We're heading to Puerto Rico tomorrow for my cousin's wedding.  I'm going to be her maid  matron of honor & we have SO MUCH to do between now and 6 AM tomorrow morning.  (Doesn't "matron" just sound so serious??  I think it needs to be said in a very deep voice.)  I cannot WAIT to get on that plane but going on vacation honestly isn't the same when you run your own business.  I've felt sick about leaving for the past couple of weeks because there's just so much to get done. 

On the wedding note, I referred my cousin to a seller on Etsy to make us custom bridesmaid dresses (For the 3 bridesmaids) and $450 later, they have not arrived.  Yeah. And we leave tomorrow.  SO...  we've all been racing around finding backups and I'm using something I had recently bought because there's no time.  It's this dress in a different color:

{Free People}

In this color:

{not taupe...  pale blue/ pinks}

Although when I was just on the free people website grabbing these pics, I came across this and kind of love it:

Anyway, the wedding's on the beach and my cousin is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met and she truly looks like a goddess in her dress.  (And her fiance is awesome.) I'll share pics when we get home.

So...  It's been craziness getting ready to leave.  We've presented a bunch of designs to clients:

{a recent design board} 

We're finishing up an installation for a client who's on vacation today:

{Here's what it looked like as of last night...  We're accessorizing & receiving the rest of the furniture today although we just found out the our SOFA is not arriving in time.  I feel TERRIBLE and if the factory wasn't closed for vacation this week I'd seriously be driving down to North Carolina myself to get it.}

The kids have been enjoying the packing supplies for the install:

We had a photo shoot at the house this week including my office which was all prettied up and now looks like this:


Justin just wandered down to the office and he looks like this:

{Love the morning sleepy eyes & behead}

And we haven't packed.  BUT...  my husband did just drop off a plate of pancakes to me in the office so I am OFF!  I'll attempt posts but may just be out!!

xoxo, Lauren

ps- Remember my plants form the Fall?  Most of them are still alive & now they'll live thanks to our house sitter!!  (i think the dog will be okay to ;) ;)
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Emily A. Clark said...

Why does this post feel comforting to me? You'll get it all done; hang in there! Have a great trip (can't believe about those Etsy dresses!).

Carla@DesignintheWoods said...

Wow you are busy! It always seems like going away is more trouble than it's worth....until you get there!

I hate this time of year for work! I called to get pricing on rugs....closed for the week. I called my rep to get pricing on a sofa.....gone on vacation. Clients are in and out of town so things don't get approved to move forward. I should just close up and go too.

Have a great time and if you have a min., drop by my blog for my Flokati give away!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Have the most amazing time!!!! Janell

Jennifer said...

Just be out and enjoy yourself!

Mary said...

What a cute little boy!

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Lauren- Have a great trip and hope you end up with the perfect dress!

Puerto Rico is fantastic. Last time I went was long ago to see my husband's grandmother in the little town of Arrecibo. So much fun! Try the Mofongo, (don't know if I spelled it right) or anything with twice fried plaintains.

Your design board looks great - can't wait to see the finished room!


Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Enjoy every minute. It will all fall into place!

erika@concept2designstudio.com said...

Enjoy PR. I got married there last September-- absolutely beautiful.
Sometimes a vacation is much needed (and deserved) in the midst of our chaos.

Gretchen O. said...

I am amazed that you are able to zip off a blog post in the midst of all of your "matronly" duties! (I hated the first time I had to use that word!) Anyway, your design board looks amazing.

Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation!

--Gretchen O.

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Love the dresses!! Can't wait to see pics of the wedding!

Ruthie's Renewed Treasures said...

It is SO hard to "check out" when you own your own business. I just got back from vacation and felt like I was working the whole time. However, I am learning that people are willing to wait and life still goes on without me :) Hope the wedding goes well! I'm sure you will be a beauty queen as well!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

Have fun at the wedding! You design boards look fabulous! I can't wait to see the finished results of the rooms your designing.


Anne said...

Really love that design board! Have a great trip! xoxo

Jessica / Olivia Grayson Interiors said...

Love the concept board and can't wait to see your client's room after the install!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Have fun at the wedding! I know, it's exhausting getting ready to go away when you own your own business but it's so worth it!

Miss Rubio said...

You will love Puerto Rico...it's beautiful!! It will all be so relaxing and you deserve it...have tons of fun. Can't wait to see photos.

Mary said...

Have fun! There is never a good time to go on vacation so just enjoy it!

pve design said...

everybody needs to get away - the work will be there !
enjoy your self! find some inspiration there, like we know you will!!!
congrats to the bride and groom!

Robert said...

Design board is pretty amazing!! great job.

Erica said...

Have tons of fun. Can't wait to see photos.

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LindsB said...

I just got an email pop up in my inbox and its your Washington Post article! Your family photo is amazing!! You all are so beautiful! Congrats on yet another great article!!! xxoo

mazzymo said...

Oh, I am in love with the striped ottoman on your design board! Would you please share where it is from??