A Client's Home Office Before & After

Since having Luke (our 5 month old) and unexpectedly selling our house & moving to a new one a couple of months ago, I've felt like time has truly been passing at the speed of light.  It's been a whirlwind.  I don't think life ever really slows down but I think it might calm a little once our house is through construction.     Since being in such a busy phase, I haven't had the chance to take many photos of finished projects to share...
Before Luke was born, I began working with a client who occasionally works from home and wanted to have her office redesigned.  The project was installed when I was around 9 months pregnant & when I was able to visit afterwards, I had my brand new baby with me so there wasn't time to take pictures.  I received the sweetest thank you card in the mail from her last week that she'd made from photos of the office & I just had to share! 
Here's what the loft office looked like when we started:
My client has very defined tastes and she's a minimalist.  I think she's also the neatest person I've EVER known.  (I'm seriously envious of how perfectly she keeps her home/ office.)  She likes her spaces to feel clean & open & airy & natural and loves a warm modern feeling.  We decided to reuphoster a pair of her existing chairs & to change out pretty much everything else. 
Here's what it looks like now:

We used a glass table between her reupholstered chairs so that the view from the new daybed to the living room below would be unimpeded.  To make the daybed exactly as my client wanted it, she & her (SUPER-handy!!) husband actually cut down the legs of the daybed for a lower/less traditonal vibe and painted the feet.  We used some of my fern star linen for throw pillows on it. 

We used a lot of glass & metal throughout the space but the live edge desk is one of my favorite pieces in the room.  We had it made by the Lorimer Workshop. It's a live edge top on metal legs.  I love it juxtaposed against the white leather & chrome chair.

I'm off for an installation (so be sure to check out instagram where I'll be posting photos of the project) but hope you enjoyed & thank you so much to my client for sending me the photos!!

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Tawna said...

Love it, as always :). Clean-lined spaces make me happy.

Unknown said...

Well done, light airy and comfortable.

bryn alexandra said...

Gorgeous!! This office is so refined and just perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love those sconces. I think she got exactly what she was looking for!

elizabeth said...

Love the daybed! Any chance you could share the source?

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Love it! It looks like a great place to get some important work done...

And you really are amazing, how you keep going with everything that is filling up your days, babies, toddlers, a house renovation, and your design business... I am so inspired!


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Lauren- What a gorgeous work desk and chair! Your client must be SO happy working in her office now, it looks so transformed!


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Ooo I want to see more of that desk!! So cool.

RLC Interiors said...

Beautiful! I love it. Especially the lights above the daybed.

carol jane said...

Lauren, So gorgeous and simple. I would love to know the wall color that you used?? Please??


What a great fresh yet soothing space!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Wow! What a beautiful office. I love the daybed.

Have a great day, Elizabeth

Holly Gruszka said...

Incredible how the changes you made in lighting, and new tables and linens make the space look so much brighter. It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely. Love a clean and tidy work space. My type of client! Giulia.x

Windlost said...

Perfect. I love this space. Is the chair comfortable? I always wonder if those arms are comfy? I love the wall hanging, the day bed, the fabrics, the desk, the white chair, everything...!

Where is the chair from??
xo Terri

Unknown said...

It is so crisp and clean and serene. You did a beautiful job!

karlene said...

glass, metal, browns and whites....... yummy! you always do such a good job!!

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goraya said...

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Anonymous said...

What a superb job. That desk and chair along wither parsons table or whatever you call it behind the chair, it really works. Getting rid of the dark things makes the whole room come alive. Congratulations. Ann

Unknown said...

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rustyironchains Nov 18, 09, 03:59PM | #35
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