DC Design House Bare Bones Tour!

If you're free tomorrow, I'd love to see you at the DC Design House Bare Bones Day!  You can view the "before" of the empty house and view designers design boards for their spaces & talk to them about their plans.  I'll be there bright & early in my updtairs bedroom at 10.  (10 is bright & early for this mama who lives way out in the 'burbs ;) 

Tickets are $20 each and proceeds go to Children's Hospital. 

We're flying out to LA for the Design Blogger's Conference tomorrow late-afternoon so I'll be staying at the Showhouse until a little after 1 or so before heading to the airport. 

Here is a little peek at a photo of the grisaille "sketch" done by John Matthew Moore for my design board:

{I want to be there}

Outside of the house in DC, there are boxwood gardens so we thought this painting of English gardens would be fitting for the room.  This little painting is based on a photo Matthew took on one of his trips.   I cannot wait to see it enlarged!! 

{John Matthew Moore in his gallery}

Want another peek of his gallery?  (I thought you would so I took lots of pics!)  The Gallery in McLean is not completely finished but is still gorgeous:

{Recognize those robin's eggs paintings?}

{Some of the beautiful frames available... art in and of themselves}

{Loove these chairs... Matthew reupholstered them in a levendar-gray velvet with jute trim.}

{the desk}


{I love these little sheep paintings hung in the window}

{The pedestal table displays some of lighting designer Rick Singleton's repurposed lighting projects}

{check out this antique beauty... I love the nailholes left over from its lifetime of different identities}

{And one last parting pic of the Gallery}

For information on Matthew, Rick and their work, go here.   http://johnmatthewmoore.com/

I met Matthew & Rick this past September when our good mutual friends, Eddie & Jaithan were visiting.  We went to the best little burger place around in McLean & had a great time.  I was literally blown away by their work & couldn't wait to use pieces of theirs for clients.  When the DC Design House came around, I immediately thought of Matthew & Rick & how amazing pieces done by them would be.  I was thrilled when they were on board to contribute to the bedroom!  They have both had pieces featured in past Design Houses and I kid you not, I got so excited I chills when I saw the gallery the first time with Eddie & Jaithan.  It just oozes with creativity and makes you need a piece for your own home. 

Throughout the next coming month or two, I'll be sharing photos & info on all of the people and companies who are contributing to my room in the DC Design House.  They're such a creative talented group & they've all been so generous.  The Children's Hospital Showhouse definitely takes a village and I can't wait for you to "meet" everyone! 

The Design House Bare Bones Tour tomorrow will be a lot of fun, so please come if you can!! 

For the address & info for tomorrow, go here.:  dcdesignhouse.com

xoxo, Lauren

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Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Is that a burlap shade in that last pic? Oh dear, that's great.

Love that gorgeous blue chair too. Good luck tomorrow Lauren and have fun at the conference!

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Lauren- Wow! The grisaille "sketch" by John Matthew Moore is amazing and I can't wait to see how it gets worked into your room. His gallery is to-die-for.

Have a great tour this weekend!


Windlost said...

Hi Lauren,

Sorry I have not been around - a brief holiday and work has been mad. There is no time for decor-thinking in my world. Damn. Do you need another assistant? I would give all this up to think about decorating all day!

Congrats on the room progress and wish I could visit the Bare Bones day. Looks like an amazing house.

Matthew's gallery looks so interesting! Yes, I recognize the eggs from Eddie's twin-bed bedroom! I love the sketch - love it!

I love your Magnolia fabric. That is crazy gorgeous and the blue is making me VERY happy. I like it. I am doing over my office and this looks like a fabric that might be perfect in there once I have 5 minutes to think about it!

I read your post about the house meltdown. I don't have kids but David and I feel like we are barely keeping up. I get home from work at 6:30pm and with supper and tidying and evening chores and trying to exercise (becomes a necessity at 40), there is no time for anything! I barely read blogs any more. We often think "how do people with kids do it?"
Hang in there. I have no suggestions. David always says "life is work" which it is if you have high standards and want a clean house and decent food and to look half-good when you leave the house. I find it hard to accept this, and feel I deserve a lot of free time, but reality is, life is work and I am trying to be more Zen about it and just embrace the work and not feel cheated! I do try to get to bed early now (despite being a ngiht owl) as I do better with more fuel in my tank. But that is something I didn't need to do 10 years ago!

xo Terri

Angela Foster said...

under spanish moss
I love the painting of the English garden for the DC design house room. Can't wait to see the room come together.

David said...

So glad I found your blog! Great post!

Unknown said...

Loved your post...and then loved it more when I saw that Eddie & Jaithan figured in. They stopped by yesterday with the most gorgeous red Venetian glasses they picked up at Renniger's in FL. It was the highlight of the week, hanging out and catching up for a couple of hours.

Can't wait to read your tweets and posts about the Design Bloggers Conference! Enjoy sunny California!
xo Elizabeth

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

Wow that home was stunning, I seriously can't wait to it complete and your room is going to be awesome!!! The fabric, wall cover and chairs...everything!! It was so nice seeing you too and meeting all of the lovely people involved! xx Danielle

pve design said...

Had the pleasure of speaking with John Matthew and what a delightfully humble person, no wonder they are friends of Eddie & Jaithan.(and you now!)
I love connecting with all this positive energy to keep our creative juices alive and flowing.
What a gallery!