Bye Bye Roses :(

So after my post yesterday about the wild roses (above), Connie from Hartwood Roses informed me about a disease called Rose Rosette Disease infecting the wild rose population all over.  She described the reddish contorted growth that's a symptom of the disease and yep, a few of our wild rose bushes have it.  So I'm just in from hacking away at them.  (A far cry from cutting roses and frolicking with my 2 year old.  haha)  We're going to have to take out all of the infected bushes.  There are still a ton of unifected ones but I'm thinking chances are slim they won't be infected eventually.  Oh so sad.  (Good news - it's not on that huge group of buches that goes 20 or so feet high into the trees!  And I'm not hacking 'till they get it.)

Thoughts in my mind as I tried to untangle a particularly huge-won't-let-go-rose vine from a tree reminded me of the priest's from The Exorcist:
  "Release him!"
"Foul beast!"
"I command you to leave!!"

...or maybe some type of pandemic outbreak movie:
to Christian:  "The roses are sick."
"Don't touch."
"We can't let it spread"

 oh well.  never dull.  ;)



Privet and Holly said...

Oh Lauren, that is so sad. And to think, if it weren't for the ladies in the bloggerhood, you would still be sailing along with infected roses in your yard. Who knew???? Maybe for Mother's Day you should go out and pick out some new {and hardy} rose bushes! xx P&H

Connie in Hartwood said...

I am SO sorry to have been the bearer of such depressing news. Whenever I do consultations for people and I find Rose Rosette, I feel like the Grim Reaper.


Mothership said...

Ohh, how sad! I hope you can at least slow the outbreak. There is nothing so sad to me as a sick yard. Good luck with your hacking (and scratched forearms).

Living It At Home said...

It is always something! Maybe you will get a rose climber for Mother's Day...hint...hint!

Happy Mother's Day Lauren. Wishing you joy and happiness on that day with your little ones~


Jennifer said...

oh no!! at least you got to enjoy them for a little while? they sure are pretty. have a lovely mother's day weekend, Lauren! hope you get lots of snuggles and kisses from your boys.

Kathysue said...

Oh No, there is nothing you can put in the ground systemically? You actually have to hack away? You poor thing and you were so happy with your glorious roses. I feel sad for you!! I guess we all have to live and learn sometimes don't we.Poor little Christian, I wonder what was going through his mind? Good luck sweet lady,Kathysue

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

At least you caught it somewhat early I hope. Tough though, I know.

foleydog said...

But I do love that console table. Reclaimed hardwood? Natural or something I could buy. I'm in the market for just a console like that.

lisaroy said...

oh! what a disappointment! so sad! Hopefully you can find a good replacement! ; )

AnneHH said...

So sorry to hear about your roses!! I am sure that you will be able to keep it at bay--good for you for trying.
But stay out of the poison ivy/oak/sumac!! Just back myself from the docs to treat some nastiness on my arms and legs-- such misery. Hope yours is better. Happy Mother's Day!!

DecRenew Interiors said...

Big disappointment but gives you a reason to plant some more and blog about it! Yippee!

Lorna said...

Ooh, that sounds hard work! But at least it will stop it spreading to the others.
I'm just in from weeding the veg in the raised beds :-)

JT said...

never liked roses : ) Great post!

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Willow Decor said...

Oh no! I am so sorry for you! I love wild roses, too. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Lauren!!

MFAMB said...

happy mother's day lauren!

Sanity Fair said...

Poor roses! I used to raise these, but I've never heard of this particular disease. Hope you can beat it! They're so beautiful!
-Sanity Fair

Windlost said...

Oh dear, so sorry for your roses. It is so sad to see your beautiful garden blighted by disease, but it seems to be in the nature of last year when I cut some beautiful flowers late in the year and noticed they were....crawling with aphids!!!!! Ugh. Beauty gone fast.

Happy belated Mother's day! Hope all is well there, xo Terri