Terrariums- Why Not?

I saw a couple of interesting terrariums at High Point Market that I just loved.  You might remember that although I love plants & flowers, I have a black thumb when it comes to indoor plants.  (Although there is 1 plant in my house that has been alive for a year now!)  I've always liked terrariums and have never given them a shot.  After seeing some "easy" (according to their owners) beauties at Market, I think I'll try them out. 

{Europe 2 You's terrarium filled with a gorgeous oregano that looks like flower blossoms- who knew??)

Here's a more modern version filled with succulents & tropical plants:

{At Bevara Design House}

I love this one:

{image via Design Sponge}

...And I can actually do moss.  Sort of.

This one is whoah:

{image via theoptimisticmuse.blogspot.com}

...And this little ferny fern I could maybe handle:

{image via weegohome.com}

My window boxes are half dead ( I have plans to add in some mums to replace the ferns I killed) and maybe when I've finished with that I'll get some terrariums in the plant hospice (my house).

Have a great one!! 

xoxo, Lauren

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Karen said...

Love the idea of terrariums! I think it would be a great winter project instead of my garden which I am currently missing!



bethneuhaus said...

A great time of year to start thinking about how to bring the outdoors inside....just to add to the mix, here is a link to a sleek free standing terrarium with a sense of mod. {http://interiorconnector.com/product/atlas-industries/6.28.11/ladyslipper)


Brooke said...

Haha "plant hospice"...sounds like my house! I love that one in the upside-down jar!

Acquired Objects said...

My Grandma always had terrariums and they lived so maybe you'll have a green thumb with these. Love the looks of them so maybe I'll try one out for our bathroom.

Laura Lynn said...

I love terrariums! Always good to bring in the outdoors. I made one out of the simplest of materials and it took all of 5 minutes. Go make one today - so fun with the kids!


LindsB said...

I've wanted to make one of these for awhile now- I think you just convinced me I need to put it on my short to-do list

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

If any of you lived through the 70's, you would have had a lifetime's dose of terrariums by now! But if you missed out, go ahead and live it up! But remember, how your mother told you that just because little Becky down the street does "it", doesn't mean you should too! You've been warned! :)

AFC said...

Where would one find that beautiful flower-like oregano? Does it have a name? It doesn't look like the regular kind?

maggie said...

I've noticed the comeback of 'terrariums' lately, too. I'd like to point out here that a true terrarium has a cover or lid that allows water condensation and creates it's own little atmospheric condition. A container without a lid is a 'bottle garden'. :)

Windlost said...

How beautiful and interesting Lauren! P.S. I always read your posts but don't always have time to comment, so know that I am always stalking u. :D

Big luv cousin, Terri xo

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Lauren- Love these images, especially the softness the moss adds, but I bet I could kill that moss and those plants really quickly myself. One of the two succulents I bought (inspired by your DC Design House post) has already died and the other is ...sad.

I have high hopes to buy a snake plant a.k.a. mother-in-law's tongue. Said to be VERY hard to kill Ha ha!


Debi@7Gates said...

Love the clean look.

Really Rainey said...

I used to have one... they were popular in the 70's I know I just aged myself... Ha!
Happy Halloween!
~Rainey~ @ The Project Table

Cheryl Stahle said...

Where did you find the jar for the oregano? I love that!