Pencils of Promise

Paloma from La Dolce Vita has gotten a huge group of bloggers together in an effort to raise money for Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization devoted to building schools for young children in desperate areas in developing nations. Over 75 million children don't have schools to go to and Pencils of Promise is doing all the it can with its partnership with local communities & organizations to make sure that this number decreases. A child with an education & a school has so much more hope for a better life- a future, more security, a creative outlet, the feeling that they can do more one day.

Now, we can all easily join the cause by clicking here. All of the money raised through the blogging community today will be going towards the building of dorms for about 200 Laotian girls who need a safe place to stay to replace the dangerous makeshift bamboo huts they currently live in. They're taking a huge risk by living in these huts just so they can attend school & today we could elminate it for them. They For more information on Pencils of Promise, click here: .

This blog is devoted to making our homes & lives simple, beautiful and happy & often focuses on trivial things like pretty fabrics and floors... but we all know that life is about so much more than that. If we can all just give a little- even a $1- the blogging community can make a huge impact & change the lives of so many kids... helping them have a better future, more like the one our own children have ahead of them. If you have the time, please consider it.




Vintage Living Magazine said...

This is a very noble cause, Lauren. Thanks for letting us know about it.


Developing Designs said...

This is a wonderful cause. Thanks to all in the blogging community sharing and getting others involved. Happy Holidays. XO

~Chandelier No. 4~ said...

Thank you so much Lauren for bringing this organization to our attention. Looks like something I want to get involved with. Thanks again!


nelya said...

Thank you for the introduction, Lauren. An organization like this changes lives. What could be more noble or worthy of our attention.

Anonymous said...