A Workspace to Love: Nate Berkus

I could spend hours on the Nate Berkus website. Hours. His spaces are incredible: natural and clean often with a hit of some great graphic pattern. Lots of great sculptural pieces. He's one of my FAVORITES & "DESIGN GREAT" to me!!

In this space I'm loving:

-The chrome Chippendale Chair. Found a pair here :

-The sawhorse glass top worktable: (Check out Copy Cat Chic for some great readily available options)

-The Rug: (haha how small is that image?! I'm no computer whiz!) Of course we know how great & affordable Dash & Abert's Rugs are:

-The raw concrete (I think?) walls. Check out Nelya's basement redo here and her concrete wall: (Photo taken by Nelya at Head Over Heels)

And in the end I'm also just crazy over the styling of the "messy" desk. (My desk never looks this good when it's messy.) The tulips are the bow on top of everything. I love what greenery or fresh flowers do for a space:

Have a great day & I'll be posting our finally-finished-kitchen today or tomorrow!!! (it's pretty gloomy out so pics might be rough! ;)




Dianne said...

I adore nate...he is just so talented and cute. Oprah acts like she could eat him up and that grin just makes it possible. :)
Cannot wait to see your kitchen!! Please post today!

My Notting Hill said...

Nate is great! Great office. It has been so gloomy -I've wanted to take some pics of my offic and there's just not enough light! did you like the show house?

bluehydrangea said...

Love Nate! In fact I did a post on the little cutie today too!!!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Love his style and he's not too hard to look at either.

I love the Dash & Albert rug. I'm a little frightened to check out the price tag though.

paula said...

I adore this space. Love all the detail.

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Nate's so talented and his designs are so approachable. And he seems to strike just the right balance between masculine and feminine... sparkly Chippendale chair with what looks like leather on the seat, a desk with manly sawhorse legs and a pretty glass top.

nkp said...

It is a raw concrete wall, Lauren. But I can't take credit for the execution, only the idea to leave it as is. It's actually a part of the original foundation. My husband and I loved the natural look of it and the rough, industrial texture, so we decided to leave it exposed.

Nate has an incredible sense of style, doesn't he! Such a beautiful room, as are all of his spaces.

pssst- thanks for the link love, I was wondering why I was getting emails about my basement. :0)

La Maison Fou said...

Great, luv Nate Burkas. I seem to be doing a lot of faux concrete walls these days, & fireplaces!


Nate never fails to impress me. How do I get on the website? Do you get updates?


Windlost said...

I've always really liked Nate. I love catching him on Oprah (did you see the episode where he relieved a Mom of three for the day and played Mom ALL day? - it was sweet and hilarious).

He has a very organic, clean, inviting style that I love. And I love the "found" look of many of his things. Truly talented.

And very nice to look at also.
: )

I have never checked out his website, so thanks for the tips!
xo Terri

Thomas said...

nate is great! loved the episode with him on oprah. he is such a real person... great post lauren.


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Yes, he's got great style. Love this desk and chair...and about everything you've shown. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen!!

Living It At Home said...

Great office picture. I have been looking at mine, and dreaming of a better setup. I love the Dash and Albert rug too. I am going to see where I can put one in my home. I would love to do something fun down my stairwell.

Can't wait to see your kitchen photo's. ~Jamilyn

Cristin said...

fun post! love Nate's work too. That chair is fab.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love Nate Berkus. I never miss an Oprah that he's on! :-)

Maria Killam said...

Love your posts Lauren! I would love to re-do my office, it's so filled to the max with samples, etc.

LindsB said...

Those chairs are to die for- I love really shiny things lately!

Design Junkie said...

The walls in Nate Berkus's office are actually silver leaf wallpaper from the 1950s that was in place when he bought the apartment. I love it when designers work with existing decor and make it their own instead of stripping older homes.