Washington Post House Calls

Thanks so much to the team at Washington Post House Calls for inviting me to do a bedroom design for their column this week!  I thought I'd share  it with you. 

Here's a photo of the bedroom I was given.  It belongs to Emily & David:

Budget: $4000 and all of the sources needed to be retail

Client needs: keep existing cream carpet, fairly traditional style , like reds, yellows, greens, not really blues, want to wake up the room, fresh it up, warm it up...

To start, I suggested that Emily & David paint their fireplace & ceiling beam in a creamy white and paint the walls & ceiling in a warm wheaty cream to lighten & warm up the room. 

The thing that's toughest about bedrooms with low slanted ceilings is that the ceiling is too close to where you lay your head, so I went with a bookshalf bed that would extend the place where you lay your head a foot further into the room.  I based the color scheme around a blockprinted quilt that I'd seen (and loved!!) at Pottery Barn, that is full of yellow-greens, yellows & reds with a dark green background.  I spec'd yellow curtains from Ikea and recommended Restoration Hardware's yellow belgian linen as  "splurge" option.   For nightstands, I decided to keep an existing dresser for side and do a skirted burlap table on the other side.

So, here's a quick rundown of the plan:

"Splurge" Bed:
{PB Teen...  they actually have some good-looking beds if you're on a tight budget for an adult room}

Blockprinted Bedding:

{top one, from Pottery Barn}

Burlap Bedskirt:

{Ballard Designs}

Chaise in cream linen next to the fireplace:

{Ballard Designs}

Tripod Lamp next to chaise:
{Ballard Designs by Suzanne Kasler}

Ikat Pillow on Chase:

Wooden Sunburst above fireplace:


Gourd Lamps on Nightstands:


Set of 6 freamed reproduction botanicals similar to this:  (Vintage would be my first choice) to the left of the fireplace:

Pair of garden stools below the prints that can be moved around the room as needed (ie drink table for chaise, etc.):

I wasn't able to copy & paste the rendering from the Post, but you can view the link to the article here.  ( I think coloring might be a little off because it's on newsprint so it looks a bit darker/ less warm/ less colorful,  but from the photos above you should get the idea.)  I hope Emily & David are happy with it!

Have a great day!! :)
xoxo, Lauren

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Rachel Gray said...

Great job!! I hope they'll send you an after pic!

NattybyDesign said...

Love the bedding you picked!


Cottage Blue Designs said...

I can't wait to see the finished room! Great space potential. I really like what you chose so far.
Happy decorating and living-

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

It looks gorgeous Lauren and just as a little tip...check your computer start up bar for a snipping tool- it allows you to clip photos. I actually linked over to the article and clipped/saved it for you if you'd like me to send:) If so, shoot me an email @ cadovey@gmail.com.

under spanish moss said...

Love all of your choices. Great idea to paint the fireplace! Can't wait to see the finished rooom.

5th and state said...

brilliant lauren especially with such a small budget.
did you do that rendering?!

Karen said...

I love the change and think its amazing what a few (very few) dollars can accomplish in the hands of such a talented and creative designer as yourself.
Karen at Garden, Home and Party dot com

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

Your design picks look great! I really like the pillow ( I've become quite obsessed with Ikat)A few years ago I talked my sister-in-law into painting her fireplace white and then when did a stain-wash over it, it looks amazing she still thanks me for "making her do it." I love your blog I look forward to your post in my email everyday!!

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

Lauren...one word Perfection! And I am going to use that garden stool in a condo redo I am working on now..I have been searching for something that wasnt shiny and glossy and this is it! Thanks

Katie Corrigan said...

Thanks for including my red Ikat Pillow. It has been one of my top sellers.


Beth said...

Simply gorgeous. I wish the Post article provided more background information for this feature. Often, readers are left wondering why a designer made a certain choice. But your design speaks for itself...lovely! And the easy resource is one I will file for future reference...beautiful, affordable pillows!

shauna said...

Where do you find such great botanical prints? I have a hard time finding ones that look as awesome as the ones you always have. Any websites that I should be looking at?

Angela said...

I love everything!!!

Marcy said...

I loved seeing the Washington Post feature yesterday and then seeing that it was by you! I like seeing the photos here of what the actually pieces look like. And I thought adding the headboard that had some depth was a great solution for the angled ceiling.

Pam said...

I'd love to have that room! Congratulations on the article. The previous post by the way is wonderful, a classic example of what you see here in S. California if your lucky.

Diane James Home said...

The makeover looks a-ma-zing! I love the mix of styles and colors. I too have a PB quilt on our bed in the summertime and love it.

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Lauren- Beautiful! The burlap skirt and fern print are my favorite.


Topaz said...

That is one of the best makeovers I've ever seen. Comfortable, attractive and affordable. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Congratulations! Love it!
xo E + J