Happy Spring Break & Some Good News for Friends!!

Hello!!! We're off this week for Spring Break and I might literally have to duck tape my laptop shut so I don't work.  ;)  But that's the goal. 

I also just wanted to share some awesome things going on with a couple of bloggy friends:

Brooke & Steve Giannetti's {insanely beautiful} Home is being featured on the cover (and of course inside too! ;) of the May isse of Romantic Home Magazine!!  I am crazy over everything they touch and of course theirs is a perfect dream house:

And Kayce Huges's {fun &fresh & gorgeous}home is featured in this month's Country Living!!:

Kayce just recently became a sponsor of Pure Style Home & I am so happy she did!  I'm constantly drooling over a particular dress she designed at her store Pears + Bears.  (I wont' tell you which one because I don't want it to sell out!! ;) ;)   Her company, Pears + Bears also makes beautiful children's clothing.  How freaking adorable?!!!:

Oh if I ever get a girl....

And finally, Eddie Ross is making a pilot for a TV show!!!!  He's looking for a room to makeover for the pilot episode and is accepting submissions!!  Just click here for details.  I am soooo  excited for Eddie!! He can do it all {perfect tables- interior design- styling- photography- craft projects- budget- high-end- etc.} & with his sense of humor & charisma I KNOW he's going to succeed!! yay!!

Ok, so I am pretty much OFF-  no I'm OFF-  for the week but we will be having another super-duper guest blogger before & after!!  Have an awesome week & a Happy Easter if I'm not on before then.!!
ps- I wanted to thank everyone soooo much for the awesome response to my last post on roman shades.  I appreciate each & every one of your emails & comments.  Many of them contained questions about specific window situations & I wish I could answer all of them, but I hope you can understand the time it would take for me to give good, specific advice for each situation.  Right now I'm pretty overloaded with home life, clients & blog & I really hope you can understand that I'm just not able to do this right now.  I offer e-decorating services (you can click on the link at the top right of the blog)  if you're interested in specific advice for your home.  I will work on getting a price on the e-decorating page for general window treatment queries/ advice.  Again, I hope you can understand and thank you for your response!!
(again ;)


Razmataz said...

I hope you have a wonderful week off. Good news for all three of the bloggers mentioned and all very deserving.


Marija said...

Great news for some talented people :)

Enjoy your time off! And bravo for handling all of your email inquiries via e-decorating. This is a tremendous resource for people who want to tap into your style. And besides, no way should putting yourself out there in blogland translate to free design advice via email. I think most of us appreciate any and all advice that comes our way via your posts! We want you to save time for those ;)

Enjoy your family! Marija

Stephanie Sabbe said...

have a great break! we'll miss your blog while you are gone:)

red ticking said...

GO HAVE FUN .... we will all be here when you return... xxxx

Living It At Home said...

You deserve some time off. Don't worry...we will hang on until you get back. That is us blogger fan's of course!

Have a restful week~


Karena said...

Have a great time off! You deserve it Lauren. So much going on, thanks for sharing!

Art by Karena

Giveaway is up on my site, come join in!

Low Tide High Style said...

Enjoy your time off and I hope you have a very Happy Easter too!

Kat :)

Tammy@InStitches said...

Have a great vacation, Lauren !

jvw home said...

Have a great Spring Break and a beautiful Easter!

Cristin said...

I didn't know that Eddie got a pilot! That is great news. He will succeed indeed.

Also, I included your beautiful living room in my post today:

Enjoy your spring break!


Ashlee Brooke said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing week off! ;) Happy Easter!- Ash

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I was admiring Kayce's home in my issue of CL. Course this picture features one of our favorite things...picture groupings!:)

Happy Spring Break to you too! Enjoy some time off, we'll all be here when you get back!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...


Have a great spring break and congrats on turning off for family time. Also, kudos for referring people to your e-decorating services. My blog and business is so new and it really amazes me the emails I already get wanting free advice, help finding items, etc. It is hard to help everyone, run a business and take care of family....I cannot even imagine the volume you must get!
Best, Susie

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Enjoy some time off! I just returned from a vacation where internet access cost me 40 cents a minute, so no duck tape was required. Good luck with keeping that computer closed! Janell

Tina said...

Have a wonderful week off with your sweet family Lauren:) ~ Tina xx

LindsB said...

YEAH for your week off- you so deserve it! I hope you have a wonderful week with all your boys! xoxoxo

PS- YEAH for eddie, I could not happier for him AND excited to see what he has up his sleeve for the snow!

Velvet and Linen said...

Your are the best, Lauren! Thank you for mentioning our RH feature.
I'm taking the week off as well, but I couldn't resist checking in. Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing week.

xo xo

Maurie said...

I have been a fan of your home for over a year. I am sure you deserve this week off! Your last post on roman shades was informative! Thanks for specifics! By the way, I just launched a blog today. I know we are popping up all over, but you all who have been doing this for quite a while can take credit. You inspired us! I wonder how to get my blog posted or read. I would welcome any advice. I am sure you had to start somewhere. I only hope I can part way meet your standards! Here is my URL:
http://graciousinteriors.blogspot.com/. Thanks for any suggestions you might pass along!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!!! thank you so much for the shout out about the show! Enjoy your time away! call me when you get back! So much to chat about!!

Anonymous said...

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Dreamy Whites said...

You have a beautiful blog. I found you because My friend Ness (Marley & Lockyer) sent me a link to your blog!
I will be sure and add you to my blog roll!
Take Care,
Sending you Easter Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren...have a wonderful Easter with your adorable kids, and family! XO Trish