want my clients to walk home to "home" and be in love with it.

Last week we installed a couple of rooms in our clients' home and today I wanted to share the husband's den with you.  Before I show you the pictures, I have to tell you what an awesome couple (and parents!) my clients are.  There's just so much love between them and they're just so cool.  Seeing them together is like seeing people you just know are meant to be together.  I don't often work closely with both a husband and a wife (it's usually the wife) so I've really enjoyed getting to know them as a couple.  Anyway, there's a small den off of the foyer that the husband has been dreaming of turning into one of those great old causal, masculine rooms where he can relax, read, have drinks with a friend, etc.  I loooove projects like these because it's different from what we often work on and in this case, we got to really have some fun with it.  Here's what the den looked like before:

We were keeping the sofa and the leather chair (which is a recliner)  but we got to change pretty much everything else:

{an mid-installation pics I snapped}

We wanted the room to be a warm, cozy & darker space that sort of cut you off from the rest of the house when you were in it.  I wanted the walls & ceiling to sort of cocoon you when you were in there.  We started the plan with a plaid wallpaper on the ceiling:

It's hard to see from the above pic but there are actually green lines running through the plaid alongside the light line so we did the walls in a rich green-gray.
I love how the blue of the sofa looks against the warm green-gray paneling.  The room is fairly tiny so in lieu of end tables with lamps we did a pair of brass & white glass lamps on either side of the sofa to flank art we'd collected.  The first piece is up...
{An antique hunt print we found soon to be joined by other things my clients collect}
...and we've got a few more to go!
My client is going to take his time collecting things for the room and I can't wait to see it when it's finished!!  When we go back and photograph it, I'll share the rest of the room with you, but hope you enjoyed the sneakity peek! :)  Have a great day & fingers crossed for us because today is the day we put a fifteen foot wide hole in our house to get ready for the massive window in our upstairs loft!!  It's going to be hot and  really messy for a while here.  I'm in the process of finding more things for our place so we can be DONE.  (As "done" as people like us let things be ;)  I'll keep you posted!!

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alison g. said...

Looks so great - LOVE the gray/green + blue velvet color combo!

BaileyWife said...

I love a masculine room, especially one designed by Lauren Liess! And can't wait to see YOUR home finished as well!! ~Kim

My Notting Hill said...

Love it - great colors!
For your window, at least the weather has cooled off as opposed to last week.

Tawna said...

Love the man feel with the cozy feel. Great job Lauren!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Lauren, this is my favorite room that you have done. Although I love all of your previous projects, this room closely resembles the interior of my own home and my design preference.

Stay ool, and good luck with your window!


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Lauren- Those boys are so stinking cute. What a great photo!

The room looks so much cozier with the new colors. Love that the trim and walls are the same shade - so cohesive, especially next to the before photo! What a fantastic room to hang out in. Can't wait to see it finished off!


Karen Albert said...

Lauren The blue velvet sofa just brings it all home. Love all of your choices!! Bravo!

2013 Designers Series featuring Scot Meacham Wood!
Art by Karena

Deidre Interiors said...

I like the pop of white and gold.Also the straight lines of the sofa are a nice contrast to the other traditional elements, looks great! (I kinda want to take a nap there...:)

Chelsea said...

I love this room! So cozy and perfect.

I've been looking for a green-gray that feels really natural and I like the one you used! Would you mind sharing the paint color?


Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

Love it Lauren! Especially the plaid ceiling!

An Urban Cottage said...

Love a good butch room!

Erin said...

Wonderful room! What color is on the walls?

Roberts Tracy said...

Loved the way the entire room has been designed in a perfect manner and in a more organized way. Professional Organizing Consultants