A week of installations!

We have a big week lined up here with a few different client installations happening.  I'm so excited!!!!  I love installation days (or in this case, weeks) because your clients finally get to see the design plan fully realized.  And, more importantly, they get to live in and love their new spaces!!  The holidays are great deadline-makers and so we've got a bunch lined up just before Thanksgiving.  As I mentioned a while back in this post, we do our installations pretty much all in 1 day.  We have a team of people who inevitably work together on every project.  Having an amazing team is the key to successful projects and it has taken me a few years to put it together: 

Before we can even get to installation day, Mike Carr and his team from CarrMichael Construction usually get the space in move-in condition.  They handle any painting & electrical that needs to happen along with pretty much anything else. 

On installation day or a day or so before, Tolvin & his people from the Carpet Customizer deliver the rugs when the room is empty:

{Tolvin, on the left & his great guys on the right.  My husband, Dave, often makes an appearance at installations to help with a thing or two...  or fifty.}

I bring over a car full of one-of-a-kind accessories & smaller items that I've been gathering for the project so that I can try different things out:

The whiteglove delivery service comes with all of the furniture:

My {awesome} assistant Meghan -whose picture I don't have because she is so photo-shy..  oh wait, here's here Halloween pic:- runs around "getting it done" and making the day better.  She pretty much just makes things happen.

Paul & Nancy Johnson of Paul David Design come & hang the window treatments they've made and bring all of the pillows & reupholstered pieces they've done.  They help hang art too. I can't dig up a good picture of them right now but suffice it to say we couldn't do it without them.  Our electrician also comes on the day-of to install the fixtures which has such a big impact on the spaces. 

Once everything is in the house, we scramble to get it all into place & make it look perfect before our clients come home for the big reveal.  It's both exciting & a little nerve-wracking because everything needs to be just right & there are so many pieces that need to fall into perfect place to get it all done.  I've noticed that since I've been pregnant, I've been more forgetful with bringing things for installations (part sleepiness, part preggo brain) so I'm really hoping I remember everything today so that we don't need to drive back to the office. :)   We have the most amazing clients who really trust us with everything, and making them happy is honestly the most rewarding part of this job.

Today we're working on this space:

and we're installing a variation of this plan:

..And then we have a few more for the rest of the week.

...SO, wish me luck that all goes smoothly (or ends well...  there are always hiccups ;) this week!

xoxo, Lauren

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pve design said...

Wishing you luck, not that you need any, you seem to roll with any sort of punch or hiccup.
Looks like it will be a stunning space.

Holly said...

How awesome to see all of the great people behind the scenes! I bet it takes some time to put together such a great ensemble of a crew. I can't wait to see this room all installed and looking pretty. That fireplace and ceiling already provide a great backdrop. Best of luck this week!

Acquired Objects said...

I remember those days so busy but also so exciting. I can't wait to see the finished rooms. Love everything you're putting in that second room it's a great room to be working on, loving the window lengths.

Carla Aston said...

Yes, it is November in the design world. I'm still sweating the arrival of furniture for some projects to be installed before the holidays. While I was on the phone with my warehouse yesterday, a much needed sofa arrived. It made by day! Can't wait to see your installs. Lucky you to have those projects where you can go in and do a whole room. Those are great to have!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I'm sure everything will go wonderfully and the results will be beautiful. Can't wait to see!

Leslie said...

Happy installation! That's pretty exciting; I can't wait to see the results. :)

Tammy@InStitches said...

Installation day is the best part of my job ! I love that you do it all in one day so the client gets the WOW factor. Can't wait to see finished pics, good luck today :)

kayce hughes said...

Please take lots of "done"photos.

Windlost said...

How beautiful - I love the clean lines and that Lee (is it?) furniture. Cannot wait to see the reveal. I am thinking of buying a Lee sofa and so I am curious to know which of their fabrics you will use if you go with Lee - so do tell!!

Preggo brain? I have that and I am not even pregnant. :)

xo Terri

Marianne Simon said...

Installation day is so much fun, especially when it all works the way you want it to! Looking forward to seeing the completed home.

Jenna said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will be beautiful, can't wait to see it.


Carol@HouseandHomeDefined.com said...

Hi Lauren. What a feat to make things happen in a day! Good luck:). This is such a tense time of year in our world. Looking forward to seeing the afters!

jhon mathew said...

Hii Lauren. you are doing great job. good luck.


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

What great bones that room has. I love the classic yet contemporary look you're going for. All that layering will be 'wow'.

Daryl Wark said...

Hi Lauren,
Love your selections on your furniture and accessories board.
Would really love to see photos of the finished space. The room is amazing and such a great blueprint to house your selection.
Good luck,
warm wishes,
Daryl Wark

Nancy said...

I am so looking forward to your pictures of your latest install! I love the eclectic mix and fresh feel.
Thanks for sharing and being someone we can really relate to.

P.S. Your boys are a d o r a b l e

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

Love your gold paisley next to the woven blinds...beautiful! And your boys are growing up so fast..enjoy every minute of it. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and check out our blog when you get a chance.