I'm Shopping For...

 Yesteray I was thinking about how difficult it's been for me to find time to blog lately and how so much of my time spent at work entails looking for the "perfect something" for a project.  We look at sooooooo many different pieces before selecting the actual piece to present in a plan & eventually install in a room.  I have been having a bit of trouble keeping up with blogging lately because of life/ work and was thinking if I could show you more of what I'm doing at work and get some work done in blog posts (and let the blog posts do double-duty! ;) then I could  be around a little more & share more with you. 
So... I was thinking of yet another very irregular blog series I'd like to start called "I'm Shopping For..."  where I can share what I'm currently looking for.  (I'll try to post these once a week aroudn the middle of the week, but you prbably know me well enough by now so don't hold your breath every week;) When I posted the pics of my boys bedroom the other day, a lot of you asked about the swing arm wall lamps we're using so I thought I could start with that one. 

So in the first "I'm Shopping For..."  is swing arm wall lamps.

I wasn't even looking for the lamps when I came across this image on pinterest from Domino Magazine a couple of months ago:

I knew I needed wanted something pretty much exactly like this somewhere in our house.  I had been thinking about doing wall lamps in our new office or in our boys' room above their beds...

...so I got excited and started "shopping."

I didn't have to look long at all & found them on my first stop.  We bought a pair of these by Visual Comfort:

{I loooove Visual Comfort and they also sell all of their lighting retail at Circa Lighting. }

We got them in the hand-rubbed antique brass finish:

I do like to look around for other options before making a purchasing, just in case I find something better, so I also looked at these from Shades of Light:

It's pretty in their "Olde Brass" finish:

**Update-  my friend Paloma from La Dolce Vita (who is also the Director of Marketing for VC) let me know that these lights are in fact the Visual Comfort lights being sold retail.  (I had thought they were just straight up copying!!! hahaha)     

Anyway...  I was definitely looking for the pivot to be on the vertical, but here (below) is one with a linen shade.  I thought about switching it up to a textured linen one:

{Found at lampsbeautiful.com by House of Troy}

...But ended up sticking with the Library Lamps from Visual Comfort. 

I also came across this pic just now which shows them (or something just like them?) above a bed in brass & I love it:


...And now I can't wait to get them up!!

Since I found the piece I was looking for at my first stop, this was a fairly quick "shopping trip" but as you'll see in future posts, I'm not always so lucky!

**UPDATE***  I had another thought... if anyone knows of similar products, it would be great if they could list them with links in the comments section for people who are searching for similar products.  Laurel-Dawn of Abode Love just used some similar fixtures by Rejuvenation in a beautiful salon project recently!  (be sure to check it out!!)

Hope you enjoyed and have a great weekend!!

xoxo, Lauren

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abode love said...

I love this style- I just purchased 4 for a salon that I'm working on... they're beautiful! I had them installed into a large bookcase I had made.

I got them from Rejuvenation, here's the link if you're interested in another option!


I LOVE how the boys' room is coming together. One of my favorite kid spaces ever!


Tina said...

Love your shopping trip here and am excited to see more in the future!

LOVE the hanging globes in your boys' room! Did you get them by thrifting or did you order them someplace specific?

Have a great weekend!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Thanks for including Visual Comfort and Circa! I'm so glad you went with the Boston Swing Arms. They're one of my favorite designs!

Interesting tidbit... the Swing Arms from Shades of Light are VC's Bostons, but they often change the names of the products they carry.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

One of my favorite VC lights as well! I have 3 in nickel above my kitchen sink and I am using 2 in the same brass finish you chose in an upcoming kitchen flanking the hood-fan...they make every space 1000times better!! xx

Nancy said...

We have always coveted those lamps also! LOVE your boys room and ALL your choices...especially those adorable boys :)- true Lauren originals!
Have a great day

Danielle said...

I live in Richmond, where Shades of Light is headquartered. I concur what Paloma said, I'm pretty certain those pictured from Shades of Light are from VC. I've bought some there and they are marked. They have lots of VC products they give other names. You can get a bargain on those at their outlet store - under $100.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Good morning, Lauren! Love your new "series"! Great info and wonderful lights!

Tricia Rose said...

Wall-mounted lamps make so much sense, not just for little boys.Whenever I see lamps beside a bed it reminds me of hotels, and how difficult they make it to read lying down!

Diane said...

Love this new series and, as a blogger, I have found that having recurring topics like this make it easier to blog more often. Look forward to the next one....

LindsB said...

I'm obsessed with those lights and want them so bad. I dont have a place for them yet, but hello they are named Boston, I think I just HAVE to get a pair :)

Leslie said...

Those pieces look great! I love the new series idea!

The Kramer Angle said...

I love the lights because they remind me of some hand blown glass, industrial style lights I've carried in my shop before. So cool!

I also love your idea of "I'm shopping for" because lots of us are probably shopping for similar items!

Have a great day!


Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I love the lamps they are awesome! Your boys rooms are amazing. I especially like the one with the black shade.


Maureen@CheekyinBlue said...

Thank you for all the resources! I am making a beach file for ideas for our future/imaginary beach house and I think these would be perfect! I might even add them to my future/imaginary kitchen redo...it might take a couple of years, but one day they will come in handy!!

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

I just commented on another blog today about that first picture. It keeps popping up and I have had it pinned for awhile as inspiration for my bathroom redo. I love the sconces!

Blue Turtle said...

I love your post. I enjoyed going through. Happy shopping 2012!

jeavon @ Home Decors

Mary said...

I have loved those lights since they appeared in Domino.(RIP)
I wanted to use them in our guest bath re-do but the hubs said "no". They are too expensive for our budget.
He never lets me have any fun! :(

Lori said...

Bought the Boston lights for either side of a secretary desk and BONUS! they even have two light settings and can be either hardwired or used with a cord cover. Very useful pieces.

Carla Aston said...

I have the same two in my design studio, in the front reception. I've always loved using them.

Renée Finberg said...

circa lighting's library lighting is my absolute favorite.

it looks super set in the upholstered

xx happy new year!!!

simon said...

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Jenny Castle Design said...

What a great series to start, after all, we are always on the hunt for something! I love swing arm lamps and have been wanting to incorporate them in unexpected places. Great visuals!

Rhonda E. Peterson said...

Hi Lauren! Love the idea of the new series! I can't wait to see all that you're shopping for and the responses! I will count this as one of my resources as well!!!

coast said...

i love the bedding on your son's bed. would you be so kind as to share the sources?



coast said...

i love the bedding on your son's bed. would you be so kind as to share the sources?



coast said...

i love the bedding in your son's room. would you be so kind as to share the sources?