Guest Blogger Before & After: Laura Casey Interiors

Welcome to our first guest bloggger, Laura Casey!  Laura is an interior designer in Charlotte, NC and creates beautiful light & airy spaces.   She's been chosen for blogwatch by the Washington Post and has an easy, elegant style you'll love.  You can check out some photos of her work here.   And now...  here she is!!

Happy New Year to all of Lauren's readers.I would like to congratulate Lauren on the arrival of Justin, there is nothing better than the family and a new baby to be thankful for. Pure Style Home quickly became one of my favorite blogs because of Lauren's great style and wonderful eye. I appreciate Lauren asking me to be a guest blogger. She asked if I had a before/after to share with you all so here is a room I recently worked on
for a more traditional client.

To give a family room an easy update I changed the layout of the furniture, put in a new carpet under the rug, painted the walls, fireplace, backs of the bookcases and recovered a sofa that had been in another room. I had the outdated attached fireplace screen removed as well.  The family has two young boys so the room needed to be comfortable and still have plenty of space on the floor for the boys to play. The boys are now sharing a bedroom and one room is now a play room where all the toys went. Here's the before:

The paint on the walls is Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke and the color on the backs of the bookcases is Benjamin Moore Slate Blue . Here's the after:

We moved the treadmill upstairs and brought in their piano.

They are happy and I love how painting the fireplace turned out too. Thanks
again Lauren for including me as a guest blogger.

--------------Thank you so much for your before & after Laura!!  It's amazing how these little changes can really transorm a room.  I love the blues you pulled out of the painting --especially the brighter blue in the sholves--  and painting the brick was perfect!!!  We appreciate your taking the time to do this!!


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LindsB said...

Wow, what a different some paint makes- the after is perfect for a growing family, I love the painted brick :)

nkp said...

The fireplace transformation is really fantastic. It has become such a beautiful focal point. Great before and after!

Ness Lockyer said...

Ah, paint...the best thing in the design world...besides fabric! The clients must have been happy with that for sure.
Ness xx

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Looks great, Laura!

Have I been living under a rock? When did you put up the link to your portfolio? It is AMAZING! Beautifully-done, professional site - and your work just shines, shines SHINES! Just one little critique...give the link a photo and more prominent placing on your blog - it is TOO GOOD to miss!!!

alison g.

Tina said...

Wow, a great transformation! I love the blue behind the shelves and the fireplace turned out so beautifully - thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work Laura :)

Carla said...

Wonderful colors! Love the bookcase/fireplace focal point. Thanks for the post. Carla

Pink to Green said...

I love Laura's work! It is really great to see what you can do with a little paint and rearranging furniture; the after photos look so much lighter.

Melissa said...

I'm showing this to my husband. We are the proud owners of The World's Ugliest Fireplace with a screen just like that one. He thinks it's great. I can't wait to show him what it CAN be!

Denise said...

That looks Fabulous! I remember when I wanted our painter to paint our fireplaces white. He about had a fit.
I seriously thought he was going to refuse. I finally talked him into it and now, 18 years later, we still love it!

Maria Killam said...

Great job, they are lucky to have you as their designer!