A Comfortable Home: My Thoughts

As you may have on a read on a couple of the other DC-area blogs, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams held their book launch & signing for their new book A Comfortable Home at their store in DC last week. I was sad to have missed it but so thrilled that they sent me a copy for review!

The layout is almost like a work-book with step-by-step instructions. It's very "how to" and I love that about it. It's full of beautiful rooms for sure, but its purpose is in teaching readers how to attain beautiful, comfortable rooms that make them happy. For example, here's an excerpt below which describes the process of creating inspiration files & discovering what it is that moves you in a room:
There's lots of eye-candy of course:
The idea of "the comfortable home" really resonates something within me. I love beautiful rooms but I'm happiest in a beautiful space that's, above all, comfortable. I love attainable rooms. Doable spaces. And that's what this book is all about.
The rooms in the book make you think, " I can do that" and it's really encouraging. Yes, the book is full of MG + BW merchandise, but it's not pushed on you at all... it's merely used as a means to show you how you can easily create spaces.
There are several sections of the book where they show you how a room can be arranged in different ways & it's a great way to jumpstart your traditional thinking. It's definitely a book that you can write in, take notes in & really use. I recommend it to those who are trying to reinvent their homes & make them more functional & versatile. It's a great overall teaching book on the design process of making your home beautiful, functional & comfortable.
So, what makes a home comfortable to you??


Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Thank you for the review. This looks like a great book to have for reference.

What makes a home comfortable to me? I like pieces with rounded silhouettes vs. clean lines. (My most recent purchase was a MG & BW sofa.) Lots of pillows. Tables within reach of every seat. A lack of clutter. Fewer, but well chosen, accessories.

Twice Remembered said...

Thanks for the reference...that looks like a great book to check out!

A comfortable home for me is warm and cozy, plenty of blankets handy, a nice fire going, good books, and great smells coming from the kitchen!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

This sounds like a wonderful book for anyone whether they're redoing or just rearranging.

For me a comfortable home is one that is inviting you to come in and sit and enjoy. Nothing too stuffy. Hugs, Marty

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Thanks for the review - I think I will get this one for sure.

I love my home to look stylish but really love it when people comment on it feeling warm and welcoming even more. I always like to have comfortable seating - some layouts in magazines put me off because the seats look so uncomfortable. I like to have my kids (or their stuff of course!) 'present' in every room too. Other things? Smell of baking coming from the kitchen is hard to beat!

Things That Inspire said...

What makes a comfortable home. Good question. I had a tour of a private home yesterday, in preparation for the home profiles I am writing for a tour of 5 homes in Atlanta, to benefit a local church.

The owner, who had lived in the home for 40 years but was in the process of 'freshening up' her home with her interior designer daughter, described her goal in the home to be comfortable. This was a home full of the finest of antiques and fabrics, yet it was a supremely comfortable place. I think it was in her gracious and welcoming attitude, which was apparent the moment I walked in the door. She said nothing is off limits, nothing is too precious. Fabrics and 'things' can be repaired or replaced, people's feelings can not be repaired so easily.

She even told the story of her grandson, who shattered a priceless heirloom vase when he was careening around the house. She took it in stride - her first priority was her grandson. She had the vase repaired, and you can't even tell it was broken - but it was her gracious attitude that struck me.

I was sad to leave the house, I could have stayed there for hours. That was a comfortable feeling for me.

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

I love Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Their book Let's Get Comfortable is one of my favs. I am a huge book person - I can't believe I don't have their new book yet! Off to Barnes and Noble I go.
Thanks a lot for the review - I can't wait to get it!

Have a great day.


emma discovery said...

I think it's definitely relative to the space - I love fireplaces and lots of natural wood and blankets and comfy places to stretch out and a lack of clutter.

However, I have an incredibly small place (660 sq ft!), so I try really hard to minimize clutter, that's my #1. And having airy furniture - substantial, but with open space (backless shelving, couch with legs instead of a skirt, etc) makes it comfortable to me, because then I feel like my brain isn't taxed processing too much stuff, if that makes any sense.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I have to get that book, and I'm thrilled to learn the MG+BW store is reopening here in Portland!!

Comfortable home? Warm, a nice scent, filled with things I love and artwork, hearing my kids voices and yes, having things neat. That is what makes a comfortable home for me and my family.


Abbey G. said...

Great! I get so frustrated looking at home decor books that show you all these amazing ideas but don't tell me how to do it with my budget and my stuff!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!You are right, comfort is so important, its so great when you can get that balance in a room of comfort & beauty! Looks like a great book!

Loving life in Southern California! said...

New to your blog! I love it! Can't wait to read more :) Have a great day!

nkp said...

A comfortable home, for me, is first and foremost inviting to all...big people and small alike. I've never understood homes in which spaces are unused, museum-like or worse, not open for use by children.

This book looks like a wonderful reference and inspirational resource. Going on my wishlist for sure. We have a leather MG & BW sectional that has been used (and abused) by my three boys and our dog for years! It definitely shows signs of all that "love," but looks all the better for it!

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Looks like a great book. Thanks for the heads up, Lauren.
To me, a comfortable house is one that looks like it wants you to come in and make yourself right at home... so I guess it's more about the way it "feels" and the atmosphere rather than the look alone. There should be obvious places to drop your bag and coat, to sit down and hang out awhile. Of course it should all be pretty and interesting to look at, but have no sense of "don't touch" or "nobody really lives here". I want my guests to feel like they can get themselves a glass, pull a book off a shelf, pick up an object to examine it more closely. For me, comfort comes from having my own favorite things and colors all around me regardless of whether they're the latest, hottest or best.

Daniella said...

Love that first pic! Thanks for the introduction to the book!

LindsB said...

Love MGBW I loved their first book and I cant wait to get my hands on this one now. It looks like a great read with lots of awesome pictures!!

Joy Beadworks said...

This book sound like just what I need!

Gena said...

It looks great!! Looking forward to a copy when it becomes available locally. G

Maria Killam said...

A throw and an ottoman along with the atmosphere created by the right lighting and accessories !

Kristin said...

My bestie totally posted about that on our blog today. She was able to attend and had a blast!

prashant said...

blankets handy, a nice fire going, good books, and great smells coming from the kitchen!
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Thomas said...

A comfortable home = calm,clean and approachable.