Dream Home at La Dolce Vita

Today I'm guest blogging over at Paloma's La Dolce Vita about my dream home.  I've shared photos & magazine pages that I've saved for years and my ideas about what our dream house would be like. 

I used to dwell on it so much (when we lived in our small townhome and then in my parents' basement) that it honestly made my heart ache.  I literally yearned for my dream house.  (Living in a parent's basement and trying to save up for a house can do that to you.)  ... But I don't think of it as much these days. 
...I  do have to admit that taking a little stroll through my dream house file (errr binder.. it's kind of thick :) got my mind wandering there again.  But this time, it's a bit more fondly and with a little more patience.  Not very much aching at all ;) ;) 

{Design by Pheobe Howard...  this dining room could be in my dream home!!!}

But back to Paloma!  She's the editor-in-chief of the newest online magazine, High Gloss Magazine!  It came out yesterday and you will love it.  I'm so excited for Paloma & the High Gloss team and know it will be a huge success!!  I cannot believe the awesome things that this world of blogging has led to.  Check out the first issue here 

To read my "dream home" post at La Dolce Vita, click here.

xoxo, Lauren

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Junior & Mario said...

I loved your dream house

pve design said...

Funny how our dreams can tell stories and lead us to reality. I have a book called "interior of my soul" with lots if interior spaces that evoke, inspire and guide me.
Adore that dining room....and what will you serve?
Who will be seated at your table?

Unknown said...

Great and gorgeous dream home!

whereorwhat said...




................. said...

I loved this post...what a lovely dream house. It's would be perfect for you and your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
very pretty dining room...isn't it nice when your goals feel
a little more attainable and not such an ache...I think we've all been there...you inspire a lot of people with your sensibility and candor...so as you move forward, you bring your readers forward too...
wishing the best for you..

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

I went there and saw it.... I don't need anything else, only that outdoor shower.

Love it!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Post of the Day: A Cottage on Shelter Island.

Unknown said...

Love your dream house post....but I love that you said you don't think about it that much right now. I think that's what happens sometimes. We get busy doing something we love and the things that we yearned for don't seem as important in that moment.

You're on a really great path, Lauren.

xo elizabeth

The Dream Guide said...

this dream house is beautiful

-Dream Dream Dream

Sherman said...

That really is a wonderful dream home! I love your post!
Sherman Unkefer

Sarah Greenman said...

I was so inspired by your post that I did my own today! Thanks for the kick-start!

You can see it here:


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren:

Just found you through 5th and State and love your post on your dream home.......as for that dining room, I could sit right down and enjoy a wonderful dinner with you! Loved it! I also love Phoebe and all that she does. Her shop in Atlanta called Mrs. Howards is just amazing.....you must visit her shop if you ever get to Atlanta.

So happy to have found you this evening,