This Model is Costing Me Money

Must give a pregnancy rant for a moment. I'm about 6 months along and, though the occasion is rare, sometimes I want to look stylish. (sadly, i'm a sweats wearer on most weekdays when I'm at the house) BUT when I'm going out, I figure I should make a good attempt. Anyway, everything I see this Maternal America model in, I just LOVE!!

I ordered the dress above and thought it would be perfect for a party & a rehearsal dinner I have in the near future. Well, well, well. It arrived in the mail (I don't know of any good maternity shops around--- Motherhood is "meh" at best --don't get me wrong, i have lots of stuff from there-- and A Pea in A Pod induces a guilt in me just from walking in the door!) and it was ok in person but nothing compared to the picture. (It's actually a fairly flimsey jersey knit- not happy with the material for the price) But,'s not the dress.. haha it's me. Or should I say THE model. I ordered a few other things & realized they were all from HER. Like this yellow one below:
Just love it in the picture... but my "bump" is 3 times as big and my shoulders are much broader and it just doesn't look right on me! It's like ordering from Victoria's Secret for pregnant ladies!!! I want to ask them to get some bigger models so I can at least have an idea of what it will look like on me!! Here she is again! (below) Wouldn't this dress be perfect for the wedding I have coming up??? I so want to do it but I'm NOT falling for it (or should I say HER) again!!!!

Ok, rant over. But she sure is costing me a lot in shipping!! ;)
ah vell!
will get a design-related post up- I promise!!! :)


Amber B. said...

Amen, sister. I'm 5'10" tall and the clothes NEVER fit the same! Especially maternity clothes!! haha!

Caitlin said...

I was pregnant last year and totally know your feeling.

Maternity clothes are just not something that you can safely order online.

And by the way, anon was totally wrong about your bookshelves.

They are not cluttered just styled. Boo for minimalists.

Susan said...

I read on a blog the other day (can't remember which one) that has nice maternity clothes.

R said...

You might wanna check out these dresses, your post reminded me about them and they might fit.. the list is updated every week ;)

Fargerike Dagny said...

Lauren, I feel exactly the same way!! It's just SO difficult to feel hot these days... (lol, I know I know, hot and pregnant doesn't go very well together...). I'm in my 31st week and NOTHING fits! I went to get some maternity jeans yesterday, and at H&M they didn't have any skinny jeans in size 36 (european size)! So I tried to find some nice leggings - no, they're all black and I HATE wearing black! H&M's maternity section sucks btw. So I have one pair of jeans that fits since the waist is super low (used to have two, but spilled paint on the second pair, so now I'm down to one). So I'm either stuck in sweats, dresses or the fugly leggings from my last pregnancy.

Sorry about joining the rant, but I guess your post could just as well have been mine. lol...!! My due date is Nov 21st, when is yours??

Hope things are well with you, and I love seeing the progress of your house! Your "lecture" on styling the other day was awesome, great tips! :)


Meg said...

Does Target have cute stuff? I've never been pregnant, although I had a very scary dream about being pregnant last night! But I often find cute inexpensive dresses at Target, when mixed with the right accessories can look really good, and I have seen they seem to have a large maternity section! Good luck! In that picture from that seminar you did on acccessorizing, you looked to me like that model! Really really good!

Unknown said...

I feel your pain in the maternity department...I worked in fashion while I was prego and I had to look cute on a daily basis. I ended up buying a lot of stuff that wasn't maternity and just sized up.

a few other sites with maternity to check out...
and christian Siriano has a line called fierce Mama-if you google it, you can find it.

good luck!

Maria Killam said...

I can see why, she sure looks amazing in those clothes, you are so stunning I can't imagine what you're saying, anyways, shopping on-line scares me for that reason which is why I haven't done much of it!

Brittany said...

Maybe you could just buy a long black dress in a bigger size? I've never been pregnant so if that's like, the stupidest thing you've ever heard, you'll have to forgive me, lol.

alison giese Interiors said...

Love the rant! Cute clothes, though, I can see how you'd fall for them!

Southern Aspirations said...

Had to smile at your rant... and loved how the same model kept popping up.

There's one I see from time to time built TOTALLY different than I am and I have to stop and remind myself that while in my head we're similar, in the real world... no way.