Our Laundry Room & Some Goodness

Since we're leaving so soon (we close in 8 days & move soon after!) I thought I'd share a few before & afters of some of the few spaces in my house that I haven't taken a million photos of.  Today it's the laundry room & I've never taken "after" photos of it because it's never been neat enough to take pics of.  oh well. 

Enter staging your home to sell and it gets there.  (We left our house with laundry the day of our open house!!)  SO I've been enjoying it for the past few weeks :)

Here's what it looked like when we moved in 3 years ago...

We didn't really change much at all.  I added curtains & a jute rug & some storage pieces.  I was proud of myself for making the little cafe curtains out of a ferny fabric.  They remind me of something my Grandma Maestranzi would have made for her lake cottage.

  I hung a botanical chart over the washer & dryer to hide the electrical box, which made the bggest difference to me:

Before the open house I had a glass collection on the countertop but I packed it all up and switched it with a laundry basket.

{My little bird print left too}

The shelves are filled with random things...

{wrapping paper & potting stuff}

My laundry is pretty much caught up (but it's the FOLDING OF CLEAN LAUNDRY (!!!)  that we're behind on.)

{see how empty this thing is??  You should see my bedroom though!! argggg}

... About a week ago I received a beautiful package in the mail from Gracious Style full of laundry goodies by Le Blanc & The Laundress.  Let me start by saying I don't like doing laundry. 

At all. 

 I have the strongest sense of smell though & I am for real when I say that I've actually kind of enjoyed doing laundry since I've gotten my goodies. 

The packaging is so pretty and the SMELLS-  OH MY!!!!!!!!

{LeBlanc Linenpress...  haven't used it yet.  Sadly, I rarely iron.}

The SMELL of the LeBlanc stuff is HEAVEN!!!!! Just sooooo good!!!! It's crazy.

They sent the Blue Violet scent and I am totally loving it!!!  The dryer sachet (not sure if that's the right name!!  good for 16 washes) is CRAZY.  My laundry smells sooooo good & I can't stop going in there to take whiffs!!!  (It's right near my office) 

I also sprayed some of this (below) on the things that I'd hung to dry for more goodness:

And I poured some of this in with my regular detergent:

 I can't believe what a difference all the goodies have made so far in my once-dreaded chore!!!  I am not just saying this...  This stuff is crazy good.  I'm scared I'm addicted and won't be able to go back to the regular stuff.  I think it's going to have to go on my Christmas wishlist.
Thanks so much to Gracious Style for letting me try out these yummy products!!  To get some of your own, go here
...But I still need a little elf to come fold at night while we're sleeping...

ps-  I normally shy away from doing any sort of product reviews because it usually feels like homework and I don't want to have to worry about writing a review of something I don't like, but I'd been wanting to try some different laundry products for a while now so I said yes.  So glad I did!!

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Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

The botanical chart is BEAUTIFUL! I love that it's so unexpected in the space and it really makes the laundry room look like a ROOM not an afterthought! Beautiful!


Becky Cowen said...

LOVE the smell of fresh laundry! i currently use caldrea, but i will have to try out this stuff!

Anonymous said...

You're right, the botanical print does make such a huge difference. You're not alone in the laundry department- I NEVER iron.. ever. Ah well!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

I love how you just added layers to make the laundry room look like a fun place to be! And I love The Laundress fabric fresh. I love spritzing it onto our freshly washed bed linens!

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

I agree that the botanical chart does amazing things in that room. I know you love botanicals and you manage to find such interesting large-scale botanicals (botanicals from book pages are easy to find but I've had a heck of a time finding large-scale botanical prints). Do you have any tips for where to go about searching for such things?

Unknown said...

Your laundry room is ridiculously pretty, just like every other part of your house!

Vel Criste said...

your laundry room suits your home to a tee - it is calming , relaxing and stylish still. Love the glass collection on the corner and the botanical print!

Cindy said...

Folding/putting away is the worst! My hubby gets on to me for leaving he work clothes piled up (and wrinkled) when he is rushing in the morning! Oops!!!

Love the laundry room...so jealous of the space...mine is sooo tiny and it's our mud room too:/

Kellie said...

I love the curtains in your laundry room! Is the fabric from your own line?

I don't suppose you will be selling them because you have no place for them in the new house?;)

How2home said...

The botanical chart is amazing! The whole laundry room is so fresh, i wouldnt mind doing my laundry there!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely review. We are also envious of your beautiful laundry room!

Anonymous said...

What a nice laundry accessories and room. I'm sure clothes are well cleaned in this areas.

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Gaile said...

This area of this house is very impressive. You can see that it is very neat and organized. This is also my first time to see that kind of fabric conditioner and I think that is smell so good. Thanks for sharing this moment of your life and keep it up.^_^

Gaile | Philippines Homes