I'm Shopping for... Spool Chairs

When I shared sneak peeks of a client's project about a month or so ago,  I received a few emails asking about the spool chairs.

{Spool Chair in my client's home...  Custom LL Textiles "Squircles" in fresh blue & oatmeal}

I loooove spool chairs.  They're deceivingly comfortable and just have this relaxed & carefree vibe.  You'd never see them in a stuffy room.  My clients grew up together in the Northeast and we wanted to bring that feeling of "home" into their new house, which is here in the DC area, so I proposed a pair of spool chairs.  I was thrilled when my client loved the chairs too & we decided on one of my fabrics printed on an oatmeal-colored groundcloth. 

Spool or "bobbin" chairs, also called "Carver chairs were named after John Carver (c. 1576–1621), founder and first governor of the Plymouth colony in America. A chair of this design, reportedly owned by the governor, was displayed in Plymouth, Mass., in the late 19th and early 20th centuries."(source- Brittanica.com)  ...Which explains why we they have that Northeastern / coastal vibe :)
We looked at a lot of different options before presenting two options (a lower end option and a higher end option) to our clients...

We ended up going with Vanguard's spool chair, shown here in white:

..And here in a dark stain:

{Vanguard Furniture}

...But I did fall in love with some others during our search:

{Hickory Chair}

It has box cushions so it's a bit more structured-looking.  It also has casters like the version we selected.


{Noir Furniture...  this was our other option, available in black.}

I saw this one, below, a couple of Markets ago, and it felt very rustic with their fabric selections & showroom design:

It's by the Penisula Home Collection Company & here it is in white:

I sat in it & while comfy, I have to say, the spool chairs with the arm cushions are much more comfortable.  I would use if it were a spot for shorter sits, vs. comfy, cozy long ones.

Here's a beautfy by Motif Designs:

..And I loooove the little cushion detail in this one by Julian Chichester:

...Anyway, as you can see, they're available at a number or pricepoints & there are so many to choose from.  (If you google it, you'll see even more options.)  

If I ever have a lakehouse, I'd love one or two of these for their laid-back days-gone-by feeling...

Where would you put yours?

xoxo, Lauren

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Meg said...

I just love the spool chair - thanks for the mini lesson on them! I'm saving up to get a pair to put in our living room. The Hickory Chair version is my favorite, I love the castors on it!

Karena said...

Lauren these are so wonderful. I love the chair design and would put one in the bedroom or living! As we can see they can go from a more casual to elegant look depending on the fabric and the trim! ( love the nail head trim on the Peninsula Collection))

Art by Karena

Mary said...

I just got a spool chair from Ethan Allen. It's called their Brant Chair. It's so pretty! I love it. Happy to know it's a classic.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Hi there,
I've always admired this chair style as well. I can understand how the arm pads would make a big differences. Your fabric collection continues to impress!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I alway love a spool chair. I am dying to get one for my home.



Katie of At Home When Im With You said...

I have seen this style around and I am loving it. Great for a causal family room feel or maybe a 3 season room?

eLIZabeth Floyd said...


I have always like the pattern and form of spool chairs, and the fabric you used to upholster them with is perfect!


Boo Hazard said...

That is a great looking, timeless chair. Funny, we just got an antique turned leg desk that I bet you'd like at the design store I work at in New Orleans - check it out if you have a sec:

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Those look so comfy. I like the 'squircles' and the Vanguard floral motif for the fabric.
Hmmm... where would I put mine?
On porch of a cabin in the woods...looking out over a very calm body of water (mosquito free of course!) ... with a book and glass of Iced Tea.

...I'd while the hours away, Pat

My Notting Hill said...

Your squircles fabric looks great on that spool chair.

If you have a chance, check out my post on Ryan's graduation!

decoguy said...

thanks for sharing!
the chair looks really beautiful and they look comfy to sit on =)
would you recommend to pair 2 spool chairs together? would that be to much?

mom23 said...

I LOVE the spool chair! Quesion for you, with kids, how on earth can you keep the arm cushions clean?? I think I'd have to re-upholster them over and over and over with kids. Also, I'm guessing a darker color would be necessary as well?

My Garden Diaries said...

AHHHH! Thank you for this post! I so dig spool chairs! One day I would love a pair for my family room!I didn't know the history on them....very interesting!

LindsB said...

I think these chairs bring something different into a space, something special. Kinda like a textured wood. I love the look!

Windlost said...

i just love your squircles...

i seem to recall from my history of furniture class that the turned bobbin type leg was introduced in the jacobean (early 1600's i think) in england. i assume the first american settlers copied it in the mid to late 1600's. so your historical note makes sense. i will have to look up my class notes...

by the way, our family tree goes back to the 1650's with ancestors arriving in the usa. maybe they had bobbin chairs....

hope the baby is doing well!
xo terri

nkp said...

I love those chairs, as well! Definitely a long time favorite of mine. A good friend has one that I seriously covet. It's adorned in a Kelly Wearstler fabric and the combination of the traditional chair with the modern, slightly-oriental print is really fantastic!

Just voted for your friend. I hope she gets the grant, fingers-crossed!

xx-nelya (www.lovemintyshop.com)

Michele said...

Never realized the history of this chair goes so far back in our history! Thanks for the lesson. Have always loved any piece of spooled furniture and hope to own a piece one day.

Kellie Collis said...

These are too lovely! I like the ones with the foot rest. Have a wonderful start of the week, Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

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Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

TheSherm said...

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Things That Inspire said...

The first time I remember really tuning into spool chairs was when I saw them in Mrs. Howard - they were probably the ones from Hickory Chair. She had them on display in one of the most elegant rooms in her store, yet they seemed so right - like they could go both elegant and casual.

Love your fabric!

- Holly